Results Roundup – Wednesday 17th October 2018

Good evening, here are all the latest club results.

It’s been a few weeks since I last sent any out and there has been lots going on. I haven’t included any parkrun times due to the number of races over the last three or four weeks.

These aren’t in any particular order and hopefully everyone who has raced has got a mention…….

Beck Busters 10k
This is a new multi terrain 10km race starting and finishing in the picturesque village of Bishop Monkton and raising funds for the local primary school. Although it’s not in the club champs, it’s great to support a local event and hopefully there will be many more in the years to come.

A scenic route no doubt, with a bit of a splash through the beck at the end. Here are the finishing times:

Martin Lofthouse 40:44
James Braddon 45:31
Damien Handslip 50:37
Emma David 51:14
Moira Mctague 58:50
Debbie Handslip 1:01:00
Jane Hill 1:05:23

Lockton Limping
This fell event was organised by York Knavesmires Harriers, and is part of the Dave Parry winter series. It’s ‘BM’ category fell race with 1083 ft of climb over 6.5 miles, around the locality of the village of Lockton, not far from Pickering. Six runners from NVRR took part in this, here’s how they finished:

Luke Wakelin 56:57
Eduardo Piano 57:12
Nigel Scaife 60:24
Chris Beattie 68:24
Jane Evans 69:24
Phil Robinson 69:27
Fiona Robinson 102:20

Hodgson Brothers fell relay
Staying in the fells, or the Lakeland fells to be more precise, 8 runners represented the club at the recent Hodgson Brothers fell relay event. A tough race right in the heart of the Lake District with around 70 teams taking part, made up of many seasoned and hardcore fell runners. The NVRR team consisted of the following pairs:

Cath Barber & Phil Ventress, Lee Welsby & Simon Harris, FRP Robinson & Chris Beattie, Carol Morgan & Luke Wakelin.

The team put in a cracking effort to finish in a total combined time of 6:27:08.

Reservoir Dogs Ultra
A local ultra-event encompassing the likes of Fewston, Swinsty and Scargill reservoirs along its 35 mile route. With roughly 3100ft of climb during the race, it’s a challenge for even the most experienced runner. Luckily Nidd Valley had sent its ‘elite team’ along for this one!

Phil Ventress 7:16:07
Jeff Walker 8:26:35
Andy Peagram 8:36:26
Fozzy Forster 8:58:15

Bridlington bus trip
The annual bus trip to Brid was once again very successful, and the cold start in the morning made way for some brilliant sunshine for the race. Conditions for the half marathon were almost perfect, and there was a good contingent of black and gold vests in and amongst the 400 or so runners taking part. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and we even had representation at the 1 mile fun run!

1 mile fun run

Freddie Brown 8:38
Jessica Beaumont 9:00
Chloe & Michelle Beaumont 12:19

Half marathon

Martin Lofthouse 1:26:40
Any Harris 1:29:36
Nigel Scaife 1:32:08
John Beaumont 1:33:17
Kev Dalton 1:33:17
Jon Easton 1:33:57
Dave Shores 1:40:57
Sam Fugill 1:43:36
Rob Snow 1:45:13
Andrew Aird 1:50:55
Dave Seaman 1:51:46
James Barnett 1:52:32
Jeremy Scott 1:53:32
Nadene Wilkinson 1:54:11
Debbie Gibson 1:56:02
Fozzy Forster 2:01:40
Hannah Peagram 2:09:17
Michelle Smith 2:09:43
Jane Hill 2:14:39
Ari Greenberg 2:17:01
Lynsey Barraclough 2:19:57
Jane Wilkinson 2:22:53
Colleen Gruenwald 2:24:48
Nick Smith 2:25:58

Richmond Castle 10k
People always do this race, say they hate it, and then come back again the following year – there’s no real explanation for this, it just happens. This year’s event was no exception as many a hardened Richmond veteran returned to have another crack at the ‘undulating’ course, with the cobbles near to the finish at the castle entrance extra greasy this year as it rained pretty much all day. Considering it was the weekend of the York marathon, NVRR still managed to get 18 runners to this one. A great effort all round considering the dire conditions!

Martin Lofthouse 41:15
Steve Turner 44:44
Christine Holleran 50:38
Paul Manning 52:39
Christine Jones 54:01
James Barnett 54:07
Debbie Gibson 55:34
Jeff Walker 56:01
Jenny Manning 56:30
Nadene Wilkinson 57:07
Hannah Peagram 58:01
Ursula Holmes 59:25
Carolyn Easton 59:59
Ari Greenberg 1:03:02
Jane Wilkinson 1:04:11
Graham Hyde 1:05:32
Sarah Chalmers 1:08:46
Fiona Robinson 1:09:51

Yorkshire 10 mile
10 miles is a good distance for racing, it could be argued that it’s a bit more appealing than 26.2 miles! Here are the Yorkshire 10 mile finishers:

John Beaumont 1:08:50
Maurice Kelly 1:17:49
Bec Carman 1:33:41
Lorna Eley 1:36:35
Kirsty O’Donnell 1:45:07
Michelle Dinsdale 1:54:18
Fiona Cunningham 1:58:00

Yorkshire Marathon
Running a marathon is a challenge for anybody, regardless of their experience or fitness. The time and effort that is put in by an individual to prepare for race day is a true show of commitment, and can push people to their limits. Race day itself always comes around quicker than expected and a fitful night’s sleep is pretty much guaranteed beforehand, and the day will present other unexpected challenges that one cannot simply prepare for. The weather last Sunday at York was not ideal to say the least, certainly not for running 26.2 miles in, but people did, and they finished. From our club, we had 8 runners who all ran brilliantly – I’m sure they will share with you their own experiences of the day, both positive and negative!

Adam Kirk 3:10:37
James Cook 3:27:36
Emma Dooley 3:42
Brian Hainsworth 3:47:48
Sarah Hughan 3:53:40
Robert Hill 4:37:44
Marcos Montana 5:05:52
Jane Hill 5:03:26

Lakes in a Day
I only heard about this race the other day, so here is some blurb taken straight from the event website:

‘50 miles, 4000m ascent – a journey on foot from the very top of the Lake District at Caldbeck to the very bottom, at Cartmel, via the stunning Helvellyn Ridge and the western shoreline of Lake Windermere. It might not be the easiest traverse but it will be the most spectacular!’

A cracking route by all accounts – runners are unsupported, and there are three decent feed stations along the way. Again the (very wet) weather played a huge part in this event, so much so that the race was delayed for a while at one point due to a river bursting its banks! A diversion had to be quickly sorted out by the organisers and the runners were on their way again after about 25 minutes.

Carol Morgan naturally took these conditions in her stride, finishing as 2nd lady in a total time of 14hrs 11 mins 14 secs.

Next year’s event is on the 12th October and entries open 5th November if anyone’s interested……

Roche Abbey Autumn Trail Run
There were various distances to choose from at this event organised by Its Grim Up North Running. Fozzy Forster ran the half marathon event and finished in 2:11:11, while in the 20 mile event, Jeremy Scott crossed the line in 3:51:59. Also running in the 20 mile event was Matt Wilkinson – he finished in a time of 2:26:36, finishing in 1st place!!

Other races
At the Chester Marathon, Andy Todd put in an absolute storming effort to finish in 2:59:11 while at the Grewelthorpe multi terrain race Mark David finished in 70:28 and Sarah Chalmers in 1:03:52. James Braddon finished 6th overall at the Beeston 10k in a time of 43:12, while FRP Robinson was the sole Nidd at a very wet Rombalds Romp fell race in Ilkley, finishing in a time of 1 hr 25 mins.

Great running by all!


Nidd Valley parkrun takeover – Saturday 13th October

So here were go, the time has come,
For another write up of parkrun,
Your weekly tour each Saturday,
Round the four sides of the Stray.
And what a delight it was to see,
The motley crew from Nidd Valley!

Today’s run was number three-five-four,
And there you were, with points to score,
Lined up eager at the start,
Keen as mustard to depart,
As Jeff stood up to give his talk,
To those who’d run and those who’d walk,
To lads and lasses, young and old,
To nervous newbies, and front runners bold.
As this ain’t a race but is parkrun,
Ted warned me I must keep this fun,
So there’ll be no talk of ‘winners’ and ‘losers’
(But can I mention strava ‘self-abusers’?).

Let’s leave this question philosophic,
And get back to this: our topic.
In sum you totalled three-six-nine,
Who shot with haste from the start line,
But the highest stars in parkrun heaven,
Go unto you runners eleven,
Who used your legs and feet and knees,
To bag yourself brand new PBs.

And with that outpouring of love and praise,
We must charge our glass and then raise,
A toast written here in awkward rhyme,
To those who ran for the first time.
Your numbers numbered forty-one,
Your parkrun careers have now begun,
No more shall you be a parkrun virgin,
Your 5k talents are clearly emergin’,
And we hope that you’ll be back for more,
To show us what you have in store.

But whether you were fast or slow,
It is important that you know,
That it never fails to make our day,
To see you out upon the Stray.
You all ran the course and crossed the line,
And when you did, wasn’t it fine,
(After all the effort of running about),
To set our cake mistress pop her muffins out?

Although strictly not a recruitment rally,
You might like to know: we are Nidd Valley.
Sure, other running clubs are available,
But we, of course, are unassailable.
We train on a Tuesday and Thursday night,
Come have a go, and you just might,
Find out that you will not look back,
Once you see you look good in gold and black.

So that’s your lot, when all’s said and done,
I hope like me you found it fun,
And at this point, you can stop your whining,
‘Cos the end is coming to my rhyming.
Thanks for coming; you did just great,
And your efforts really were first rate.
The results are up – go take a peek,
And we’ll see you all again next week.
(S Fugill)

The Week Ahead – Monday 15th October 2018

Evening Nidders,

Hope you all had a good weekend, firstly well done to everyone completing ‘The Yorkshire Marathon’ yesterday. I know lots of you got together to train over recent months, so I really hope all the hard work has paid off.

Also a big thank you to everyone who helped out at Parkrun on Saturday morning, my son’s football practice was postponed so I was able to come along at short notice. It was a really impressive turn out by everyone, and I particularly enjoyed some of the cakes at the finish line. On top of everything else that you’re good at, it appears we’ve got some pretty talented bakers in our club too! A great effort all round, I’m sure we’ll see lots of new members as a result.

I do have one minor complaint though, on my first lap I was greeted by one of our Marshalls (who’ll remain nameless) and referred to as ‘Dan – the lesser spotted Chairman!’ I’d just like to point out that it’s 2018, and it should really have been ‘Dan – the lesser spotted Chair’. ?

In keeping with my new monicker of the ‘lesser spotted Chair’, you’ll not be surpised to hear I’ll not be at the club again this week – although I will be at Wednesday night’s Commitee meeting. As I’ll not be there I’ve asked Martin for his run suggestions, and he thinks a run to Knaresborough on Tuesday, and then the ‘Supermarket Sweep’ on Thursday would be a good idea.

The run down to Knaresborough has lots of options to extend but the most straighforward, and shortest route is to leave the club and head towards Starbeck via Kingsley Drive and before tunring right onto Kingsley Road. We then head straight towards Knaresborough through Starbeck before turning left onto Waterside, at the end of Waterside we head up towards Forest Moor Road, from there it’s the well trodden path back to the club via Morrissons and Prospect Road and then back to the club.

The Supermarket Sweep is a well known route, so I won’t go over it again here. As always both runs are leaving the club at 7pm, have a great week and I’ll be back running soon!

That’s all from me this week! Don’t forget your hi-vis vests.



The Week Ahead – Monday 8th October 2018

Evening Nidders,
After a couple of weeks away – watching Spurs and helping out down at the Juniors – I’m back at the club on Tuesday night this week. I’ll hopefully see some of you there, I’ve a feeling it could be a quiet week with lots of you resting before the Yorkshire Marathon on Sunday. Plus this weekend looked like a busy day on both the road and in the fells, so I’m sure there’ll be a few people enjoying an extra nights rest!
Before I get on to talking about what routes we’ll be running this week I’ve been asked to include some information on some upcoming events and some key dates for your diaries. Here they are:
• Saturday 13th October:
Ilkley Skyline attempt 9am at The Hermit Inn lead by Cath Barber
• Sunday 14th October:
Marathons, Medals and Madras, 7pm at Zolsha, Knaresborough
• Tuesday 25th October:
Timed mile II. 7pm run from club
• Sunday 11th November:
Harrogate Ringway anti-clockwise, 10am lead by Fozzy
• Tuesday 13th November:
Start of Winter Intervals
• Sunday 18th November:
Celebrating Nidd’vember. 10am The Craven Arms, Appletreewick lead by Graham Hyde
• Saturday 15th December:
Ladies Secret Santa. Meet 9am Location tbc lead by Sarah Chalmers
• Saturday 22nd December:
Christmas Night Out 7pm Two Brother Grill and Pizzeria
Onto this week and on Tuesday I thought we could run the Supermarker route in reverse. Leaving the club at 7pm, we go out past the school and head down to Kingsley Road and then across to Morrisons. Sticking to the well-lit main roads we go down past the cemetery before turning right and heading back up towards Sainsbury’s along Wetherby Road. From here we’ll go past Fodder, and up the steep hill past the Squash Club before coming out onto Hookstone Road. You can either choose to extend it by running up towards M&S before turning left onto Leeds Road, before passing Waitrose/Asda and then back to the club along the cycle path. 
If that sounds a bit long then you can choose to cut it short by heading towards Waitrose and ASDA via Oatlands Drive. You can of course head back to the club via Slingsby Walk even. So a couple of options there, I’d be happy to lead a group running between 8-8.30mins per mile pace if there’s enough interest…
Please remember to bring your hi-viz vests, it’s really dark now so it’s important that we’re as visible as possible to passing motorists and pedestrians. Of course if you have a headtorch bring them too!
Onto Thursday, and as I’m not going to be able to make it this week I’ve asked Martin for his help. He’s suggested a route which would include Kings Road, Duchy Road and Otley Road. So here’s my take on it, feel free to amend if it’s not to your liking – you’ll be the ones running it after all!
I think we can head out of the club on Claro Road, before turning right on Skipton Road and heading down towards the Fire Station. We could then turn right onto Grove Road before turning left at the end onto Kings Road, before turning right onto Coppice Drive. At the top of Coppice Drive we can cross Ripon Road, before running the length of Duchy Road. Turning left at the bottom we can head towards Otley Road, before either extending the run up Otley Road and along Beckwith Road, and back via Leadhall Lane/Leeds Road. Or we can cut it short here by turning left onto Otley Road and heading back towards the club, via the Stray, doing a lap of the Stray if it’s not quite long enough for yoU!
I hope that’s okay. I appreciate it does often feel like we’re running in the same direction in the winter months, which I’m sure can be really boring for you. So rather than me suggest the routes every week, if you feel like we’ve not a ran in particular direction for some time then just let me know. I’m always happy to receive your suggestions, on top of it helping me out, it also shows that at least some of you are still reading what I write ?
Have a great week everyone, and good luck to everyone racing at the weekend!

Results Roundup – Tuesday 25th September 2018

Good evening,

Here are the latest batch of club results, everyone has been really busy again over the last few weeks producing great results.

In the highly unlikely of me missing somebody out or not mentioning a race that occurred, please send me the appropriate feedback so I can rectify any issues……….

Tadcaster 10

This club championship race was described as fast and flat by the organisers, and judging by the number of PB’S achieved the description holds true. NVRR had 28 runners making the short jaunt over to Tadcaster for this event, and the weather remained favourable despite a momentum sapping headwind at about mile 7.

First back for the club was Capt. Martin Lofthouse in 1:07:12, with Kevin Dalton not too far behind in 1:09:12. I followed in 1:11:30, and then Brian Hainsworth was next in 1:13:41.

Emma Dooley was the first Nidd lady home, crossing the line in 1:16:09, while Becky Barron was next in 1:16:18. Dave Shores was next in 1:17:11, then Phil Ventress in 1:17:14.

Jane Evans grabbed the first PB of day by finishing in 1:17:46, followed by Sue Simpson who finished in 1:19:46. Knocking 8 minutes off her previous 10 mile time, Sarah Hughan’s marathon training continued to pay off as she finished in 1:20:10, encouraged along by Jamie Dilasser who crossed the line in 1:20:09.

Michael Benson was the next club runner to get a PB as he finished in 1:20:31, and John Mitton was next in 1:22:42. Emma Kettlewell finished in 1:24:25 and achieved a PB (and she got herself her a new parkrun PB the day before!), followed by Jeremy Scott in 1:24:25.

Christine Jones brushed any injury doubts to one side as she got herself a new course PB of 1:25:22, with Debbie Gibson next in 1:28:24. Yvonne Skelton was 1st F65 (no such category at Tad, but it’s a great achievement so it’s worth a mention) and finished in1:29:17. Christina Taylor was next in 1:32:39, followed by Hannah Peagram – running her first race since recovering from injury – who finished in 1:35:48.

Robert Hill was next in 1:36:07, and achieved 3rd M70, followed by Jane Wilkinson in 1:43:30. Michelle Smith crossed the line in 1:44:15, then Colleen Gruenwald in 1:46:19.

Graham Hyde was the next Nidd to get a new fastest time, as he crossed the line in 1:49:46, with Sylvia Morten next in 1:53:15.

Former Zip to Zoomer Fiona Cunningham put in a strong performance to finish in 2:04:27 and getting a new PB for her efforts!

parkrun and other events

On Saturday 15th September, there were new PB’s at Harrogate for Michelle Howe in 22:05 and Jane Evans in 22:29.

At Fountains Abbey Emma Kettlewell achieved a new PB of 24:18, while NVRR junior Liam Escott got his fastest time at Wetherby, finishing in 20:34.

There was more parkrun tourism going on – Andrew Johnson was at Roosevelt Island DC and finished in 32:25, Matt Wilkinson finished 1st at Wycombe Rye parkrun in 18:14, Steve Newton at Woodhouse Moor 25:23, Phil and Fiona Robinson at Ludlow, 26:20 and 35:50 respectively. New Earswick was visited by Amanda Schofield who finished in 33:16.

Last Saturday saw Colleen Gruenwald take part in the Heritage Harbor parkrun, Ottowa, Illinois where she finished as 2nd female in 27:30. It was a two hour drive for Colleen to get to this parkrun – that really is dedication on a Saturday morning!

Iain Scott got a new PB of 24:36 at Harrogate, at Fountains Christine Holleran ran a PB of 22:43, while NVRR junior Beth Whiley also got her fastest time there, finishing in 28:19.

Sarah Chalmers ran the Embsay Fell Race and finished in 43:03, while Nicola Smith tackled the Berlin marathon, crossing the finish line in a very decent time of 4:42:46.

Knaresborough Crag Rat run

Another club champs race, a short one but very local. Many thanks to Knaresborough Striders for putting on a great event (with lots of cakes).

Here are the finishing times:

Alex Patrickson 30:43

Andrew Harris 32:07 (2nd M40)

Martin Lofthouse 32:20 (2ND M50)

Kevin Dalton 33:35

Steven Turner 34:23

John Beaumont 34:40

Rebecca Barron 35:27

Michelle Howe 36:03 (2ND F40)

Mark David 37:13

Maurice Kelly 37:14

Liam Marwood 37:59

Rob Snow 38:28

Sam Fugill 38:37

Philip Robinson 38:45

Michael Benson 38:49

Mark Armstrong 39:12

Sue Simpson 39:13 (2ND F50)

Dave Seaman 39:25 (1ST M70)

Russell Geraughty 39:33

Alex Leslie 40:43

Christine Jones 40:49

Nadene Wilkinson 41:10

Christina Taylor 41:23

Sarah Lofthouse 42:36

Yvonne Skelton 44:25 (2ND F60)

Kaye Kent 44:30

Hannah Peagram 45:56

Carolyn Easton 46:27

Lorna Eley 47:09

Rebecca Carman 48:31

Tony Ledwaba-Chapman 48:36 (2ND M70)

Joanne Waring 49:04

Jane Wilkinson 48:52

Graham Hyde 49:19

Jane Hill 51:06

Sarah Chalmers 53:21

Fiona Robinson 56:10

That’s your lot for now, enjoy the rest of the week (maybe not so much if you have to work)