Weekly Update: Oink oink!

Hi folks

On time this week! Ha! How about that, kids? Still, even a broken clock keeps time twice a day….


Gold star of the week goes to Catherine Barber (2:13:24) who completed her very first half marathon at Harewood earlier today. She’s only been in the club a few weeks and she’s putting us all to shame. Well done, Catherine. Paul Manning (1:52:20) described the race as one of those “where you find yourself swearing an awful lot”. If they’re the words of the meek and mild Mr Manning, we can only speculate with what outpouring of filth Rebecca ‘Potty Mouth’ Ventress (2:16:28) graced her fellow competitors. Still, without or without accompanying commentary, they remain a great set of results – well done all.

Down in London, Amanda Metcalfe (25:23) took her place on the start line of the Brooks Serpentine 5k in London, bagging herself a fabulous time in the capital. It’s all very impressive, Amanda – well done!

I’ve got no idea what Ben Baird (21:35) was doing in Bedford, but he got his weekend off to a beautiful start with a cracking run at the parkrun down there. I now it seems like she’s been away on holiday for bloody ages, but Christine Jones (26:04) managed to squeeze the Greenpoint parkrun into her (mainly wine-tasting based, it seems) holiday in South Africa. Closer to home, Catherine Barber (27:58) made tidy work of the Skipton parkrun, while Andy Todd (19:03), Jane Hill (28:37) and Michelle Dinsdale (31:58) kept it suitably monastic up at Fountains.

The main parkrun tour-de-force was, as ever, at Harrogate where Martin Lofthouse (18:52) nailed himself an impressive fifth place overall, to be later joined by the even-lesser-spotted Alan Davidson (20:07). It was squeaky bum time to see if I (21:56) was going to suffer the indignity of being overtaken by Steve Newton (21:59). Although I was spared, it was too close for comfort and he didn’t let me forget it. Keeping it much less amicable, there were great results from Moira McTague (24:34) and Alison Iles (24:50). Nick Smith (24:57) abandoned his plans of running at Fountains to join the team down in Harrogate, leading Sarah Hughan (25:09), Parkrun Dave (27:43), Rebecca Ventress (27:51), Debbie Dilasser (30:51), Hannah Peagram (30:52) to the finishing line. Mandy Smith (37:05) made sure we finished on a high with a fantastic sprint at the finish. Well done to you all.

They may only be the tiniest of peeps, but the Junior’s achievements are anything but diminutive. At parkrun this morning, Harrison (8:16) and Evie Iles (9:54) led the team home in glory, followed by Lucy Everson (11:05) who got herself a brand new PB. Alasdair Davidson (11:10) took his inaugural steps on the hallowed course, with a cracking first deposit in the savings book of the Junior’s times.

I’ve just realised how bad that last metaphor was – sorry about that. And now I’ve just realised I’m subjecting my own emails to literary criticism. I’ve been doing this too long, clearly. Anyway, no matter, keep the results coming. It’s lovely to hear from you: chair@niddvalleyroadrunners.co.uk.


The Week Ahead
We’ve got a tag team on Tuesday as Emma and Sarah give us the third session in the stamina building intervals. You wouldn’t want to miss it, so we’ll see you at the Hockey Club for 7pm. Alternatively, you can loiter suspiciously around by the Prince of Wales Roundabout for 7.10pm but, whatever you choose, there’s no getting out of it. Feel the burn, baby!

On Thursday we’ll be running the Supermarkets. I’m not sure why I like this one, maybe it’s because it was my first run with the club. So, in memory of those happy times, we’ll run out round the back of the club at 7pm and head down to ASDA, past Waitrose, then onto the Showground and Sainsburys (adding in M&S on Leeds Roads if you’re feeling brave). From there, it’s down towards Morrisons then back up Kingsley and into the club. This is a route for the creative as there are plenty of variations, shorter routes, and opportunities to extend. This is what you’ve got to work with: http://www.mapmyrun.com/routes/view/926355713.

As an alternative on Thursday night, I’ll be organising a nocturnal Almscliffe Crag run. It’s exactly the same as our big summer run, but this will be done with head torches. I know that night running isn’t for some, but it’s a good laugh and a little bit more edgy than pounding the pavements. I’m proposing catching the 6:43pm train from Harrogate, getting into Weeton for 6.56pm, and ready to run at 7pm. With a fair wind, we should be back at the Hockey Club to meet the others as they finish. Let me know if this appeals, and we’ll see if we’ve got enough to make it a goer: chair@niddvalleyroadrunners.co.uk.

On Saturday, Matt Rickard will be celebrating his 50th parkrun. Everyone at Nidd Valley House is very proud, I can tell you. Matt will be honouring the Nidd Valley tradition of providing bacon sandwiches and mugs of tea afterwards (unlike some members of our running community who we won’t mention will we, Sarah Hughan?). Matt would appreciate an idea of numbers so he knows how many little squealing piggies he’s going to have to slaughter for your breakfast. Either let him know when you see him at club, or drop him an email: emteear@gmail.com.

Breakfast is served! Oink oink!

Breakfast is served! Oink oink!

And before you know it, it’ll be Sunday when Fell Running Phil is organising a reccie of the Rivock Edge Fell Race up near Silsden. Phil is planning to leave Harrogate at about 9am, so if you want to be up with the cock for a bit of hilly and muddy fun, then get in touch with the man himself: philiprobinson@orangehome.co.uk.

If you fancy something a little more competitive than a reccie, you could always have a crack at the Ian Roberts Memorial Fell Race, which is also on Sunday. It’s been in the fell champs a couple of times and seems to have quite a following. So if you’ve got a spare fiver and time to get to Kirklees, you’ll want to have a quick peek at the following info: http://www.fellrunner.org.uk/races.php?id=4208.


Emma’s Stretch of the Week
This one isn’t strictly a stretch but it’s really important to keep the soles of your feet flexible, particularly to prevent or to recover from plantar fasciitis… so just get a golf ball, laundry ball or something similar and roll it round firmly underneath your foot. Try a few minutes at a time for each foot. TV watching optional as usual, Mr Chairman!


Evening League: Tuesday 24 May 2016
It’s our turn to host a race this year. Michelle, Martin and I did a reccie of the route this morning and are pulling together a provisional marshal plan. You can almost guarantee that you’ll be on it as the jobs are both varied and endless. If you are not available on this date, then you might as well let me know your frankly unacceptable and inadequate excuse sooner rather than later: chair@niddvalleyroadrunners.co.uk.


Bed Race: Saturday 11 June 2016
And the nominations are in, delivered by my own fair hand earlier this evening.
• Men’s Team: Edoardo Piano, Matt Wilkinson, Andy Todd, Matt Rickard, Fingers Harris, with their team captain Martin Lofthouse
• Mixed Team 1: Fiona Deacon, Emma Dooley, Steve Newton, Alison Iles, Dan Eagling, captained by Mike Deacon
• Mixed Team 2: Sam Fugill, Jon Easton, Adam Kirk, Moira McTague, Sarah Hughan, ably led by Christine Jones
As is usual, I expect that there’ll be too many entries than there are places, so it’ll probably go to a draw, which will be held later in March. I’ve mixed feelings about getting in. I’d be gutted if I can’t race it, but then again I’ll be almost sick with worry on the day if I did. She’s a cruel and fickle mistress is the old Bed Race, you both love her and fear her.

Each team must find a (preferably underweight and fearless) child to take the ride, plus nominate a marshal for the day, so please do get thinking about that. This year’s theme for the fancy dress is Cities of the World so the scope for causing offence is huge, but no doubt the committed cross dressers will find a way to squeeze in a pair of killer heels.

You've no idea quite how difficult it is to get the dates of birth and telephone numbers for 18 runners...

You’ve no idea quite how difficult it is to get the dates of birth and telephone numbers for 18 runners…


Social and Steady Runners
This is just a reminder that we have a special email group for members who like their club runs a little bit more steady and gentle. It’s great if you want a slower run or aren’t that fussed about racking up the miles as it guarantees that there’ll always be someone there to run with you. If you want adding onto it, then please let me know: chair@niddvalleyroadrunners.co.uk.


Word to the Wise
Here’s an interesting snippet from parkrun yesterday morning…
Steve Newton: “what’s your parkrun PB, Sam?”
Me: “19:59… it’ll be ages until I get anywhere near that again”
Moira McTague: “19:59? 19:59? That’s not a time, that’s a date of birth!”


Whether Moira was referring to her own date of birth or not, I couldn’t possible say, so, on that frankly antiquarian note, I’ll leave it there. Have a great week and enjoy your running.

Sam x


PS – anyone got my Leonard Cohen CD ‘Popular Problems’? I lent it to someone in the club but I’ve no idea where it is.


Weekly Update: So what have Sarah and Jane unexpectedly picked up?

Evening (late, again) team!

Sorry it’s a delayed missive this week, folks. You just can’t get the staff these days can you? Anyway, get yourself firmly in the saddle because the Nidd Valley racehorse is champing at the bit and ready to tackle the unpredictable steeple chase that is the results…

(Actually that just reminds me of a joke – I once had a horse called Treacle. It had gold stirrups.)


And where better to start this week’s write up with a muddy trip onto Ilkley Moor where fell virgin Edoardo Piano (59:51) made sure he’d double-tied his shoelaces to race the challenging 5 mile route. Veteran of these muddy campaigns, Tim Harvey (49:09) secured a stonking time, and Fell Running Phil (1:10:45) recorded a self-confessed PW (personal worst). Phil described the course conditions as “as wild as I’ve known them in all my outings”, so all three times are all the more impressive on what is fast gaining a reputation as a technically demanding course which packs a punch well above its short five miles. Well done, chaps.

Edoardo Piano, who appears not be wearing his Nidd Valley vest. It'll be double subscriptions for him come April, I tell you...

Edoardo Piano, who appears not be wearing his Nidd Valley vest. It’ll be double subscriptions for him come April, I tell you…

Here come the girls! The Nidd Valley Ladies took 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th female placings at the Harrogate parkrun on Saturday, and they are: Moira McTague (24:44), Sarah Lofthouse (24:50), Alison Iles (24:53) and Sarah Hughan (25:41). It does beg the question why they didn’t get their act together and get the first place as well, but we’ll overlook that, congratulate them heartily, and also make a fuss of Carolyn Easton (27:26) and Mandy Smith (37:58) who rounded things up for the girls. From the men, Matt Wilkinson (20:04), Fingers Harris (21:36) and Matt Rickard (22:04) started things off for us, followed by Steve Newton (23:22) and Mike Deacon (23:26). Jim Cook (22:41), Martin Lofthouse (24:50) and Tony LC (27:10) ensured it was a wrap and neatly in the can. Well done to you all.

Up in Fountains, Andy Todd (19:12) took tenth place, followed by Maurice Kelly (27:00) and Michelle Dinsdale (31:15), and at Wetherby Fiona Robinson (33:20) got herself a fab time, so that’s another four well dones there (I’m congratulating people like it is going out of fashion, I tell you).

Ah, the Juniors – always guaranteed to put a smile on one’s face. At junior parkrun, Harrison Iles (8:18) took inspiration from Joe Sutcliffe’s performance last week and bagged himself first place. Yeah, I know, incredible isn’t it? He was chased round the Valley Gardens by the very same Joe Sutcliffe (8:37) and James Harvey (9:07). Eva Iles (9:53) ensured that the Iles bookended this incredible parkrun with a smashing time of her own. Well done to you all! Although only small, the Juniors do roam far and wide, and it was lovely to see Ben (24:16) and Anna (30:45) Rosie compete at the Norwich Parkrun – two fantastic times to round off their half term and this week’s results.

The Nidd Valley Choral Society has been in rehearsals for weeks now, and all of them are in particularly fine voice. Give them a reason to sing your praises: chair@niddvalleyroadrunners.co.uk.


The Week Ahead
What’s occurring?
• Tuesday: intervals. Well what else did you think you would be doing? We’re running on St Catherine’s Road, so if you’re not meeting at the Hockey Club for 7pm then we’ll see you at the Wetherby Road end of Slingsby Walk (where we met last week) for 7.10pm. Mike is coaching you this week, so you can be guaranteed an absolute corker. See you there.
• Thursday: let’s throw caution to the wind and have a crack at running the Pannal course. Meet at the Hockey Club at 7pm, and it’s out round the Stray, past St Aidan’s and onto Leeds Road, down to Pannal, back up Church Lane, Green Lane, through the alley past the telephone exchange, back to the Stray and home. There are more than enough options to cut short, so please don’t let this slightly-longer-than-usual route phase you. Here’s the route to help you get your ducks in a row: http://www.mapmyrun.com/routes/view/928016399.
• Friday: the NVRR birdie (okay, it was Anne-Marie) tells me that there’s early-doors drinks in Knaresborough at Wetherspoons promising cheap drinks and cheap chat. All welcome, and good luck to all of those competing.
• Sunday: it’s the Harewood Half Marathon, but I’ve just noticed that it has sold out. Good luck to those of you who secured one of the few lucky golden tickets. I’ll be thinking of you when I’m in my nice warm bed with a round of toast and pot of tea.


Emma’s Stretch of the Week
Ok here’s a quad stretch for at home in front of the TV. Lie on your stomach with your knees together and pull your ankle to your bottom. If you can’t reach your ankle (I can’t) put a small towel round your ankle and pull your heel to your bum holding one end of the towel with each hand. Hold for at least 30 seconds then pull the heel a bit closer in to your bum. If your lower back hurts put a pillow under your stomach. This one really works too!


(Chairman’s note: is it just me, or do most Emma’s stretches share the distinction as being “good for at home in front of the TV”? Lazy old thing…)


Your (not so) New Committee…
Thanks to all of you who came to the AGM last Thursday and devoured a vast amount of pizza. We just scratched quorate, and managed to get the whole meeting over in a new PB of 33:27 meaning I can chair an AGM a whole 9 minutes faster than I can run 10k. If you didn’t come, well, I guess that means you went hungry and are in no position to whinge about the committee you’ve been lumbered with for another year. And, having mentioned them, they are:
• Chair: Sam Fugill (don’t say we didn’t warn you)
• Treasurer: Dave Seaman (again, we really did warn you)
• Secretary: Sarah Hughan (ah, fresh blood, fresh ideas, competence)
• Men’s Captain: Martin Lofthouse (enthusiastic and a cracking runner, but does often have a condom on his head which is a little awkward)
• Ladies’ Captain: Michelle Smith (we should have made her PECO captain, if we’re being honest)
• Membership Secretary: Judy Greenwood (a safe pair of hands who helpfully reminds me of everything I forget)
• Junior Liaison Officer: Michelle Smith (see above)
• General Members: Jon Easton, Philippa Moorse & Sarah Chalmers (Her own boyfriend voted against Philippa standing for the committee, you know)
When you see them, try not to be over-awed by their celebratory status and give them hug by way of thanks for all they do. They’re a bunch of marvels, and I couldn’t do it without them.

You’ll note that Matt Rickard has stood down from the committee. I’m gutted about it, to be honest with you. Love that man, I really do (no, not more than you, Dan, don’t worry) and he’ll be missed. Thanks for all your work and effort, Matt, most of which has been both behind the scenes and unsung. Luckily Matt is still going to race direct the Guy Fawkes 10, so that’s a huge relief.

Minutes from the AGM will follow by email, and we’ll stick a copy up on the website when we have them.


… and we decided to hire a bus (among other things)
When we had our last committee meeting, we talked about all sorts of old rubbish, but we also decided that it would be fun to hire a coach for our trip to the coast for the Bridlington Half Marathon (it’s in the club champs, get it booked people!). Dave even daringly suggested that this could be paid for out of club funds, but I’ll believe it when I see the colour of the treasurer’s money. Anyway, even if participants pay, then it isn’t going to break your banks, saves everyone the hassle of driving, and might be good to develop a bit of team spirit. Group trip for fish and chips afterwards, team? I’ll keep you posted once I get things arranged.

Staying in the exiting world of rather good ideas, Martin (clearly preparing himself for the heady heights of men’s captaincy) suggested that we organise a Cross-Country Championships. Fell Running Phil is particularly excited, as he vehemently believes that once you’ve dipped your toes in the mud you’ll never look back. We’re starting small this year, and will be basing the championships on the PECO races in Leeds and the team event at Lightwater Valley. Again, we’ll share more details as we get them, but for the meantime I’ve sent FR Phil and Mark David back into the conference room here at Nidd Valley House to suss out a plan for us. We’ll keep you posted.


How very awkward
I’ve no idea how this all slipped through the net, but we made a few mistakes with the awards at the Awards Night. It’s hard to believe that the paragon of efficiency that is the inner workings of Nidd Valley House could have failed, and no doubt a rigorous internal investigation will be ordered as a priority. However, Carol Morgan is not allowed to claim the short-course trophy for the Road Championships (as she won the overall championship, and I’m told that you cannot win both), and so this award is given to Sarah Hughan. In addition (and I’ve also no idea how this happened), Jane Hill picks up a participation medal for the Road Championships. Sorry that you were both denied your moment of glory at the Awards Night, and I hope this goes someone to redress the balance. A very well done to you both.


Bed Race: Saturday 11 June 2016
I’ll be putting the entries in at the weekend for this year’s bed race. I’ve pretty much got the provisional teams lined up, and they look something like this:
Men’s Team: Edoardo Piano, Matt Wilkinson, Andy Todd, Matt Rickard, Fingers Harris, Martin Lofthouse
Mixed Team 1: Mike Deacon, Fiona Deacon, Emma Dooley, Steve Newton, Alison Iles, Dan Eagling
Mixed Team 2: Sam Fugill, Jon Easton, Adam Kirk, Moira McTague, Sarah Hughan, Christine Jones
I’ve tried my best to accommodate everyone and, although there is no proposed ladies’ team this year, this arrangement gives everyone who wants to race the chance to do so (at least, I think it does). I’m really sorry if it seems like picking for the teams in the school playground, but there’s really no other way to do it.

As ever, there’s no guarantees about which teams we’ll get through the draw so it’s all pot luck. If you’re on the team list above, and still want to race, can you please confirm by sending me your date of birth, emergency contact name and number, and let me know whether you have raced in the event before. If you are able to give me the details of the child you’re planning on terrifying and nominate a team captain, then this information would be also very handy. I NEED this information by Friday 26 February 2016 at the very latest: chair@niddvalleyroadrunners.co.uk.


Word to the Wise
“Running teaches me that I am capable of so much more than I ever imagined” – the ever-prolific anon.


And with today’s lesson finished, you can put your exercise books and pencils back in your desk (not you, Lofthouse – it’s detention for you again). Class dismissed.

Sam x

Weekly Update: Debbie’s Diets…

Evening all,

Hope you’re all okay. Sorry for the late email this week. I headed up to snowy Northumberland to spend the weekend up at Fugill Towers with my folks (and you know it’s cold up there when even the natives are wearing coats). Still, better late than ever, I suppose.



Okay, I really cocked up here. It started when I got an email from Jon Easton telling me that I’d missed his other half out of the results for the Muddy Boots 10k (missing someone from the results isn’t admittedly terribly new… so it’s a case of so far, so perfectly predictable), only to then receive an email from Christine Holleran telling me that she was somewhat surprised to see her name in print, complete with a time, as she didn’t even run the race. It then took me the best part of three days to realise I’d printed the results from last year. Sorry about that, folks. It’s a wonder I am allowed out in the community without a carer, if we’re being honest. The results from the 2016 are reprinted here apologetically: Alex Patrickson (40:55), Moira McTague (55:22) and Carolyn Easton (1:00:32), and my congratulations, if late, are no less sincere.

And while we are on the subject of my shortcomings (and we won’t be here much longer, I hope), I’m also reminded that I failed to include Mandy Smith and Jane Hill in the roll call of achievements at the Awards Night. The more eagle-eyed Facebookers among you will realise that last year Mandy joined Dan, Sarah and Dave in completing her 100th parkrun, while Jane joined Club 50. Your achievements, hitherto unacknowledged and unrhymed, remain no less impressive. Well done, ladies.

Contrary to popular belief and the above evidence, I do actually have control of all of my faculties (albeit not simultaneously, it would appear), but nonetheless it is with some trepidation that we move onto this week’s results.

“Barcelona – It was the first time that we met! Barcelona – How can I forget the moment that you stepped into the room you took my breath away?” Only it wasn’t Freddie Mercury and Montserrat Caballé, but Phil and Rebecca Ventress celebrating their achievements at the Barcelona Half Marathon this weekend. Spurred on by a rigorous and disciplined nutritional plan of tapas, wine, lager and sangria, Phil (1:53:53) and Rebecca (2:04:19) made easy work of the course in the searing Catalonian heat (it was 18 degrees – the bastards).


It was a probably a little colder in West Yorkshire at the weekend, where we had a handful of Nidds tackle the challenging Liversedge Half Marathon. Can you guess who was first over the line? No? I’ll tell you. It was Mike Deacon (1:40:01), followed by Fiona Decaon (1:46:00), Jenny Manning (1:55:54). All very good efforts, mind you, so well done all.

And that’s it! Apart from the relays to be hosted in March, that’s it for the PECOs. But what amazing results we have from the fifth and final of the races held at Roundhay Park. Let’s start with the Juniors, where Jake Stalker (08.31) and Harrison Iles (08.47) made sure they were up front from the off, while Evie Iles (10.18) was alone in flying the flag for the girls. That’s an amazing trio of results, I’m sure you’ll agree. Top draw running, little peeps. From the big boys (no, I didn’t mean it like that, so you can put that thought back where you found it), Matt Wilkinson (32.37) led the men over the finish line, followed by Andy Todd (32.53), Martin Lofthouse (33.33) and Fingers Harris (36.57). Steve Newton (41:57) had to put on a spurt to keep Fell Running Phil (44:03) from gaining on him, giving us a thrilling finish. And it was no less thrilling for the ladies, as you’ll see when you have a look at the results: Sarah Hughan (46.54), Michelle Smith (53.27), and Sarah Chalmers (55.07). Congratulations to you all.


Let’s finish with a quick peek at the parkrun results for this week, and in a stunning role reversal, Martin Lofthouse (19:02) denied Matt Wilkinson (19:29) his apparent birthright of ‘First Nidd Home’, both of them putting down fantastic times on the Stray. In the post-20 world of we mere mortals, Matt Rickard (21:49), Fingers Harris (22:30) gave us two brilliant performances, and I’ve doubled checked to confirm that Christine Holleran (24:15) actually ran it this year rather than last, followed by Steve Newton (24:24) and Moira McTague (24:37). With a lingering, stale aftertaste of prosecco in her mouth, Sarah Hughan (26:03) soon appeared, and was joined by Hannah Peagram (27:11), Tony LC (30:28) and Michelle Dinsdale (32:14). Mandy Smith (39:14) finished things with another notch in the parkrun bedpost, taking things past the century and beyond.

Taking a break from her holiday sightseeing, Christine Jones (25:12) took part in the Knysna parkrun in South Africa. What do you mean she’s showing off? Yeah, I know, it is a bit tropical for a running club which considers going to the parkrun in York to be throwing caution to the wind. Still, all very impressive. Closer to home, and probably with a few less elephants, we have the results from Fountains: Nick Smith (25:03), Sue Reast (28:25) and Debbie Dilasser (29:58). Over in Wetherby, it’s Mr and Mrs Fellrunning: Phil (26:02) and Fiona (33:24) Robinson. Well done to you all.

Before we put the adult’s results to bed, we need to make a bit of a fuss over Moira McTague. The results for the Parkrun 2015-16 Season have been published, and Moira took the prize for the most runs by a female (44 out of 52) on the Harrogate course, and took the third prize in the ladies points table. Well done, Moira, you’re an utter marvel and we do love you loads (it’s okay, Dan, don’t worry. We love you the most). You can see the full hall of fame, here: http://www.parkrun.org.uk/harrogate/news/2016/02/12/harrogate-parkrun-fourth-anniversary-prize-winners/.

We’ll finish on a high with a look at the junior results for their parkrun in the Valley Gardens. Joe Sutcliffe (8:07 – PB!) took first place (Boom! Yeah baby! Who’s your Chairman!!?), with Harrison Iles (8:21), James Harvey (8:22 – PB!), and Jake Stalker (8:34) tearing down the path behind him. Walk tall, little people, walk tall (well, as tall as you can). A hearty congratulations.

Please report all errors, spelling mistakes, incorrect times etc to the Customer Complaints Centre here at Nidd Valley House. You can speak to a friendly staff member by calling 0800-NOTCUTOUTFORTHIS. Please note that calls may be recorded for training and monitoring purposes, and that your running shoes may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments or any other loan secured upon them. Alternatively, just send me an email: chair@niddvalleyroadrunners.co.uk.


The Week Ahead

  • Tuesday: intervals! The hills are over (Fell Running Phil is terribly upset, but we can’t keep pandering to him like this, and he’s going to have to pull himself together), and we’re now heading into the uncharted waters of a pyramid run. Get yourself to the Hockey Club for 7pm, or to Slingsby Walk for 7.10pm. The will to win the mob match trophy back is nothing without the will to prepare for it, team, so you need to be there. See you then.
  • Thursday: we’re going to do a short run this week as we have the AGM shortly afterwards, so need to get back to the Hockey Club in good time. With that in mind, I’ve devised a shorter run than usual, so we’ll head out onto Kingsley, down into Starbeck, round Stonefall Avenue, up Woodlands Drive and onto Hookstone Chase. From there, you can peel pack up Wetherby Road, Oatlands Drive, Leeds Road, or come up by the Cricket Club and St Georges. Whichever route you take, you can then come back to the club around the Stray. Take whichever route back works for you, and do your revision here: http://www.mapmyrun.com/routes/view/987367225.
  • Thursday: AGM. Please be at the Hockey Club and ready to rock and roll for 8.30pm. I really need you to be there for this peeps, as we need to get enough people in the bar to make the meeting quorate, otherwise we have to rearrange and you’ll never get me voted out. Take the opportunity while it is there, and I’ll even give you some free pizza. All the relevant info here: http://niddvalleyroadrunners.co.uk/2016/02/11/agm-2016-2/.
  • Sunday: fortune may favour the brave, but it looks away when people tackle the Ilkley Moor Fell Race. It’s a cracking race, but it packs more than enough technical challenge into its five short miles. It tends to sell out quite quickly, but if you too would like to put on your off road shoes and go for a run without your hat, then this is where you need to be: http://fellrunner.org.uk/races.php?id=4203.


 Emma’s Stretch of the Week


Stand side on to a wall about a foot away from it. Place the foot of the leg closest to the wall behind the other leg and stick your hips out towards the wall until you feel a stretch down the side of your hip area. Lean on the wall as shown in the picture for support! Once you get the hang of this one it really works.

(Chairman’s note: what do you mean it “really works”, Emma? What about the others? Were they just moves from an interpretive dance show or something?)


Evening League: Tuesday 24 May 2016

Just a quick heads up, this one. It’s our turn to host a race, so we’ll be looking at getting as many of you as we can to help marshal, direct traffic, serve food etc. Please, please, please keep the date free. We really do appreciate all your help. It’s a given that if we’re hosting, then you can’t run this race, but you didn’t me to remind you of that, did you? More details to follow when I pull my finger out and get my backside in gear.


Knaresborough Bed Race 2016: Saturday 11 June 2016

I’m hoping to have provisional teams lined up by this weekend. Please think about having a go. It’s a race that has everything, from dressing up to throwing up, and I’m sure you wouldn’t want to miss it. If I watch a video of the race, or even run part of the route, I feel sick with nerves. It has that kind of effect on you, I suppose. If you want to throw your hat into the bed race ring, then please drop me an email: chair@niddvalleyroadrunners.co.uk.


A Word to the Wise

“When you’ve lost your running mojo (and endurance and speed) and your club mates literally drag your arse round a hill session shouting encouragement all the way. Thanks NV!
Just refuelled like an athlete on pancakes with nutella and a bag of wotsits” – Debbie Dilasser, joining Phil and Rebecca Ventress in unwavering commitment to quality sports nutrition.

Anyone else think we should have a regular feature called Debbie’s Diets? This week, I have mainly been eatin’….


See you later.

Sam x



AGM 2016

I’m writing to give you notice of, and invite you to, our Annual General Meeting. This will be held on Thursday, 18 February 2016 at 8.30pm at Harrogate Hockey Club. All members of the Club are invited to attend and to participate.


You can find the most recent (and final!) copy of the agenda here.

You probably know we are proposing a few minor amendments to the constitution to support easier running of Nidd Valley Juniors, and to take our the inherent sexism in the existing constitution, that kind of thing. You can find a copy of the existing constitution here, and a copy of the proposed changes here. If you’ve got any questions, badger me or Dave S down at the club, or send me an email: chair@niddvalleyroadrunners.co.uk.

Have a good weekend, and I’ll see you at the AGM. Bums on seats and ready to go by 8.30pm…