‘Twas the week before Christmas and all around Nidd Valley House…

…Everyone is very excited of course and so should you be. There’s gifts-a-plenty in this your weekly round-up, of races past, results present and dates yet to come…

Running in a winter parkrunland…

At Harrogate it was Centenary celebrations for Martin Lofthouse as he completed his 100th run in 19.01, from the Nidd contingent only super speedy Warren Lowcock beat him to the line in 18.58. They were soon joined by Simon Franklin 21.39, Andrew Peagram 22.12, Matt Rickard 23.13, Sue Simpson 23.47, Steve Newton 24.11, Nick Smith 27.01, Tony L-C 27.09, Moira McTague 29.07 and Kirsty O’Donnell 29.48. Then came the three wise women, Debbie Dilasser 30.10 Rebecca Ventress 30.11 and Hannah Peagram 30.11, I have been reliably informed that Hannah didn’t get in (after a booze-soaked Christmas party) until the very small hours of Saturday morning, so actually she probably wasn’t feeling very clever at all… Anyway, Jeff Walker 35.06, Amanda Smith 38.53 were next home, and Fingers Harris 38.55 rounded things off nicely before everyone decamped to celebrate with Martin over a coffee, I was sad to miss it, but congratulations again Martin.

Over at Fountains Abbey, Andy Todd sped round in 19.51, Mark David 22.00 was next, Marcos Montana 24.54. Jane Hill 31.19 and partner in crime Michelle Dinsdale 31.22 also soon finished their 5k around the beautiful course. Good running.

Keswick  was the home this week  for our lovely parkrun tourist Fiona Robinson, finishing in 33.41.

Over in Wetherby Lizzie Medwell finished in 29.19.

I have had a quick look at the Junior parkrun results and found Connie Mitton 12.21 – well done!

Don’t forget there will be 2 parkrun’s at Harrogate next weekend, Saturday on Christmas Eve as normal and an extra one on Christmas Day… I do this every year and it is brilliant, it is the only time I get out of the kitchen on Christmas Day so I will definitely be going, leave the presents and burn off a few calories before your Christmas dinner!


PECO race 2 – Middleton Park

What a fab day for a run out this morning at Middleton Park.

The juniors in school year 4-6 ran a 1 mile course, storming home, first for the club Joseph Turnbull in 6.40, followed by Will Harvey 7.04, the delightful Evie Isles 7.33, Aidan Ranns 7.34, Euan Madden 8.11 and Finlay Ranns 8.21. Brilliant running all of you!

School years 7-12 ran a 2 mile course, Joe Sutcliffe was first back in 13.37, Jake Stalker 14.09, James Harvey 14.59, Edward Chesworth 16.39 and Eddie Ventress 20.57. Well done!

Sue Simpson was the first of the Nidd Valley ladies home in 41.16. Debbie Gibson was next in 43.19, Catherine Barber 43.28, Rachael Prince 46.55, Debbie Hanslip 48.06 and Sarah Chalmers 54.16.

Matt Wilkinson led the men home in 29.55, Alex Patrickson 31.15, Martin Lofthouse 31.43, Andy Todd 33.02, Matt Rickard 34.09. They were soon followed by Mike Deacon 37.02, Damien Hanslip 38.33, Jim Cook 39.30, Dave Seaman 40.59, Marcos Montana 41.03 and Dave Prince 41.25.

Great running everyone and brilliant to see the PECO’s so well attended.


Carol Morgan and Simon Franklin have been busy as always, Carol did Tour de Helvellyn in 7 hours 36 mins and was 5th female home…  it is 38 miles with thousands of feet of ascent and descent on tough mountain trails, it sounds incredibly difficult, so really well done Carol.
Earlier today they both did The Stoop, Simon in 45mins something and Carol told me she didn’t know her time, but she enjoyed it and got very very muddy!!!! I couldn’t find the results either, but did read on the site that you got a free Curly Wurly on finishing and you had to run in a Santa Hat – can’t be bad! Well done to you both.

Another fan of distance running and lots of hills, Emma David did Hardmoors ‘marathon’ last Sunday – 30 miles and 5,500 feet of climb in 6 hours! Another fantastic achievement – well done Emma!

Remember to email your results to chair@niddvalleyroadrunners.co.uk. Sam will be back in the New Year and normal service will be resumed!

Coming up!

Lots of dates to remember so let’s hope you get a new diary in your Christmas stocking!

Tuesday 20th December. Intervals at Wheatlands Road East – PLEASE READ!

It may be Christmas but that’s no excuse for skipping interval training. Dan, Jon and I have done another day of our coaching course, and Dan will be on hand to warm you up, run you round and cool you down after a few laps of Wheatlands Road East… see if you can do an extra lap from last time!  Everyone should meet at 7pm at club please as Dan is going to trial a new style of a warm up this week so that you are ready to get straight into the main session by the time you arrive at Wheatlands Road East, please note that there will be no warm up there.

Thursday 22nd December.  It’s the Santa Run – now an annual event in the Nidd Valley advent calendar! Get your Christmas fancy dress on and head to club for 7pm where you will set off around town, “singing” a few Carols and generally spreading the Nidd Valley festive cheer and excitement. Beers in the bar at the hockey club afterwards.

Christmas holidays. There will be no 7pm club sessions between Christmas and New Year. So please don’t turn up to the hockey club on December 27th or the 29th as we won’t be there.

Tuesday 3rd January. Do however turn up ready for the first intervals of 2017 on Tuesday 3rd January! We will be starting the first of the endurance sessions (well, it will make a change from all those hills)!  Dan, Jon or I will be there to keep you motivated as you charge up Slingsby walk and around Saints. Meet at the club for 7pm and we will head down for the session.

Thursday 5th January. We can take a run down to Knaresborough via the well-lit roads. Cut along Waterside and back up Forest Moor and back to the club via the back of Morrisons and along Kingsley Road. You can add on some extra distance around Knaresborough or cut down over Belmont crossing if you want a shorter route / you are still recovering from over exerting yourselves at intervals!

Saturday 7th January. It’s the Yorkshire Cross Country Championships at Lightwater Valley! I did this last year as my first attempt at cross country since school and that was a very long time ago, but fortunately I liked it far more than I remembered, so don’t be put off!  If you are on the list I will see you there. Sadly I think it is too late to enter now, but if you’re not running, why not come and support? Senior women race at 12.50 and then we stay and cheer the men on at 2.10pm.

Saturday 28th January – Awards Night.  Get your glad rags and plenty of sparkle on for the most anticipated event in the NVRR calendar! Get your tickets quickly as they are selling fast. Let Judy know if you want to go – membership@niddvalleyroadrunners.co.uk, and then pay your money to treasurer Dave it’s £20, please make sure you put your name on as a reference if you are paying by bank transfer. Don’t miss it!

AGM – Thursday 16th February 2017. A little advance notice of the AGM, where you, our valued club members, choose your new committee and run through the accounts from the previous year, plus we notify members of any other important changes for the coming year. This will take place at the hockey club upstairs after a shorter than normal club run. We need as many members as possible to attend on the night, so please make a note of the date and try your best to come to this.


Word to the wise.

Wardrobe malfunctions aplenty at intervals at Springfield Mount on Tuesday.

Halfway through the session, visualise if you will, Hannah Peagram, charging down the hill, hair flying behind her “Aaagghh I am having a hair disaster, it’s this clip thing, I look like a mad Amazonian woman!” (She did a bit!)-  I handed her my hair bobble and off she ran.

Christine Jones had some sound advice – Always choose your running pants carefully, I spent most of that session rearranging mine…   to be fair there was nothing I could have done to help there…

So that’s all from me, I for one have had a great year at NVRR and hope the next one is just as good.

From us all at Nidd Valley House, enjoy your Christmas and New Year everyone.

Sarah H x

How to burn 10,000 calories in only 1 day…

Hi gang,

10,000 calories, yes it can be done, read on to find out how…

Chairman Sam’s away on his well-earned holiday and Nidd Valley House’s favourite intern Fingers Harris has been otherwise engaged this weekend (not literally engaged, well, not as far as I know anyway… yet), so it’s Sarah H here with the weekly round-up you’ve all been waiting for. I am a little jaded I have to admit, owing to a Prosecco-infused party at mine last night, my house is a tip and I still have all my washing to do before work tomorrow, so let’s crack on!

Our star of the week has to be Philippa Moorse! (Full name there, I usually call her P, I don’t know why). Anyway she has completed the Ride 24, Newcastle to London 24 hour challenge, raising a fantastic £750 for Macmillan in the process.

It’s billed as “not a race but a unique endurance event”.  As if the 315 miles wasn’t difficult enough, Philippa tells me conditions were “foul”, given the wet and windy weather I am sure it was pretty grim and very tough. There were 7 stages in all, of 40 / 50 miles each. We were kept up to date or should I say speed, by Matt all the way through so well done to you for supporting.

Putting in 15 hours a week training clearly paid off though, she finished this amazing feat in 25 hours 15 minutes despite the weather, still smiling and even managed a glass of fizz at the end. Apparently she burned 10,000 calories doing this event, (there’s your answer) a great excuse for a little treat, or even a big one!

Seriously Philippa, (P) you have done yourself and us proud, really well done. This girl definitely can!

Back to running… last Sunday Sue Simpson took part in the Askern 10, she finished in 79.40, despite it being hillier than she expected, well done Sue, great running.

It seems to have been the week for time trials!

Eduardo Piano has emailed in to let me know about The Sicklinghall Stride from last Wednesday. A time trial of just over 5 miles with 266 feet of climb, with the added pressure that you had to navigate yourself following written instructions, I wouldn’t have stood a chance… Well done though to Eduardo 39.02, Simon Franklin 40.11, Phil Robinson 46.50 and Fiona Robinson 61.21.

I must also mention Martin’s Mile Trial which some of us took part in on Thursday, Martin marked out the course, Philippa and Sarah C timed, Catherine made sure we knew where the turning point was and that we didn’t cheat!  Results are here and we will be repeating this in a month or so to see if we can get any faster! (I just need to charge my watch next time, oh and get a time that starts with a 6!)

Martin L 5.26 5.38           Paul G     6.32 6.28              Andy H 5.17 6.04              Warren L 5.14 6.03

Neil W   7.50 8.10             Dave P  7.21                        Rob S     6.23                      Chris      6.21

Matt R  5.47 6.11              Dave R  7.49                        Michelle S 8.14  8.26        Sue 7.10 7.14

Sarah H 7.01                      Nick S    8.10                        Marcos 6.47                       Rachel   7.15 7.53

Alan H   10.14

Over in parkrunland, there’s a host of exciting Nidd Valley results to share! Read on…

Andy “Fingers” Harris 19.12 finished first for Nidd, along with everyone’s favourite four-legged friend Jack.  Martin Lofthouse was next, despite Jack’s best attempt to trip him up in the finish straight, in 19:15.  Andrew Peagram 22:21, Mark Armstrong 23:00, Sue Simpson 23:23, Alison Iles 24:58, James Cook 25:15 were next, followed by Nick Smith 26:38, Tony Ledwaba-Chapman 26:59 and Dave Rushton 27:41.  Moira McTague and Sarah Hughan both 28:27, Moira and I managed a good old catch up around the 3 laps, but decided it was as hard going slower as when we go at full speed, I can categorically say all our talking had nothing to do with how hard it was, not at all.  Anyway, Jeff Walker 29:26 was next, Neil Wright ran with his daughter on her first parkrun in 36:05, well done both of you, and Amanda Smith was as sprightly as ever as she crossed the line in 38:00.

Just as an aside, our friends at Harrogate parkrun are appealing for donations for a defibrillator for the Stray. They are trying to raise £900 of the £1800 total required. Your NVRR Committee are already discussing the possibility of a club donation, but if you did want to make a donation yourself, go on to the Harrogate parkrun site and you can donate on there.

Back to the results. Fiona Robinson continues her Tour of Yorkshire parkruns, Scunthorpe was the location this week, Fiona finished in 31.06. Well done!

Over at Fountains Andy Todd was first home for Nidd Valley in 19:22, then came Mark David 21:46, Marcos Montana 23:30, Paul Manning 23:40 and Michelle Dinsdale was well under 30 minutes again in 29:34, good running everyone!

At Junior parkrun, it’s a big well done to Joe Sutcliffe 8:47 and Thea Stewart 9:07.

The next race in the road championship series took place today – a bunch of intrepid Nidds made the journey to the Escrick 10k. I was never going to make that, but well done to all of you who managed not to dance about in your kitchen until 2.30am this morning and could therefore race.

Results are as follows: Martin Lofthouse 38.52, Adam Kirk 42.01, Mike Deacon 44.57, Fiona Deacon 45.50, Paul Manning 49.18, Jenny Manning 54.12, Moira Mctague 54.44, Neil Wright 56.24, Sarah Chalmers 59.42 and Michelle Smith 1.01.43. Great running team Nidd!

No one has sent me any other results, so I assume that you are all on holiday or there’s nothing to report. Apologies if I have missed anything, send to Sam if so, and he can include it next time. chair@niddvalleyroadrunners.co.uk

Coming up… diaries at the ready!

Pub Runs:

If you are following the diary on the website there are a couple of changes to Pub runs listed. Originally Sarah C was leading a run this Tuesday which has been cancelled due to lots of people being away or unable to go.

However, I am leading one on Thursday 1st September to start and finish at The Travellers Rest – not the Sun Inn as listed, we’ve already done that one.  The Travellers Rest is on Crimple Lane, off Rudding Lane.  I hope you all have a great sense of direction and /or can read a map as I am not yet sure of the route we will take, (for the run, not how to get to the pub). But don’t let that put you off. I can promise fab food and plenty of social chat so let me know if you want to join me on the 1st so I can book a table. enquiries@niddvalleyroadrunners.co.uk

Tempted?  Good… then why not take a look at the menu here? http://www.thetravellersrestharrogate.co.uk/menu/

Tuesday club run: In the absence of a pub run we need a club run, so how about we revisit a section of the Harrogate 10k, if we go from club up through Valley Gardens, then along Harlow Moor Road and up past Harlow Carr Gardens and back through the woods down towards town and around the Stray to West Park and back to club that way. I have no idea of the exact mileage but for a shorter run you can always cut off when you get to the end of Valley gardens and go along to Otley Road and back that way.

Thursday club run: We are veering dangerously close to the end of August so perhaps a run down the Gorge to make the most of it while it is still light enough to get round and back? Drinks, crisps and gossip in the bar afterwards.

As always please feel free to offer any alternative suggestions to routes on the night if these don’t appeal.

Bridlington Half Marathon / Nidd Valley Social trip out  

If you are interesting in taking part in this race, it is in the road champs so you could earn some useful points, or even if like me you just fancy going for a social seaside day out, then numbers permitting, we are thinking of hiring a coach, prices around £10-£14 per person. Let Sam know if you would be interested in this delightful Nidd Valley outing! chair@niddvalleyroadrunners.co.uk

Guy Fawkes – 6th November

1)Keep the date free – we need you!

2)Don’t forget if you are interested in taking over the organisation of this event next year and becoming the next Race Director when our lovely Matt Rickard steps down, let Sam know if you haven’t already. chair@niddvalleyroadrunners.co.uk

Word to the Wise

“… a mile is a long way!” 

A slightly pessimistic insight from inside the minds of most of us chasing speedy times at the Mile Trial last Thursday…  or to look at it in another way, it’s just a lap of Harrogate parkrun –  now that doesn’t seem quite so bad!

That’s it from me, happy running!

Sarah H