Weekly Update: Brian, Beds & Beacons

(TLDR. For those short of time…. we’ve got the Evening League at Ilkley on Tuesday, and on Thursday there is a club run through Valley Gardens and the Pine Woods, and there is a fell race up Beamsley Beacon for the competitively minded. Buckden Pike Fell Race keeps us busy on Saturday, if parkrunning isn’t scratching the itch for you).


Hi everyone!


Well, Bed Race was as Bed Race is. It’s carnage here at Nidd Valley House. Empty wine bottles and beer cans everywhere, discarded takeaway containers and pizza boxes, cigarette butts stubbed out in the pot plants. That was some after party, I don’t mind telling you. That’ll be the last time that Martin and Kev challenge Jane to a drink off, that’s for sure. We were at it until late in the evening, and the last we saw of Fingers Harris was him staggering off into the distance wearing a traffic cone on his head. If anyone finds him, can you give him a tenner and pop him back in a taxi for Nidd Valley House? We can look at the week ahead while we wait for him…


The Week Ahead

On Tuesday, we have the third tick in the evening league box, and this week we head over to compete in Ilkley. They say that what goes up must come down, and so if you can get yourself to the top of the first hill which starts the race, then you are treated to some beautiful views before a thrilling descent back down to the Wharfe and a speedy run in to the finish. The start is at Ilkley Rugby Club with kick off at 7.45pm. Don’t forget your number (club captains Sarah and Dazzler will have yours if you haven’t collected it already), and do try and car share if you can. Details here: https://tinyurl.com/f8xc29hs


Thursday brings another club run, and this week our guest run chooser is none other than our esteemed treasurer Sylvia. Sylvia has chosen the Pine Woods as your run this week, so pay attention: be at the club for 7pm, and we’ll head off into town and up through Valley Gardens. Push on through the Pine Woods, pausing to admire the views as you do, until you reach Harlow Carr. From there, you can turn left and come back down Otley Road and the Stray, or go off-road and come back through Birk Crag and the Duchy Estate. If you want something shorter still, you can turn for home after the Valley Gardens. The choice is yours, and there’ll be all speeds and abilities out running so you won’t be left alone. The bar will be open afterwards, which will be a chance to be bored to distraction as Nidds reminisce about the good old days over a pint or two.


If the idea of a club run is about as attractive as sticking pins in your eyes, then there is always the option of Beamsley Beacon Fell Race on Thursday evening. It’s a 7.15pm start from Addingham, and a 5.5 mile jaunt up to the Beacon and back. Registration is in St Peters Church Hall, and entry is £5 and EOTD. The usual suspects will probably be there and will almost certainly go for a pint afterwards. It’d be lovely to see you. Further details (about the race, not the pub) here: https://tinyurl.com/bdewxx6c


On Saturday, we’re heading to Buckden Pike for the next instalment in the Fell Championships. Well, you will be if you’ve entered. I’m afraid that entries have indeed sold out, but they are operating a waiting list, so if you are desperate to run up and down a yarking big hill and get covered in sheep poo (and are willing to pay £10 for the pleasure), then this is where you need to be: https://tinyurl.com/3f39bs72



Well, we couldn’t start anywhere but with the Bed Race. The first mention has to go to the Nidd Juniors team, who romped home to ninth place in a spectacular 15.38, setting a new all time junior record. That is one hell of a profound achievement, so it’s a huge congratulations to Sam Crebbin, Finlay McCreanor, Harry Frankland, Josh  Bryer, William Bailey, James Shaw and Fraser Dobinson. The Men’s A team – that’s Johnny Johnson, Warren Lowcock, Matt Wilkinson, Billy Fox, Andy Todd and their captain Finger Harris, if you are taking notes – smashed it out of the park to fourth place with an outstanding time of 14.11, just 17 seconds behind third placed Knaresborough Striders. 

Showing the grown ups how it is done!


The Men’s B squad made it to the start line with more changes to the team line up than a conservative government cabinet, securing 22nd place in a time of 17.26. So it’s well done to their captain Kev Dalton, and his team mates Jon Easton, James Knapp, Martin Lofthouse, Nigel Scaife, and Andy Iddon. Last but by no means least among the club teams, we’ve got the Nidd Valley ladies, who claimed the third fastest ladies team and 34rd place overall in 18.25. The roll call for this team is as follows: Jane Evans, Christine Holleran, Sarah Staiano, Jess Harby, Laura Francis and their captain Emma David. Well done!


Debbie and Jamie Dilasser were running for Debbie’s employer, De Vere Hotels, where a time of 19.21 bagged them 41st place on the leaderboard. Jeremy Leggings, having dressed up as a large lycra-clad turd (don’t ask), was out with the parkrun team and came 19th place in a brilliant time of 16.54. Talking of Jeremys, I think I saw Jeremy Salmons in the parade (me and Mike and Bri had been drinking by this point, so I might be mistaken) but I am not sure what team he was part of. Well done if you did it, Jez.


As a quick aside, it would be remiss of me to mention the Nidds who marshalled the Bed Race, and in doing so allowed our teams to take part. Thanks to Rachel Mills, Sarah Fabron, Edoardo Piano, James McCreanor, Mike Kaye, Marcos Montana, Debbie Jarvis, and Mike Jarvis.


How the Martin Lofthouse (42.38) and Fingers Harris (44.24) could even think of racing the Burton Leonard 10k the day after Bed Race, I’ve no idea, but there we are. Helen Gregory (52.01) was on sparkling form as she joined them, while Jeremy Leggings (53.49) took his bedracing legs for yet another run. Christopher Nelson (59.46) and Philippa Thompson (1:02.39) round things off nicely for us.

Fingers pushing it hard to the line…


Back on Wednesday, we had a fair few Nidds tackle the brute that is the new course for the Otley 10 Mile: the kind of race where altitude sickness is a potential sports injury. Matt Wilkinson (1:05.47) got the first points for Nidd, with captain Dazzler (1:06.42) just a minute behind. Martin Lofthouse (1:08.27) was showing no signs of easing up in preparation for the bed race, while Steve Newbould (1:09.08), Kev Dalton (1:12.40) Kevin Clark (1:14.13) and Simon Cocker (1:18.01) all clocked times worthy of the mighty Black & Gold. Laura Francis (1:25:23) took the full points for the ladies, denying Helen Gregory (1:26.22) and Rachel Mills (1:29.30) the first placed lady position. Back to the chaps, Chris Morris (1:29.36) claimed a perfectly respectable time, while Jeremy Leggings (1:32.25) and  John Mallet (1:32.44) were pipped to the post by Katharine Dolman (1:32.35). Karen Mills (1:32:51), Sarah Fabron (1:38.34) and Chatty McChatface (1:39.37) were soon joined at the finish by Chris Nelson (1:42.44), Yvonne Skelton (1:43.32) and Michelle Smith (1:54.56). Huge congratulations to all of you.


Back on the fells, Matt Wilkison (49.32) claimed his second first-placed Nidd of the week at the Kettlewell Anniversary Fell Race on Thursday evening, with Nigel Scaife (50.06), Brian Hainsworth (54.04) giving chase over the challenging terrain. Phil Ventress (55.11) could never quite catch the love of his life, while Catherine Barber (1:01.50) could not quite catch the love of hers (he finished in 55.19). Nidd Valley’s very own mountain goat, Phil Robinson (1:05.46) was next back to the village and was soon joined by Jim Cook (1:06.38). 


Earlier today, a few Nidds took part in the Hardmoors White Horse race series. Brian Hainsworth had taken his banging hangover round for the half marathon course with Sarah Barker (not sure if she was hungover or not), while Roger Duckworth competed in the 10k. Chris Orr was being a right old show off when she tackled the full marathon distance. Results aren’t out yet, so you’ll have to settle for the name checks and I’ll get the times to you for next week.


In the world of parkrun, John (28.48) and Susie (34.13) Mallet were running round the course at Chevin Forest, Richard Evans (22.37) was down in Portsmouth Lakeside (yeah, I know he was in Middlesbrough last week. Maybe he is on the run…), Alan Ward (29.05) was once again in Workington, and Phil (27.43) and Fiona (40.10) were parkrunning at Cross Flatts.


Claiming his international colours, Dave Seaman was in Canada where he ran the Mendel Riverbank parkrun in the Saskatchewanian city of Saskatoon. Dave (27.35) claimed an impressive ninth place, although he has somewhat spoiled the party by telling us that only 37 parkrunners took part. No matter, Dave, a top ten is a top ten. Well done. Achtung, achtung! Attempting to claim her international colours, Fiona Deacon has been in Munich and hoped to take part in the local parkrun. Still, she found herself thwarted by the Munich underground system and instead had to settle for taking her Nidd vest for breakfast. Still, she looks happy with herself and that of course is the main thing.

Parkrun 0 – 1 Breakfast


Loz Hawsworth (19.37) was the first Nidd to finish at Fountains Abbey (Andy Todd had clearly given himself the week off, what with bedracing and all). Pram Man Braddon (20.54) was never actually too far behind, and was soon joined by Guy Parker (26.12), Hannah Percy (26.56), Moira McTague (27.13) and Michelle Smith (32.06). Over in Harrogate, it was a lovely morning on the Stray, made all the more lovely by seeing all of you happy parkrunners with your adorable parkrun faces. And there were none as adorable as our own Captain Dazzler (21.45), James Coulthard (22.08) and Simon Cocker (22.44) as they led the Nidds home. Your truly (24.27) was soon joined by Rob Northfield (24.59) and…


… Hang on just a minute. This was Rob’s hundredth parkrun? Did anyone else know this? Well, he kept that quiet didn’t he? We could have made him dress up as a bumblebee or something. Anyway, well done Rob. A great achievement.


Now where was I? Ah yeah, Rob was followed to the line by Katharine Morton (25.10), Kris Northfield (25.50), Sophie Khan (26.55) and Ewa Scott (27.04). Alex Leslie (27.34), Emily Wighton (27.34), Karen Mills (27.48), and Chandra Shekar (28.13) were the next to get their barcodes scanned, while Jeremy Leggings (30.04) had his foot off the gas in readiness for the Bed Race. Our trio of Nidd finishers were the remarkable Tony LC (30:30), , Lorna Eley (31.34) and Graham Hyde (31.58).


Booking Now Open

The Staveley Stampede is back on 26 Jun 2022 and is in the club championships. £16 is the cost for this 10k little beauty, and all the useful info is here:  https://tinyurl.com/337mwz25


On 09 Jul 2022, Team Nidd is going to be painting The Stray black and gold with a parkrun takeover. Jeff Walker is co-ordinating things from our end, and would love to hear from you if you can marshal, time, token scan, pace, that kind of thing. You’ll find him here and he really would love to hear from you: bigjeff1963@icloud.com


On 10 Jul 2022, we’re down in Ilkley for the half marathon (again, points for the championship are available). Entry is a bit steep at £32, but it is what it is. If you want to be part of the run, then you need to be here: https://tinyurl.com/2am9tsr4.


Word to the Wise

This week’s wise words come from none other than our very own Brian Hainsworth, having taken an unconventional racing line at the Kettlewell Anniversary Fell Race, causing spectators Jane and Plippy to dive for cover. 


“Oooops, shouldn’t have gone this way…”

And on that note, have a great week. I know you will.


Sam x

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