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Weekly Update: Goodbye…

Evening all…   Disaster has struck here at Nidd Valley House. In the early hours of the morning, a small electrical fire started in the kitchen – someone left the toaster plugged in apparently – and this small fire ripped through the Grand Ball Room, State Rooms and Executive Function… Read more »

Weekly Update: Offending Smoggies

Evening all!   I met Matt Wilkinson’s parents at Wetherby parkrun yesterday. Lovely couple. Anyway, Matt introduced me to them, to which the reply was “really, Sam? As in the writer?”. Apparently, Mrs W reads this old drivel every weekend and it would make her weekend to have a special… Read more »

AGM 2017 – Update

The AGM will be held at 8.30pm on Thursday 16 Feb 2017 at Harrogate Hockey Club. Please make all effort to be there. The final agenda for the AGM can be found here. There’ll be pizza for those that want it, free from your loving committee. If you have any special… Read more »

Weekly Update: Chewing pudding…

Evening all!   Hope you are all really well and enjoyed the Awards Night. It goes down as one of the most surreal evenings of my entire life. Rachael and I both felt like the condemned, waiting for the meal to finish before we did our turn. I’ve never seen… Read more »