The Chair’s Blog – 1st April 2020

Hello everyone,

I have a bit of news to share, so I thought it worth sending out the email a little earlier than expected.

I hope you’re all well and settling into your new lives of social distancing or isolation. I would personally, and on behalf of the club like to thank all our members working in key roles for your dedication and hard work. I know we have many, and I can only imagine how tough it is.

Thank you too, to all the members who have renewed their membership, I know this is an uncertain time financially for many people so thank you.

We have just held a committee meeting using the Zoom meeting app, Oh how I laugh at my I.T skills and the challenges it brings!  I’ve certainly had to lift my game and learn a lot over this past week.

One of the issues the committee has been looking at, is how to keep that sense of belonging within the club and follow the government rules on exercise etc. It changes daily but thanks to some suggestions and what we’ve seen already on the likes of Facebook, I’ve been able to attach a document that will give you some ideas.  Running Ideas COVID19 (002)

I hope you get something from it and are able to keep the motivation levels up and get out to run. If you have any running stories to share over this period please email me, and I’ll look to put them in this email.

Other issues we’ve been considering include the club finances. I know Sylvia has emailed everyone explaining our position. We’re hoping the GF10 race goes ahead which will certainly ease some of the financial pressure.

The new kit has been ordered, but as you might expect, we’re unsure of delivery timescales now.

Our club championship races are being reviewed too, but to be fair we’re having to watch this space as we have very little idea of timescales. That said, we have discussed various ways of salvaging something from the year. We will keep you posted once we know.

Ive been asked by The Harrogate Advertiser to describe the impact of COVID.19 on our running club, so I’ve drafted a short piece, outlining the issues with an emphasis on the way we’ve adapted whilst following the rules! I’m not sure when it will appear but at least you’re aware of it.

Mark David has recently emailed with information on sports discount codes which is always good news but it’s probably worth a mention that Up&Running have an on line service too and will welcome any business.

I think that covers most things, but I will leave you with this piece that Simon Staiano sent me to share. He only just manged to achieve this before the rules on isolation came into being.

Well done Simon, quite an achievement!

Simon’s 100 mile challenge.

Final run of the 100 mile week personal challenge. Fortunately no injuries (well none that I’ve noticed so far) and apart from tired legs I feel pretty good. Certainly well pleased with myself for doing it.
For a lot of proper runners 100 miles is pretty normal but for me it was a huge jump up in volume and had risks because of that. I am now 1 for 2 in personal challenges, my last one, eating only wotsits for a week, failed after one day so at least I’ve managed this challenge. Some stats, 100 miles over 12 runs, 14 hours and 35 mins running, 5479 feet of climb, approx 90 miles ran alone, approx 80 miles ran with a rucksack. Total fruit eaten, one small banana, total veg eaten, one small piece of beetroot. Thanks to my unofficial sponsors, Hoka, Domino’s and Just Eat. Thanks for kind words on Strava and on the odd time I’ve been seen on the road.
I will end this with a quote. “The real purpose of running isn’t to win a race, its to test the limit of the human heart” – Bill Bowerman.

Stay at home, stay safe and stay fit everyone!

Best wishes, Christine.
NVRR Chair

The New Fortnightly Email: Week Commencing 23rd March 2020

Hello everyone,

I do hope this finds you all both physically and mentally very well, with plenty of strategies to manage this new world we’re living in.

I’ve decided not to title this the weekly email as, being realistic, there is and will continue to be a limited amount of news to bring you and I know you’ve all got plenty to read about, lots to listen to and other things on your mind. It’s for that reason that I’m going to write every fortnight rather than weekly.

That said, I did promise that as much as possible, we will remain a club of people with a common purpose, namely running.

We might be doing it alone but at this point hopefully you’re still doing it alone or with maybe one other at the set distance apart!

And on that note, whilst I’m not the Coronavirus Police it’s worth me mentioning that we need to be mindful of the impression we give when out running. There’s not much point cancelling club nights then running in groups especially if in club kit. I’m sure you get where I’m coming from. Enough said!

On a positive note, our lovely Emma Kicks has quickly adapted her coaching and training techniques to morph into an on line entrepreneur.

She has already set up an on line version of her Kick The Core class using the Zoom meeting app, which allows you to see others in the group and exercise together. I’ve signed up!

She is offering training sessions which will be based on general aerobic fitness for runners. At the moment she is looking for expressions of interest, so she can gauge demand and create classes to meet your needs.

She is currently thinking along these lines.

2 sessions at 9.30am. Days to be confirmed.
2 sessions around 6 or 7pm. Monday and Thursday.

If you’re interested please email Emma for full details.

So, back to the running. How about this for a few ideas to keep us connected?

• After your run, write up a little run report maybe with a photo? I could select a few for this email then our members not on social networks can also see what we’ve been up to? This should help with motivation.
• Go out for a run over a set distance at the same time as friends then report back to the others on how the run went. Another great way to stay focused.
• Strava. Whilst I don’t use it it’s a great way for staying connected.

If you have any other ideas, please let me or any committee member know.

I’m going to finish on a positive, and remind you that as runners you’re focused, determined, strong and disciplined people who can dig deep when necessary. You can use all of these positive attributes to stay well, in every sense, as we manage the challenges ahead.

Best Wishes.
NVRR Chair.

Coronavirus. Cancellation of club nights and training

Morning everyone,

Well, I’m sad to say the inevitable has happened!
It’s with a heavy heart that I have to write this, but the committee has taken the decision to cancel all club training for the foreseeable future.

In light of the government’s decision to move from mitigation to suppression, the advice that even if you’re feeling well, you should stop all unnecessary contact with others, we really have no choice.

I will be in touch very soon with some ideas around maintaining that sense of belonging within the club, some virtual training ideas and plans.
Our club Captains and coaches are considering ways in which we can achieve this.

Obviously this will have an impact on our club championship races, but again we will look at ways of making something of the races completed to date, and for the future.

I will keep the weekly email going – with updates and news on what members have been up to in their isolated or semi isolated lives, together with some ideas for training.

It goes without saying that looking after yourself, both your physical and mental health is even more challenging in times such as this.

We’re a club. We’re a club of people who run, but we care for one another too, so let’s keep that going through conversation and support.

Wishing you and your families good health, the strength to do the right thing by yourselves and others, and above all to know you’re not alone in this.

Best wishes, Christine
NVRR Chair.

Week Ahead – 15th March 2020

Afternoon All

I hope this finds you all fit and healthy. What a week!

I know you’ve heard this all week, but I’m going to have to talk about the Coronavirus. Sarah has posted a couple of updates regarding races and some links to England Athletics regarding advice, but to be fair they’re not saying much.

My thoughts are these – we continue to meet for our Tuesday and Thursday club nights; it goes without saying, if you have any symptoms, or have visited a high risk area, please don’t come along.
The advice on minimising close contact and regularly washing hands still stands and will help.
The committee is keeping a close eye on up to date advice, and will inform you if there are any changes to our usual routine.

On a positive note, I want to say well done to everyone racing at Thirsk today. I hope you all enjoyed it and ran well.

If you haven’t already done so, please remember to renew your club membership using the link Nidd Valley Road Runner Membership (Renewal) Form

Tuesday 17/3/20 Intervals. Speed Session 5/6
Derwent Road.

This is a change to the planned location. There have been some building and road works recently set up in the area we had intended to use, and it’s not safe to be running at speed around our usual loop.

7pm from the club or 7.10pm at Derwent Road.. Please be warmed up and ready to run.
Sarah and Cath will be there to coach you through the session.

There is always the option of a social run from the club for anyone not doing the interval session.

Thursday 19/3/20. Social Club Run.

Route. Mallinson.
Claro Road, hospital, Slingsby Walk to Stray Rein, turn left along St James Drive, Tewit Well Road to Leeds Road, past M&S to Firs Crescent, Mallinson Oval to Leadhall Lane, turn right onto Rossett Drive to Pannal Ash Road, Otley Road across the Stray to Victoria Avenue, North Park Road, Park Parade and back to the club.
6.2 miles.

Saturday 21/3/20
Wetherby Park Run. Cross Country championship race.
Please check this closer to the date, as there’s a chance it will be cancelled due to health concerns.

Pacing Groups. Social Run.
Group 1. – Approx 8 to 8.30 minute mile pace
Group 2. – Approx 9 to 9.30 minute mile pace
Group 3. – Approx 10 to 10.30 minute mile pace
Group 4 – Approx 10.30 to 11 minute mile pace
Group 5 – Social, recovery run with no pace in mind but a chance to chat as you jog, going as far as you want.

Health and Safety Briefing.
Wear high viz / fluorescent clothing. See and be seen!
Use a head torch.
Warm up and stretch off after running.
Buddy up with someone where possible and watch out for new members.
Report any injuries to Bec Carman our Welfare Rep, or any Committee member.

Best Wishes, Christine
NVRR Chair.

Week Ahead – Sunday 8th March 2020

Afternoon All

Brace yourselves, because this week’s email is full of important information just for you!

2020/2021 Membership Renewal
The Club Committee hope you have enjoyed running with Nidd Valley during the past year, but it’s now time to renew your subscriptions. We have a great schedule of races in our 2020 Club Championships and at the recent AGM, after sound financial management and a healthy return from the Guy Fawkes 10, the club decided to hold the annual subscription at £40.00p.a. for an adult membership.

You will all be receiving an email shortly from Graham, the Membership Secretary, but you can also crack on and renew now by completing the renewal form here Nidd Valley Road Runner Membership (Renewal) Form which contains some important consent information.

Evening League. 19/5/20. Big Club Commitment!
Marshals and Catering.

As you know we are hosting an evening league race this year on 19th May. It’s the first of the evening league races, and we expect it to be a big race.  Cath Barber has taken on the role of race director and is busy with the formalities around route adjudication and licences.

Marshal Request and Chief Marshal.
We need a minimum of 70 marshals for this race, and one person to act as the Chief Marshal. If you can help out please let Cath know by emailing her on

Catering Team.
Sylvia is taking the lead on catering but she needs a minimum of 8 volunteers to help out on the evening of Monday 18th May for a couple of hours and then on the race evening Tuesday 19th May.
If you can help out please email Sylvia on

Leaflet drop and a combined plogging run.
There will be an evening league information leaflet drop to houses along the race route, together with a bit of plogging! This will take place on Tuesday 12th May as yes, you’ve guessed it, we need as many people as possible please.  (Plogging = jogging and litter picking)

There will be more information and reminders regarding this closer to the date.

New Nidd Valley Vests and tee shirts.

Cut off date for discounted tee shirts etc is this Friday 13/3/20.

Please complete an order using the form on this webpage  Images of the garments can be found at this link

Please refer to the email from Graham Hyde dated Monday 2/3/20 for full information including prices.

Superstar Award.  Michelle Smith
We have decided to announce the recipients of any of our monthly superstar awards in the weekly email systeml. This is to ensure everyone is aware of the winners, and their contribution to the club.
It also acts a reminder for you to nominate anyone you think deserves recognition as a superstar to any of the committee.

So, this months winner is Michelle Smith.
Michelle still remains the only qualified junior athletics coach. If Michelle isn’t present for the juniors training sessions there is no training. She may have stepped down as the junior chair but her selfless commitment to coaching week after week makes her a worthy winner of our superstar award.
Several juniors have made the transition to the seniors club, these young athletes represent the future, and as the seniors club we wholeheartedly support all the work by the junior committee, coaches and assistants.
Michelle will receive a £20 voucher from Up&Running.

COVID. 19. Coronavirus.

The committee are alert to the potential for races to be cancelled. It is being monitored, together with any impact on our club championship races. In the meantime as per the governments general health advice members are encouraged to keep singing the national anthem, happy birthday or baby shark do do do do do do whilst washing hands!

On that note I’ll mention the actual week ahead!

The Week Ahead.

Tuesday 10/3/20. Intervals. Speed session 4/6.
The Oval
Emma and Jeff will be coaching this session.
7pm from the club or 7.10pm at The Oval. Please be warmed up and ready to run.

There is always the option of a social run from the club for anyone not doing the interval session.

Thursday 12/3/20 Social Club Run.
Route. Green Lane.
Claro Road, Hospital, Slingsby Walk, Oatlands Drive, Hookstone Road to M7S, Leadhall Lane, Green Lane, Beckwith Road, Otley Road.
7 miles with options to add or reduce the distance.

Sunday 15/3/20 Thirsk 10 mile road championship race.

Pacing Groups. Social Run.
Group 1. – Approx 8 to 8.30 minute mile pace
Group 2. – Approx 9 to 9.30 minute mile pace
Group 3. – Approx 10 to 10.30 minute mile pace
Group 4 – Approx 10.30 to 11 minute mile pace
Group 5 – Social, recovery run with no pace in mind but a chance to chat as you jog, going as far as you want.

Health and Safety Briefing.
Wear high viz / fluorescent clothing. See and be seen!
Use a head torch.
Warm up and stretch off after running.
Buddy up with someone where possible and watch out for new members.
Report any injuries to Bec Carman our Welfare Rep, or any Committee member.

Best Wishes, Christine
NVRR Chair.