Weekly Update: Heatwaves, Hampsthwaite & Handicaps

(TLDR. For those short of time…. we’ve cancelled Tuesday’s club run due to the heatwave, and on Thursday we have an away from club run at Bishop Thornton. On Saturday we’re at Heslington Parkrun as part of the road championship and the Hampsthwaite Feast 5k. Other relevant information about up and coming events is included below).

Good evening!,

Everyone is very excited here as it’s the last week of term at Nidd Valley House, so the usual routines and rules are out of the window and we’ve got a lot of fun things lined up. Sylvia and Sarah have organised a non-uniform day so it’ll be interesting to see what people wear when they’re not in club colours. FRP and Mike are bringing in boardgames, and we’re hoping that Fingers behaves for long enough to be allowed to go on the coach trip. There’s lots going on, so let’s cut to the chase with a look at the week ahead.

The Week Ahead

On Tuesday, it looks like it is going to be a bit warm. Well, I say that. I mean that the mercury could hit 37°c and there is a real risk to life even among the fit and healthy (runners just like you, then). Therefore, there will NOT be a club run on Tuesday evening, as the committee feel that to facilitate group exercise would be a tad irresponsible. Stay at home, stay hydrated, and look after yourselves. Your running can wait for another day.

Talking of running on other days, on Thursday we have the first of our away from club runs. This week, we’re going to run from Bishop Thornton, and I’ve organised two routes of about 6km and 10km respectively. Thank me later. Meet outside the primary school in the village. Both routes start together, before going separate ways after a couple of miles, and you’ve got a mix of road, trail, and off road sections. You’ll be fine in road shoes. I’ll ensure there are some maps for you on the night, or you can print copies from the links below:

  • https://explore.osmaps.com/route/13140091/NVRR-Bishop-Thornton-Run-6km
  • https://explore.osmaps.com/route/13140143/NVRR-Bishop-Thornton-Run-10km

Message me if you want the .GPX files to load the route onto your watch. Afterwards, the Chequers Inn on the Fountains Abbey Road will be open for drinks and chat.

There will be no official club run from the Hockey Club on Thursday, but if you want to get a few people together and do your thing then that is totally fine. Advertise it via the Facebook group or via email.

On Saturday, we’re back out for run and frolicks in the road championships with a trip to Heslington Parkrun. Now I can’t pretend that this one fills me with excitement, as it’s a five-laps-on-tarmac kind of affair, but it’s sharp and fast and there will be championship points a plenty. Club vest, running shoes and barcode all essential. Further details here: https://tinyurl.com/3nk4btzr.

If running a competitive parkrun doesn’t scratch the itch, then fellow Nidd and ex-chair Rob Northfield is one of the driving forces behind the Hampsthwaite Feast 5k Race on Saturday. Why not go and support him and his fellow villagers? The starting gun will go at 10.30am and, predictably enough, the race is in Hampsthwaite. Entry is an absolute steal at only £6, which you can pay here: https://tinyurl.com/2sd449km.

Good luck to all Nidders taking part in the Northumbrian Coastal Run on Sunday. The first time this has been back post-pandemic, it’s been sold out for years as half the entries will be people who first paid up in 2019. So, I suppose that answers any questions you might have about the possibility of last minute places.


I appreciate that this is controversial, but I’m going to start with a non-running result. I know, how very daring. Anyway, Emma Kicks was over in the Lake District yesterday where she took part in the Ullswater 7.5 mile Chillswim. Sounds utterly horrific, but Emma got in at one end of the lake and swam all the way to the other end in 6:15.03, coming 372nd out of 512 other soaking wet mentalists. We’ll conveniently gloss over the fact she competed as a member of Harrogate Tri Club. To think she’s on the committee, too.

Today, Sarah Chalmers had her first post-COVID run. Now most people would ease themselves in gently, perhaps with a steady run round the block or a gently jog on the Stray. No, not our Sarah. She took part in the Cracoe Fell Race, which I understand involved climbing over two walls and a farm trailer. As you do. Anyway, the official time for Sarah was 56.47, so it’s a viral free well done to her.

Michelle Beaumont has messaged me from a very hot Harrogate District Hospital (don’t worry, she works there and isn’t sick or anything) to give me the results from the Juniors who competed in the Golden Acre Park Relays in Leeds. Out of 152 teams, the boys clocked in with a fantastic time of 52.52 (Sam Crebbin on 18.24, Joshua Bryer on 18:14, and William Bailey on 16:14). The girls were just as brilliant, finishing up in 133rd position in 1:12.05 (Sophia Khan on 22:43, Jessica Beaumont on 24:26, and Olivia Scothern on 24:56).

On Wednesday we had a good contingent of Nidds turn up and run the Evening League Handicap Race at Otley. It’s always a bit tricky doing the results for these, as the finishing times don’t match the finishing order, but here they are. Yours truly (40.20, 7th) pipped Nick Smith (52.23, 8th) to the line with yards to spare, in what Dave Seaman describes as a terrifying experience. Chris Morris (41.35, 10th) just made it into the top ten, soon to be joined by Alex Gudgeon (46.42, 13th), Kevin Clark (36.02, 18th) and FRP (45.22, 29th). Fiona Deacon (42.28, 31st) was the first Niddette over the line, while last year’s first Nidd Jon Easton (38.58, 33rd) was next in with Helen Gregory (42.39, 36th) and Emily Wighton (49.41, 37th) in a sprint for the finish. Martin Luxton (45.48, 46th), Sylvia Morten (1:02.57, 50th), Karen Mills (44.58, 52nd), Steve Turner (38.01, 55th) and Nick Crebbin (39.27, 58th) were never too far behind and soon crossed the line

The Nidds started to come in thick and fast as the handicap reached its peak, with Laura Francis (41.00, 59th), Katherine Morton (43.03, 60th) and Sam Heathcoate (36.04, 61st) locked in battle as they came round the finishing field. Jeremy Leggings (42.37, 72nd) led Ursula Holmes (53.12, 76th) and Roger Duckworth (45.54, 88th) in, while Steve Newbold (35.07, 101st) and Big Kev (38.07, 103rd) couldn’t quite catch Chatty McChatface (49.57, 89th). Either that or they hung back and opted for the quiet life.

Debbie Burrett (52.94, 104th) put on a cracking sprint finish to deny Jose Jimenez (42.10, 109th), Brian Hainsworth (39.14, 115th) and Andy Iddon (38.45, 117th) any higher placing in the ranking. I’m quite sure that you’ll agree that it’s nothing but a pleasure to see Marcus Shaw (38.18, 122nd) out racing, especially when joined by Graham Hyde (58.52, 128th), Katherine Dolman (46.29, 140th) and Michelle Smith (57.05, 149th).

Equally as pleasurable, we saw Matt Wilkinson (33.56, 172nd) take Martin Lofthouse (35.58, 176th) from behind – and shall we just pause for a few moment to enjoy that image? – while we also had cracking results to celebrate from Jess Harby (44.34, 183rd), Rachel Mills (45.33, 184th), Ewa Scott (48.35, 187th), John Mallett (45.41, 193rd) and Liz Ahmed (59.15, 201st).

Coo, coo, ca-choo, Mrs. Robinson (1:10.53, 206th), Jesus loves you more than you will know, whoa, whoa, whoa. There’s also been a lot of love for Simon Cocker (40.49, 207th), Fingers Harris (35.18, 217th), Jane Wilkinson (59.40, 236th) and – last but by no means least – our very own Captain Dazzler (36.12, 237th). Particular congratulations to Martin who took the prize for best MV50 in the league. I’ll finish with a quick thanks to Dave Seaman who didn’t race in order to help with the organising everyone at the start.

As ever, we’ve had large parkrun turnouts at a Harrogate, Conygham and Fountains, plus a healthy dose of parkrun tourism. If you want to see your results in print or simply want a good rubber neck at the results of others, then this is where you need to be: https://tinyurl.com/4cbrfjde.

And I just don’t care what happens next / looks like freedom but it feels like death / it’s something in between, I guess / it’s closing time: samfugill@gmail.com.

Apology of the Week

This week’s first complainant is that miserable old git, Brian Hainsworth, who has been at pains to point out that I’m yet to come good on my promise to include the results from the White Horse Hardmoors race, having said I would do so after the initial write up in June. Well, I best keep him happy and tell you that Roger Duckworth (1:20.56) took part in the 10k race, while Brian (2:56.49) joined Sarah Barker (3:05.54) to run the half marathon. All on her lonesome, Chris Orr (5:14.28) finished 36th out of the 119 runners who lined up to tackle the full marathon distance. Well done to you all. Did you ever know that you’re my hero, Brian? You’re everything I wish I could be. I could fly higher than an eagle, for you are the wind beneath my wings.

The second person to contact the Corrections and Clarifications Department here at Nidd Valley House was Chris Morris, who got in touch to tell me that his team at Endure24 completed 150 miles, rather than 120 as previously stated. So there you have it. Well done to him, and to them, too.

If you too would like to correct any inaccurate results, you can contact the relevant team by sending an email to whogivesatoss@niddvalleyroadrunners.co.uk.

60 Years of FRP: 28 Jul 2022

Next Thursday, we’re celebrating the 60th birthday of the cheeky little bundle of muddy joy that is Fell Running Phil. It’s an off-road relay round Crimple Valley with teams of three tackling a 3km loop. It’s not overly challenging and everyone is welcome to come and join in. There’ll be pints and prizes in the Roosters Brewery afterwards. These are the prize categories:

  • First female team
  • First male team
  • First mixed team
  • Best team name
  • Closest to predicted total finish time
  • Most consistent pacing
  • Best hats (don’t ask me)

If you have a team of three, or you don’t but would like to be included in a team, please email Jane at janee_evans@icloud.com, as she is getting all the teams co-ordinated.

Further Ahead & Booking Now Open

In both the fell and road championships, entries are open for the the James Herriot Trail Race on 31 Jul 2022. It’s a lovely run, although my memory is somewhat tarred by running it with a cracking hangover one year and tearfully pleading with Paul Manning not to leave me for dead. So make sure you sober up and get entered right here: https://tinyurl.com/24wbsnps.

As it counts in both championships, you’ll need to tell captains Sarah and Dazzler if you want your points to count in the road championship, and let Sarah Chalmers know if you want them adding to your fell championship tally.

Annual Trip to Bridlington Wetherspoons: 02 Oct 2022

This has been something of a Nidd Valley tradition for several years now. We’ve hired a bus to take us to take part in the Bridlington Trail Race (previously the half marathon), about which you can find further details and enter here: https://tinyurl.com/478kk9bc. Previously, having finished the race, we get fish and chips, spaff our money up the wall in an amusement arcade, and then have a few scoops in ‘Spoons before having several wee stops on the bus journey back home. If you want a place on the bus, please deposit £5 in the club account (Nidd Valley Road Runners, acc 12074796 and s.c. 40-23-12) referencing your name and the bus trip, then let Martin Lofthouse know that you want to come: 07849 759764.

Word to the Wise

This week’s wise words come from our very own esteemed Chairman and are, if I may say so myself, are as thoroughly unkind as they are unwarranted:

“Boris Johnson had Dominic Cummings. I just have Sam…”


Have a good week.

Dom x

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