Virtual Championships Race 1 – 1 Mile – WC 06/07/2020

Hi All,

Next week kicks out the virtual championships and we start with the 1 mile race.

A few reminders for next week:

Please submit your result via email by 9pm Sunday 12th 2020 to myself & Sarah:

Please only submit your result once.

If your planning on doing your mile during a club night have a look at some of the club routes to try and incorperate your mile

Race Rules/Guidelines –

  • Try and keep courses as Net Flat – e.g. Circular or Out and back.
  • Do not stop and pause watches mid race
  • Keep within social distancing rules
  • Must be a paid member by the 31/08/2020.  If you can’t remember if you have, or have not renewed please email Sylvia and she will let you know the situation.

Good luck and look forward to seeing some of the results and seeing some of you next week.


Kevin & Sarah

Club Training During and Post COVID 19

COVID-19 Information

Tuesday 7th July – Supermarket Sweep (Road) and Nidd Gorge (Trail)

Thursday 9th July – details coming soon

Message from the Chair Sunday 28th June 2020

Well, hello everyone, its been a long time!

I hope this finds you all fit, healthy and well and looking forward to a return to some running from the Hockey Club. England Athletics has provided clubs with advice and guidance on managing runners returning to club runs whilst still following government guidelines.

As a committee we have taken the decision to begin running from the Hockey Club on Tuesday 7th July 2020 at 7pm and each Tuesday and Thursday thereafter.

This particular week also coincides with the start of our virtual club championship races with a 1 mile distance listed.

There is a new page on the web site which you can access very easily by clicking the COVID19 image on the front page.  This is the place for all your COVID19 runnign related questions and information.

If you are coming to the Hockey Club, you will need to book on line using the attached link. Trust me it sounds more onerous than it is, even I managed! Club Running Booking Link  This is really important for track and trace should this be needed.

I am the COVID19 Coordinator for the club and as part of that role a risk assessment has been completed in line with England Athletic guidelines. This can be found on our web site, COVID19 Risk Assessment please take the time to read it.

In addition, a briefing note has been written, which outlines how the club running will take place. It’s a bit prescriptive I’m afraid, but I’m sure you’ll understand that it’s also necessary.  The COVID19 Briefing Note is also available on our web site.

The success or otherwise of our return to club running will require everyone to take personal responsibility for ensuring compliance with government guidelines to reduce the risk of spreading COVID19.

To return to club running you will need to be fully paid up members, so if you haven’t already done so please use the link and sign up.  Membership Renewal Form If you can’t remember if you have, or have not renewed please email Sylvia and she will let you know the situation.

I’m really looking forward to seeing you on the 7th July to enjoy some great running and company. We will begin with the old favourite, Supermarket Sweep route and a group heading down the Nidd Gorge.  We have a list of Club Routes now available also on our web site.

As I said at the beginning of this, its been too long!

Best wishes


NVRR Chair


UKA COVID19 Risk Assessment

COVID19 Briefing Note

Club Running Booking Link

Membership Renewal Form

Club Routes

Nidd Valley Virtual Championships – 2020

Hello All,

I hope you’re all well. As previously communicated by Christine we’ve been working on the Nidd Valley Virtual Championships. This is to generate a bit of competition and motivation whilst we all can’t be together to race.

Virtual Races will consist of 7 events in the months of July, August and September:

WC 06/07/20 – 1 Mile
WC 13/07/20 – 5 Mile Off Road
WC 20/07/20 – 5 km
WC 27/07/20 – 10 km/mob match (2 weeks) – Mob Match Details are currently being finalised and subject to change.
WC 10/08/20 – 10 Mile
WC 24/08/20 – Half Marathon
WC 31/08/20 – 30 Minute distance challenge

There will be a participation badge for those who have completed 4 out of the 7 races. Prizes will be awarded to female and male overall winners and female and male Age Adjusted winners.

Points will be allocated the same way as the existing championships and the best 4 results will determine your final position.

Results need to be emailed to Sarah and Me by 21:00 on the Sunday night at the end of the race week – we will submit these to Mark for the website. I know not all members use Strava, Garmin or have GPS watches. As a result evidence is not required for submitting results. We’re going on your trust for the virtual championships.

Race Rules/Guidelines –
• Try and keep courses as Net Flat – e.g. Circular or Out and back
• Do not stop and pause watches mid race
• Keep within social distancing rules
• Must be a paid member by the 31/08/2020
Thank you to Martin, Sarah and Christine who have supported putting this together.

Any questions let me know?


(Head Boy)

[NVRR] Vests, Virtual Races and a Zoom meeting

[NVRR] Vests, Virtual Races and a Zoom meeting. 29/5/20

Hello everyone,

I hope you’re all still well, that the lockdown hasn’t got the better of you and that you’re all making the most of this glorious weather in some way.

You’ll have all heard the good news, that the new club vests and tee shirts have arrived and that Graham Hyde has taken possession of them. I ordered a vest and a short sleeved tee shirt and I must say, I’m impressed with both the quality and the fit.
We just need some races now so we can show them off!

On the subject of club kit, I’m aware there has been some further queries on the committees request for members not to wear them whilst out running during the lockdown.

This may seem a little pedantic but our decision remains for the time being. This is our thinking, picture this.

You’re out running in your vest, and for whatever reason someone thinks you’re too close, not socially distancing and cause them alarm. They see the Nidd valley vest and start to bad mouth the club, mention it to friends, media or whoever and before we know what’s what our reputation is on the line. There are variations on this scenario but you get the idea. People are understandably anxious around this.

Of course this is an ever changing situation, as the government rules change on what is permissible, we may be able to review our decision but in the meantime we ask that you refrain from wearing club kit.

So, back to the new kit. Please liaise with Graham Hyde on 07764 753066 or for collection.

I would also like to thank Sylvia our treasurer for all the work behind the scenes to make this happen. Thank you Sylvia.

Virtual Races.
Martin Lofthouse and our club captains, Kevin and Sarah are in the early stages of planning some virtual races for members to compete in. Obviously it’s optional but it will provide an opportunity for some competition amongst members and a chance to bag some PB’s.

The fine details are yet to be decided but a virtual mob match, road championship and a 5K have been mentioned. Once it’s organised we will be in touch with the plan but in the meantime keep up the training so you’re racing fit!

Zoom Meeting. Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation.
Emma Kicks is kindly hosting a zoom meeting at 8pm on Tuesday 2nd June. She has forwarded the details to everyone but asked that I remind you of the event and that you send her questions prior to the meeting if at all possible.

I think I’ve covered most things for now, I look forward to seeing lots of you on Tuesday evening for the zoom meeting.

Take care, best wishes to you and all your families.

NVRR Chair.

[NVRR] Lockdown Catch Up. W/C 4/5/20

Well hello everyone,

Welcome to the start of lockdown week 7, day 42 tomorrow, and who knows how many weeks to go until in the words of Vera Lynn “We’ll Meet Again”.

We had another committee meeting last Wednesday and discussed a few issues worthy of mention, hence this email. It’s also a chance to outline just what some people have been doing to fill their time and stay fit.

You have been busy, but first a few new ideas and notices.

Superstar Awards.
Lynsey Barraclough was a worthy recipient after spending considerable time solving a challenging financial issue with the junior section of our club.
This saved some awkward moments and potential financial problems.

Emma Kicks
Another worthy recipient for all the work she put into planning, coordinating and delivering the coaching throughout the whole of 2019.

Race Championships and Awards Evening.
Captain Sarah has written to you sadly explaining there won’t be a fell or road championship this year. Unfortunately, we won’t be hosting an awards night in the style we’ve become accustomed to. We will, however, host a get together one evening at some stage and present trophies and medals for the Cross Country season. I’m sure we will have fun and make the evening a huge celebration.

Zoom. Q&A and suggestions session.
Tuesday 12th May 2020. 7.30pm.
We are going to host a Zoom meeting, where you can put forward any suggestions you might have for the club, to Committee members.
It’s a chance for an informal Q & A session too.
I’ll be sending out full details closer to the date.

Long Lands Common.
Long Lands Common is 30 acres of open farmland, situated north of the Greenway. The intention is to create a community owned green space and woodland. Shares in the project are £50 each, with £300,000 needing to be raised.
The committee agreed that this is a project that NVRR would want to support. It fits with the ethos of the club, and we use Nidd Gorge and the Greenway a lot.
Sylvia confirmed that we have the funds available, and the committee agreed to pledge to buy 4 shares at a cost of £200. This amount is similar to previous years’ good causes, and we have roughly 200 members in the club.

Guy Fawkes 10 Race. November 2020.
There has been been lots of discussion with Sam and the committee regarding this race, with various options considered.
It’s a tricky one as you can imagine, as we’re trying to make decision on unknown facts.
The necessary paperwork for permissions has been submitted by Sam, which keeps our options open for the time being, until we can make a call on the next stage.

Graham Hyde. Road signs to spell out NIDD VALLEY.
Graham will be in touch shortly with an idea to keep us motivated to run. The idea is to encourage you to find road signs starting with the letters to spell out ‘Nidd Valley’ while on your run. One letter per run.

So onto the exciting bit and what you’ve been up to!

There are so many things to mention – please don’t be offended if I miss you off. What I will say is that I’ve seen so much support, kindness, generosity, initiative and thoughtfulness, it’s really quite amazing. Yet again I’m filled with pride as a member of this club.

Rob and Judi Northfield.
Rob and his wife very kindly offered a significant donation of £5,000 split into £250 to any team working on the front line in the fight against Coronavirus.
This was not restricted to Nidd Valley Road Runners but any of their friends. That said, three Nidders did nominate front line teams. These teams were grateful recipients of £250 each, to spend on what they chose. A big thank you goes out to Rob and Judi for supporting our key workers.

Bec Carmen. Fancy dress run.
Bec suggested that members run in fancy dress for just one run, any day, any distance but to take a photo.
The plan was to spread a little cheer and raise money for the Harrogate & District Foodbank. Lots of you embraced this idea, involving family members and even encouraging friends to donate.
A staggering £687 has been raised! Well done everyone on your phenomenal fundraising.
Watch out for the photos coming soon!

Sam. The Lockdown Quiz Master.
Sam has been hosting a Friday night Lockdown quiz which has been great fun. He’s asked me to mention that everyone is welcome. Please contact him if you fancy your chances. Questions are tough!

Captain Sarah.
Sarah responded to a question in the Guardian asking about individual positives from the lockdown period.
Her daily photos of flowers, fauna, sheep and the beautiful Nidd Gorge were guaranteed to make the cut, and featured in the paper.

Phil Ventress. Harrogate Monopoly Challenge.
This has attracted some healthy competition and sounds like fun. Run or cycle no more than a half marathon from your doorstep and tick off as many Harrogate monopoly squares as possible.

Photos and posts on Facebook.
Lots of you have taken the time to photo beautiful places and routes on your walks, runs or cycles. All of which help keep us connected and motivated. Thank you.

Injury Bench.

Of course, there are also members who have long term injuries, have picked up injuries during lockdown, or have been, or are, currently poorly.
I would like to wish you all a speedy recovery and remind you that there’s always someone in the club should you need to chat.

Well, I think that’s covered most things. As I said at the beginning, please don’t take it personally if I’ve missed you out. Its hard to keep up!

I will send out the information for our Zoom meeting very soon, and look forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes to you and your families.

NVRR Chair.