Dan Eagling

Dan Eagling

How and when did you first start running? I started running in January 2012. I was a mobile DJ back then, and I ended up working at the Ripon Runners Annual Awards dinner.

I saw there were quite a few members of their club who were older and heavier than me, but they were so much fitter. I decided there and then I had no excuse not to get fit, so I started running (very slowly) the next day

What brought you to Nidd Valley? I’d done a lot of Parkruns and a 10K Race, and wanted to train alongside other runners to keep improving. I’d heard Nidd Valley were a really friendly club, so decided to turn up to a Tuesday evening session, I’ve not looked back since.
When did you join Nidd Valley? My first club run was in September 2012.
What is your favourite running music? Genre or specific tracks? I don’t tend to listen to music when I run, I’m a Rocky fan so I’d choose ‘Gonna Fly Now’ from the film
What is your favourite food before and after running? I’ve never really settled on a specific meal before I run, but I do tend to drink coffee and eat bananas before most races
What is your best running tip that you would like to share with us? Just enjoy it, try and stay relaxed and do your own thing – and be proud that your out there running and staying in shape
What is your proudest moment in your running career? From not being able to run upstairs without being out of breath, to competing my first marathon in under 4 hours, was a really proud moment for me.
What are your running goals? I don’t have a specific goal, I suppose I just want to always keep improving
What event are you training for at the moment? I’ve just finished the bed race, with Nidd Valley B team. So I put a lot of effort into that, there’s nothing else in the calendar at the moment.

Results Roundup – Tuesday 12th June 2018

Good evening, here is the latest batch of results from NVRR for you to peruse at your leisure. I’ve tried to make sure that I’ve included everyone who has ran over the last few weeks, but please let me know if your event or race hasn’t been mentioned……

On Saturday 2nd June, at Fountains Abbey, Kevin Dalton achieved a new PB by finishing in a time of 20:24, and it was great to see Fiona Deacon there back running again. On the Stray, there were new PB’’s for Brian Hainsworth 19:51, Christopher Beattie 21:56, Mike Benson 22:58, Nadene Wilkinson 24:18, Kaye Kent 25:32, Jonathan Clipston 25:45, Alexandra Welburn 34:40.
On Saturday 9th June, there were PB’s at Harrogate for Adam Kirk 17:37, Ben Baird 18:59, Chloe Brydon 33:16, and NVRR juniors William Reid 23:26, Cassius Walsh 24:27, Jessica Beaumont 28:15.

Wharfedale trail half marathon

A cheeky 13.2 mile trail which affords participants and their families the opportunity to enjoy a great day out in some of Wharfedale’s finest scenery, with over 2,000 feet of ascents. The route follows well established footpaths, including the Dalesway and Mastiles Lane and for those with time to take in the fabulous scenery the views from Scott Gate, Mastiles and Boss Moor are quite breath-taking.
Jeff Walker and Rachel Prince were there to fly the Nidd flag, with Jeff finishing in 2:32:45 and Rachel in 2:36:22, a massive well done!

Jeff Walker Wharfedale Half

Rachel Prince Wharfedale Half

Pen Y Gent fell race

This was another popular fell race on the calendar that 10.5km in distance with about 564m of climb – Andy Harris and Sam Fugill had a crack at this one. Andy finished in 1:00:16 and Sam in 1:22:26.

Andy Harris Pen-Y-Ghent Fell Race

Eve league race 1 – Skipton

Skipton AC was the host club for the start of this year’s summer evening league, and as per usual the sun made an appearance earlier on in the afternoon and stayed for the duration of the race over some ‘undulating’ terrain on the outskirts of the town. Nidd had 70 plus runners turn up for this one, an amazing number, and we were clearly one of the best represented clubs of the night. The hot conditions and lovely uphill start didn’t seem to deter any of us, and everyone put in a cracking performance. I hope I’ve included everyone that ran, let me know if your name’s missing:

Matt Wilkinson 30:06
Adam Kirk 30:17
Luke Wakelin 31:25
Andy Todd 32:25
Martin Lofthouse 32:45
Steff Quinn 33:10
Brian Hainsworth 33:45
Nigel Scaife 34:15
Kevin Dalton 36:39
Steve Turner 36:48
Dave Shores 37:13
Jon Easton 37:31
John Mitton 37:55
Becky Barron 38:18
Andrew Peagram 38:29
Liam Marwood 38:33
Sam Fugill 38:41
Phil Robinson 38:58
Emma Dooley 39:04
Chris Beattie 39:25
Ian Mcleod 39:32
Mike Deacon 40:02
Helen Cook 40:18
Kevin Nicholas 40:44
Dave Seaman 40:59
Debra Jenkins 41:08
Damien Hanslip 41:17
Alex Leslie 41:46
Natasha Harrison 41:57
Andrew Aird 42:08
Nadene Wilkinson 42:17
Jonny Forster 42:23
Paul Manning 42:29
Carol Morgan 42:35
Nigel Brereton 42:46
Sarah Hughan 42:47
Mark Brown 42:57
Steve Newton 43:04
Debbie Gibson 43:18
Jenny Manning 43:40
Emma Kettlewell 44:25
Jonathon Clipston 45:50
Rachael Prince 46:00
Iain Scott 46:09
Moira Mctague 46:13
Robert Hill 47:13
Susana Shaw 47:47
Richard Taylor 48:00
Hannah Peagra 48:42
Colleen Gruenwald 48:58
Rosemary Thompson 49:03
Lynsey Barraclough 49:07
Ewa Scott 49:15
Jane Hill 49:46
Richard Kavanagh 49:50
Debbie Hanslip 50:03
Kate Holliday 50:26
Fiona Robinson 51:10
Michelle Smith 52:14
Joanne Warins 52:26
Sylvia Morten 55:54
Graham Hyde 56:00
Sarah Chalmers 56:18
Katy Jarrett 56:28
Faith Hammond 56:48
Angela Beattie 57:19
Yulia Brereton 57:34
Lisa Clipston 57:38
Chris Parker 58:42
Lianne Coiley 59:21
Fiona Cunningham 59:43
Jill Hornsby 1:00:13
Jane Wilkinson 1:01:00
Ursula Holmes 1:01:00

Nidd Valley Team – HSEL Skipton 5th June 2018

Otley Chevin Fell race

This was a race that crept in under the radar between the business of the evening league and the bed race last week, but we still managed to get 8 club runners turn up and run. With 689ft of climb over 2.8 miles, it was just enough for a Wednesday night at the start of June. Here are the finishing times for NVRR:

Andy Harris 20:40, Martin Lofthouse 22:05, Eduardo Piano 22:54, Phil Ventress 25:13, Russell Geraghty 27:17, Sam Fugill 28:02, Sarah Chalmers 43:34, Debbie Gibson 43:35.

Otley Chevin Fell Race

Redcar Beach 10k

I know this was at the end of May but I’ve only just managed to find the results for this one! Jamie Dilasser won the thing in 40:19, Fozzy Forster was 5th in 45:41, and Debbie Dilasser crossed the line in 52:25. Well done…..

Redcar Beach Run

Hardmoors White Horse Trail half marathon

Jane Hill was running for Nidd at this popular trail event organised by the Hardmoors lot (you need to book early on these races, they seem to fill up really quickly)
Jane completed the race in 3:27:20 – well done Jane!

Jane Hill Hardmoors

Knaresborough Bed race

You should all be well aware of the score by now – it’s always the second weekend in June, the weather is usually pants right up until 2pm on race day, you know you have probably caught the River Nidd sickness bug prior to the race but decide you’ll be fine on the day, the day itself is long with lots of waiting around that does nothing to calm the nerves, you work yourself up so much that a feeling of numbness comes over you prior to going over the start line, you’re then straight out of the traps heading towards Castle Ings, you blink then next thing you know you’re trying desperately not to drown or drag the bed into the dark and murky depths of the glorious Nidd, you then cross the line, elated with emotion but also glad it’s all over and you say to yourself that you’ll never do such a silly thing again, everyone hugs and gives high fives, have a can of beer while still in your stinking and sodden kit, get changed, retire to The Mitre for a few beverages, then finally decide what a wonderful day you’ve had and can’t wait to do it all again next year. Sound familiar?

We had three teams in this year, and all three put in exceptional performances that were testament to every member of each team and their hard work and effort over the last few months. The Men’s B team were 5th overall in 15:05.3; the Ladies team 36th overall in 18:13.8, and the Zip to Zoomers were 87th overall in 23:34.1. I think everyone had a good day…..

That’s your lot for now, enjoy Otley tomorrow night if you are racing – the views from the top of the hill(s) are amazing…..

Nidd Valley Teams Bed Race 2018

Results Roundup – 1st June 2018

Edinburgh Marathon Festival

Early weather reports for Scotland’s capital didn’t look too promising for the NVRR contingent heading north of the border for the Marathon Festival, with the forecast predicting strong sunshine and mid 20’s temperatures on race day which were less than ideal for running 13.1 or 26.2 miles. Luckily, the sun was hidden behind some cooling fog on Sunday morning which came to the relief of all concerned. When the sun did make an appearance at about 1pm, the temperature did rise quite a bit making it a bit more difficult for runners still out on the course.

In the half marathon event, Andy Harris 1:25:52 was the first Nidd to finish, and crossed the line at Musselburgh in 1:25:52. Kevin Dalton was next to finish in 1:36:50, and then Jenny Manning 1:56:47.

Martin Lofthouse was first back for Nidd in the full marathon and he crossed the line in 3:07:40 (obviously relieved there wasn’t a repeat of the London weather a month previously!), with Nigel Scaife next over the line in 3:24:52, with me not too far behind in 3:27:05 (Nige passed me at about mile 19 then showed me a clean pair of heels!)

The first Nidd lady to finish the marathon was Debbie Gibson in 4:09:37, then Jane Hill next with a PB time of 4:41:35. Also getting a PB was Carolyn Easton in 4:49:11, and Michelle Smith was next in 5:08:52.

Edinburgh was also the first marathon for three new club members – Ursula Holmes, James Bennett, and Jane Wilkinson. Ursula finished in 5:01:17, James in 5:52:08, and Jane in 5:11:36 – a fantastic effort all round, let’s hope it’s not your last marathon!

Melmerby 10k

This 10k race was another featured in the club champs so there were plenty of Nidds in attendance trying to grab some more championship points. Conditions were hot and dry – not the best for running but everyone involved put in a great effort. Here is the list of finishers:

Matthew Wilkinson 00:36:49 (6th)
Adam Kirk 00:37:02 (9th)
Andy Todd 00:40:14
Stephen Quinn 00:40:46
Edoardo Piano 00:42:31
Brian Hainsworth 00:42:48
John Beaumont 00:45:09
Emma Dooley 00:47:58 (2nd f35)
Jane Evans 00:48:33
Sue Simpson 00:48:39 (1st f55)
James Forster 00:48:42
Dave Seaman 00:49:44
James Cook 00:50:28
Jeremy Scott 00:50:57
Kaye Kent 00:53:06
Robert Hill 00:54:21
Sarah Hughan 00:55:01
Marcos Montana 00:55:14
Moira Mctague 00:57:34
Rebecca Ventress 00:57:50
Graham Hyde 01:10:29
Fiona Cunningham 01:13:52
Clare Simpson 01:13:52 (1st ever 10k race!)


A quick look at parkrun, specifically Harrogate as there were three club runners that all achieved new PB’s – Helen Cook 23:36, Jane Evans 24:39, Faith Hammond 35:4. Well done to you all, great effort.

Ilkley Trail race

This nice bank holiday Monday event was organised by Ilkley Harriers and classed as a category C medium fell race over 6.9 miles with 700ft of climbing. Four Nidds made the short journey over to Ilkley to take part, with Russ Geraghty first back for Nidd in59:15, then Mark Armstrong in 1:05:06, Fiona Robinson 1:21:29, and Sarah Chalmers 1:31:49.

Cape Wrath ultra

This event is known as Scotland’s expedition race, and is put together by the same lot that organised the Dragon’s Back race in Wales. It’s a 400km yomp through the Highlands with meals and accommodation provided each night by the event organisers, and this year’s event sold out quickly (next one is May 2020 if anyone’s up for something a bit different!)
Seasoned ultra-runners Carol Morgan and husband Simon were up for the challenge (as it was their holiday after all), with Carol fully re charged after representing Ireland at the recent World Trail running champs in Spain. Having already conquered the Pennine Way in this year’s Spine Race (and in horrendous conditions), a warm spring blast through the Highlands confirmed that Carol can adapt to all conditions and proceeded to advance with ease. Carol was the first lady finisher in a time of 55:35:31, with the second lady, Sarah Witte coming in about two and a half hours after Carol. Simon put in a storming effort to finish in 66:07:11, 35th overall out of 89 male finishers.

Results Roundup – Monday 21st May 2018

Here are some results from the last couple of weeks, apologies if you didn’t get a mention.

Ripon 10

The sun was out once again for this popular 10 mile race organised by the good people of Ripon Runners. Despite a few people taking a tumble, everyone crossed over the finish line. Here are the full results so well done everyone who ran:

Matt Wilkinson 1:03:48.6, Andy Todd 1:09:06.0, Nigel Scaife 1:12:36.1, Steff Quinn 1:12:48.4, Brian Hainsworth 1:13:19.0, James Braddon 1:16:40.3, Jamie Dilasser 1:17:08.1, Steven Turner 1:18:31.2, Christopher Beattie 1:24:21.7, Emma Dooley 1:25:37.3, Helen Cook 1:25:55.0, Jane Evans 1:26:13.1, Jeremy Scott 1:28:26.1, Michael Benson 1:29:33.6, Paul Manning 1:31:35.8, Alex Crowton 1:31:38.6 Sarah Hughan 1:33:55.0, Debbie Gibson 1:34:12.2, Damien Handslip 1:34:51.8, Nick Smith 1:35:34.3, Jenny Manning 1:39:24.0, Rachael Prince 1:39:24.9, Jeff Walker 1:41:33.3, Ewa Scott 1:44:50.6, Marcos Montana 1:45:24.8, Jane Hill 1:46:21.9, Carolyn Easton 1:46:44.2, Rebecca Ventress 1:47:22.3, Michelle Smith 1:47:30.6, Moira Mc Tague 1:48:21.0, Debbie Handslip 1:49:27.9, Kirsty O Donnell 1:52:11.1, Fiona Robinson F1:52:12.7, Graham Hyde 2:06:27.0, and running her first 10 mile race, Fiona Cunningham 2:09:12.5

Leeds Half marathon

Another popular race, another opportunity for fast times. Adam Kirk got himself a PB and finished 26th overall with a time of 1:19:55, and also getting a PB was John Beaumont who finished in 1:36:03, and Emma Kettlewell put in a strong performance to finish in 2:18:4.

Arbroath Smokies 10

This event is a ladies only race organised by local club Arbroath Footers, and Colleen Gruenwald was there to represent Nidd Valley. Colleen managed to get around the scenic but undulating route in a time of 1:37:07 – well done Colleen!


On Saturday 12th May there were parkrun PB’s at Harrogate for Nidd juniors Liam Escott, who crossed the line in 21:21, Blythe Warner in 23:40, and Jessica Beaumont 29:07. Lynsey Barraclough got a new PB of 26:52, as did Penelope Tiffney who finished in 28:07, and Hannah Ruddy in 31:09.
At Woodhouse Moor, Steve Newton got his fastest time yet of 23:33.

On Saturday 19th May at Harrogate, there were PB’s for Emma Dooley who finished in 22:26, Jonathan Clipston 26:47, Yulia Brereton 32:13, and Claire Simpson 33:38, while Emma Kettlewell and Nidd junior Jessica Beaumont both got a PB of 29:46 at Fountains Abbey.

A Bridge too far ultra

This was another excellent event organised by the Punk Panther Ultra events people, with this 60km route taking in some of the Six Dales Trail to Pateley Bridge via Swinsty, Fewston, and Thruscross reservoirs, then back to Pool in Wharfedale. Jim Cook was up for this challenge and he managed to complete the event in 8:30:34 which is quite impressive!

Charlesworth Chase

This popular up and down fell race starts and finishes in the village of Appletreewick, is a distance of 8k and has 366m of climbing. You can rock up on the day to enter, pay your £6, neck a pint before crossing the finish line then have some nice soup at the end. All you have to do prior to that is run up a massive hill to Simon’s Seat then run straight back down again.
22 runners from Nidd took advantage of the glorious weather and short distance to travel to the race on Saturday, and in true fell race tradition, the times have not been published yet:

Luke Wakelin (8th overall)
Martin Lofthouse (2nd MV50)
Nigel Scaife
Brian Hainsworth
Phil Ventress
Fozzy Forster
Matt Rickard
Phil Robinson
Dave Shores (first fell race)
Russ Geraghty
Jane Evans
Chris Beattie
Jim Cook
Ian McLeod
Dave Prince
Debbie Gibson
Mike Benson (first fell race)
Dave Seaman (3rd MV70)
Fiona Robinson
Bec Carman
Graham Hyde (after a muck-up with his beer, Graham had to drink a pint of fizzy water, but did get the prize for fastest non-alcoholic drink!)
Sarah Chalmers

Rock and Roll Marathon/Half marathon

Another popular running festival with a number of options to choose from but this time the weather was a huge factor – the hot conditions made it more difficult. Well done to everybody for getting around safely regardless of what distance you chose to run.

In the half marathon event, John Beaumont was first back for Nidd in 1:35:50, with Johnny Forster next in 1:39:52, Robert Hill 2:03:20, and Jane Hill in 2:16:40.

James Braddon went for the full marathon (his first one on flat tarmac) and ploughed on through the heat to finish in 3:57:35. I can’t comment whether or not James was put off from doing such a distance again but you never know….

Last but by no means least, John Mitton ran his first marathon at Windermere on Sunday and finished in 4:32:55. Not only was it the first time that he has ran 26.2 miles, he also raised a load of cash for the Upper Wharfedale Fell rescue association – great stuff!

That’s it for now,

Results Roundup: Thursday 10th May 2018


The glorious bank holiday attracted 500+ runners to take part in parkrun at Harrogate on Saturday. There were PB’S for Matt Wilkinson, who finished 2nd overall in 17:43, Ben Baird in 19:05, and Brian Hainsworth in 19:58. Nidd junior Jessica Beaumont achieved her fastest time yet, finishing in 29:12, while Claire Simpson also got herself a PB with a time of 34:39.

Middleton Woods in Leeds held its second ever parkrun and Adam Kirk was there to represent Nidd Valley. Adam did quite well – he was first finisher, and did it in a time of 18:05! Amanda Metcalfe was at Heslington parkrun, and she finished with a PB time 26:14. At Woodhouse Moor, Steve Newton was the sole representative for Nidd Valley, and got himself a new PB finishing in 23:55.

North Lincolnshire half

The venue for this half marathon was Quibell Park in Scunthorpe, and Robert Hill was there to fly the club colours. With temperatures peaking at 25 degrees, runners were dropping out all over the place as the heat was proving too much for them. Robert however soldiered on and managed to cross the finish line in 2:05:38, achieving 3rd MV70 in the process. An excellent effort from Robert despite the conditions, and he was only two minutes behind the fastest MV70!

Cake Race

You have to have a really good reason to travel west bound on the M62 past junction 32 on most days, especially on the Saturday morning of a bank holiday weekend. Luckily for several members of Nidd, there was a fell type race being held in a little village called Diggle near Oldham. This race attracted a £5 entry fee which could be refunded if you bought along a home baked cake for the infamous cake competition that takes place after the run. With much cake and hot drinks on offer after the race, the prospect of running 10 miles with 1800ft of climbing over Saddleworth Moor and surrounding countryside didn’t seem that bad initially. However the 25 degree heat and lack of any cooling breeze suddenly made the race a more interesting prospect. As it was a fell championship race for the club, points were up for grabs (and chip butties were only £1 from the Diggle Arms pub post-race)

Martin Lofthouse was the first Nidd to finish in a time of 1:18, and he was 12th overall, with Nigel Scaife next in 1:23. Andy Harris managed to finish unscathed in 1:29, however Kevin Nicholas wasn’t as lucky as he took a bit of a tumble on the scree like surface final descent. Thankfully his injuries were superficial – they had the appearance of gravel rash sustained by pro-cyclists – and he also crossed the line in 1:29 before receiving some first aid. I finished in 1:34 but acquired a massive blister in the process (wrong sock choice apparently), then Phil Ventress was next in 1:38. FRP Robinson and Chris Beattie both finished in 1:46, as did Jane Evans who was running her first race for Nidd (I think she enjoyed it, well done Jane). Fiona Robinson was next over the line in 2:15, with Sarah Chalmers being the final Nidd to finish in 2:33. Rumour has it that Sarah actually enjoyed the race and there is photographic evidence of her smiling as she was running!

Other results 

In other news, Andrew Aird took part in the John West 10k over in Liverpool – Andrew said that it was very hot, flat, and busy but he managed to finish in 51:06. Yvonne Skelton was over in the Lake District for the Kentmere Trail Race, which was 10k over a hilly, boggy, and stony route and formed part of the Lakeland Trail series. Yvonne finished in a time of 1:19. Roche Abbey in South Yorkshire was the venue for another of Its Grim up north running’s events, with race distances ranging from 5k to ultra for people to have a go at. James Braddon went for the sensible 10k option and he went and won it! James managed to finish the race in 44:14, an excellent effort.

Finally, the Jack Bloor Fell race took place on Ilkley Moor a couple of nights ago. FRA rules class the race as BS (for those unfamiliar with the FRA ratings, this means category B, short) As the route is unmarked, the FRA also advise that a recce is done prior to taking part just in case you get geographically challenged on race day. The 8.4km route includes a cheeky climb of 350m so it’s suitable for those new to fell running. Representing Nidd were Carol Morgan and Russell Geraghty, with Carol finishing as 1st FV40 in a time of 51:35. Russell put in a great performance and finished in 71:59.