Weekly Update: A Trifle Fit for a Chairman

(TLDR. For those short of time…. On Tuesday, we’re Evening League-ing in Thirsk, and on Thursday we’ll be running down the gorge. There are fell races on Wednesday evening (non-champ) and on Saturday afternoon (champ). There is some other stuff about up and coming races and the usual baloney).


Hi everyone!


Well, there isn’t just the one jubilee going on around here as today marks 100 days since His Lordship ascended to the Black and Gold Throne here at Nidd Valley House. There are all sorts of special events planned to mark the occasion, including the Great Nidder Bake Off (could you design a trifle fit for a chairman?), communities will be lighting beacons, primary schoolchildren are writing poems in honour of the day, and everybody is very grateful to have another day off at the weekend. It goes without saying that everyone is looking forward to the musical party in the grounds with the spectacular firework finale, although if someone could let Cliff Richard know that we won’t be needing his services then we would be very much obliged. Of course, there’ll be all the pomp and pageantry that you have come to expect. After a Service of Thanksgiving at St Niddburys Cathedral, His Lordship will take part in a horse drawn procession before appearing with the committee on the balcony of Nidd Valley House for the fly past and 21 gun salute.

Smile and wave, smile and wave…


And so as we put down our plastic black and gold flags and take a break from trying to untangle the bunting, let’s have a look at the week ahead.


The Week Ahead

On Tuesday, we’re up in Hambleton for the next in the Evening League race series. This time, Thirsk & Sowerby have got a new course up on the top of Sutton Bank and so you don’t have to do your laps of a silage-strewn field next to the East Coast Main Line. At least the views will be better. The race kicks off from the Sutton Bank Visitor Centre at 7.45pm, but please get there much earlier to get parked up, collect your number from the club captains, and line up for the obligatory (but unnecessary, if you ask me) class photograph. Good luck to all racing. His Lordship knows you’ll do him proud. All helpful information is here: https://tinyurl.com/mr38vwyy.


Now if you’re looking for a great way to welcome in the month of June, might I suggest the Otley Chevin Fell Race on Wednesday evening? It’s only 2.9 miles, but don;t be fooled: it’s a tough old climb from the town up to the summit, and then a proper test of your ankles and your nerves as you come back through the woods. Entry is an absolute steal at £7, which you could easily spend just here: https://tinyurl.com/4u3c23y6


This week’s guest run chooser is none other than the lovely Sarah Cook. Sarah has played it safe by asking for an old classic and asked that we go down the gorge on Thursday. Be at the club for 7pm, and then we’ll head out over the iron bridge and along the cycle track before dropping into the natural beauty contest winner that is Nidd Gorge. There’ll be people going all sorts of distances and paces, so just slot in and go with whatever feels comfortable. As this is the platinum thingymajig, Helen at the Hockey Club Bar is not sure if there’ll be enough of us to make it worth opening. If you’re around and want a beer, please let Dave know on dave.seaman@hotmail.co.co.uk, otherwise you can choose another hostelry of your fancy.


On Saturday, the fell championships continue with the Pen-y-Ghent Fell Race. It’s an absolutel beauty, it really is. Not until 3pm, it gives you time to prepare for the fell race the afternoon after the night before and will set you back less than the cost of a kebab at only £7. Find out more here: https://tinyurl.com/ycxf2ubc


I know we would normally go straight to the results, but there’s a special new feature this week. Without further ado…


Miserable Git of the Week

Last week, Phil Ventress got in touch with me to let me know that I had incorrectly placed Cath Barber ahead of him in the results for the Charlesworth Chase. Well, if you want to know your shortcomings, you won’t find a more helpful person anywhere. And that person is Phil Ventress (56.31), who beat Babs (56.45) by a full 14 seconds. Well done, Phil. 


And so to the proper results…



Those of you who aren’t totally wet behind the athletic ears will remember that last year we ran the Cleveland Way route as a club relay, diving up and each taking a share of the 110 mile route from Filey to Helmsley. Anyway, never the mind the group effort, Matt Wilkinson only went and took part in the Hardmoors 110 this weekend and completed the full distance under his own steam. Full results aren’t anywhere to be seen – presumably as the race directors are still waiting for people to finish and falling asleep at their laptops – but Strava tells me that Matt finished in an incredible 28:23.21, having nailed 16,466ft of ascent. If this wasn’t enough, he did this on the weekend that wife Plippy celebrated her birthday. Alone. In a camper van. Waiting for him. That’s brave, Matt, that’s brave. But well done, that’s a great time and we’re all really proud of you.

Happy wife, happy life…


While we’re bursting with pride, we can’t help but celebrate the achievements of the Nidds who went north of the border this weekend to partake in the Edinburgh Marathon Festival. Debra Jenkins (1:52.59) took part in the half marathon, while Steve Turner (3:45.37) and Nick Crebbin (3:53.52) tamed the full marathon distance. Anyone who has run that distance will know that these Nidds have achieved something incredible, so well done to you all.


I’m not sure I’d be alone if the name Raby Castle brings to mind an image of dogs frothing at the mouth, but that should not detract from the achievements of the Nidds who headed up County Durham to run in the Raby Castle 10k this week. So please put your hands together and make some noise for Kev Dalton (41.07) and Martin Lofthouse (41.21). Done that? Good. Then keep it going to celebrate the achievement of Jeremy Leggings (49.37) who was on sparkling form today at the Northallerton 10k.


Looking to the hills and answering the call of the muddy trails, Roger Duckworth (1:02.38) was out doing his thing at the Grasmere Gallop this weekend, and it’s always lovely to see a Nidd vest out in the Lake District (not that we need much of an excuse these days). Also in the hills, we had a few Nidds head over to take part in the Thornton-in-Craven Fell Races. In the 5k, Jane Evans (34.32) took the place of third lady – more silverware for the NVH Trophy Cabinet! – and Sarah Chalmers (34.32) was on strong form. Brian Hainsworth (1:24.34) looked to finish alongside lover Phil Ventress (1:24.48) but pulled away at the last minute for the sprint to the line. I’m sorry, Phil, it’s always the ones you love that hurt you the most.

Winner, winner, chicken dinner…


Mrs Robinson (41.00) absolutely knocked it out of the park at Wetherby this week, and so starts the parkrun write up. Martin Lofthouse (20.16) wasn’t at Wetherby, but had his work cut out as he was chased round Conyngham Hall by Kev Dalton (21.25) and Nigel Scaife (22.00). John Mallet (27.44) and Fingers Harris (27.47) were just ahead of Guy Parker (28.02) and Moira McTague (28.23), while the ever happy Sarah Chalmers (31.41) – yeah, I know, she hardly ever parkruns – was at the head of the procession with Chatty McChatface (32.13), Susie Mallet (32.25) and Michelle Smith (33.24) in her train. I never tire of saying this, folks, but aren’t our juniors abso-bloomin’-lutely amazing? Just look at these times from Amelia Dalton (40:48) and Lily Scaire (40:49). Incredible stuff..


Alan Ward (26.49) was at Workington (again), while Iain Scott (26.32) was going a-round a-Roundhay. Adam Kirk (19.26) and Lisa Gibson (29.17) went for a trip to the attractively named Wakefield Thornes. My advice is not to go there. But by all means be like Andy Todd (18.51) and go to Fountains Abbey. It’s lovely there. Loz Hawsworth (19.57), Pram Man Braddon (20.40), Ewa Scott (25.26), Alex Gudgeon (26.04) clearly all agree. Ellie Deacon (26.45) was also out in force with Marcos Montana (28.20), Ursula Holmes (29.18), while Jane Wilkinson (31:00) hit 31 minutes on the nose and Nick Smith (32.13) concluded all matters monastic.


Steve Newbould (19.55), Richard Evans (22.34), Jon Easton (22.58), Jeremy Leggings (23.18) were the first to clock in at Harrogate, while Phil Ventress (24.59) made an all too predictable return to pacing duties. How did I miss Rob Northfield (25.02) on the day? I was scanning barcodes and everything. Never mind, he’s here in the results and that is what matters. Sarah Staiano (25.16) was out for her weekly dose of parkchat, and was having a right good old catch up with Jane Evans (26.24), Sophia Khan (27.35), Helen Cook (27.39) and Nadene Wilkinson (28.09). Thanks to Dave Seaman pointing out my shortcomings, I can confirm that Emily Wighton (28.21) was 18 years old last weekend and not 21 years old.


Rebecca Ventress (29.57) led the always-beret wearing Tony LC (30.22) to the line, with Lynsey Barraclough (30.28), Debbie Dilasser (31.57), Colleen Gruenwald (32.04), Lorna Eley (32.13) in tow. I can’t think of a better set of Nidds to finish of the proceedings for us than these: Susan Rogers (33.15), Janet Jarvis (36.14), Jeff Walkers (36.17), Yvonne Skelton (36.19) and tail walker for the day Laura Francis (47.58).


Time can never mend / The careless whispers of a good friend / To the heart and mind / Ignorance is kind: samfugill@gmail.com.  


Booking Now Open

If hills are your thing but you haven’t got the stomach for a bit of fell running, then the Otley 10 on 08 Jun 2022 combines tarmac and altitude. It’s a toughie and underestimated at your peril, but is a challenging and satisfying run out with some cracking views, friendly marshals and great company. Entry is £15.50 and championship points are up for grabs:  https://tinyurl.com/6b8nfvcm


On 26 Jun 2022, Staveley Stampede is a great chance to bag yourself some club championship points in a friendly and scenic 10k on our doorstep. I said it last week and I shall say it again: you have no excuse for not parting with your £16 right here: https://tinyurl.com/337mwz25.


Parkrun Takeover: 09 Jul 2022

We’ll be painting the Stray black and gold, as it were. Jeff will be in touch with all the relevant information (mostly irrelevant ) so please stay tuned for further info. As you were.


Word to the Wise

It’s all quiet on the western front as far as wise words are concerned. You know how it is, even a broken clock keeps time twice a day.


Have a great week. His Lordship loves you.


Sam x


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