Weekly Update: Dating Muggles…

Evening team,   Bloody hell. The Striders really do read this. More of them came up to me at Staveley this morning and pretty much acknowledged that they have little else to do with their time than gather round the computer and await for the latest dispatch. Well, just for them, there’s a little treat […]

Weekly Update: It’s all very exciting… more than usual.

Everyone has been very excited at Nidd Valley House… I wonder why! Yes you guessed it, the Great Knaresborough Bed Race. A spectacular day, with a carnival-esque parade, flamboyant enough to eclipse even Her Majesty’s 90 th Birthday celebrations, followed by the toughest and fastest 2.4 mile course you could encounter, all finished off with […]

Weekly Update: I can’t believe it’s not Buddha

Evening all!   Well, my oh my, it is all very busy here at Nidd Valley House as head into the final week of preparation before the Knaresborough Bed Race. The sparks are flying as the welders do the technical fine tuning on the beds, while the design engineers peer anxiously at the computer screens, […]

Weekly Update: The challenge of getting to first base…

Bonsoir!   Those of you who spend too long idly browsing t’interweb will have noticed that Rebecca Ventress’ holiday to the Adriatic was put in jeopardy when hubby Phil smashed his leg up in a game of football last week. If the injury didn’t damage him permanently, I’m sure Rebecca would have finished the job. […]

Weekly Update: Pints down, PBs down, Dan down…

Evening team!   The Nidd Valley Philharmonic Orchestra is tuning up and all the players look resplendent in their tuxedos and black and gold ball gowns. The conductor taps the stand with his baton and the audience waits in eager anticipation for the world premiere of the Nidd Valley Symphony, starting with a dramatic opening […]

Weekly Update: Mrs Fugill’s annual inspection

Hello!   So am I the only person thinking that Martin Lofthouse was a maybe a little rash in pledging to run the Evening League handicap race in his underpants? The corridors here at Nidd Valley House are scattered with women who have fainted at the very thought, and we’ve only so much smelling salt […]

Weekly Update: Unleash the filthy runner in you…

Afternoon all,   I’m getting the email out to you a little earlier than usual this week as it’s the only point I can get a moment’s peace. We’ve got the builders in here at Nidd Valley House extending the west wing. It’s utter chaos, to be honest with you. You can’t find anything for […]

Weekly Update: The new lambs in the Nidd Valley fold…

­­Hi all –   As the cinema lights dim, the music starts and the big lion roars, you know it can only be one thing. The weekly update is about to begin. Gather the family round you (it’s been rated a PG – you’re okay) and tuck into your overpriced bucket of popcorn as we […]

Weekly Update: They say that timing is everything…

Evening all,   How are you all doing? It was great to see so many of you at Emma’s birthday drinks last night in town. Darlings, I don’t mind telling you that I felt a little bit shabby this morning. Still, all jolly good fun and certainly worth it. Anyway, you’ll be pleased to hear […]

Weekly Update: Bananas, bowels and bollards…

Evening all, Here’s a piece of salutary advice for you. If you’re ever hungry and in no hurry whatsoever, why not take a trip with Debbie Gibson? Janet Carling and I travelled over to Manchester with Debbie yesterday to the marathon, and Debbie had – how can I put this delicately? – packed more for […]

Weekly Update: It’s a Nidd Valley Easter Egg-stravaganza!

Happy Easter one and all!  Despite the Bank Holiday weekend, there has been no time to sit at home relaxing, with so much running in the offing, including news from the first of the road championships, there are results a plenty, so let’s hop to it! (Please excuse copious Easter Egg puns throughout this write […]

Weekly Update: Something for the weekend?!

Well now that I’ve got your attention with the title, there really was something for everyone this weekend, whatever running you are into, whatever your pace or favourite distance, there was no excuse for not getting out there and doing something, well unless you had a hangover like mine on Saturday morning that is, it […]

Weekly Update: The University of Nidd Valley….

Evening all,   Hope you’ve all had a good week. Nidd Valley House has been rocked by a scandal this week with the shocking news that some of our brethren have been sacking off training in order to go to the pub. Like Christine Jones, for example, who dared to post from Hales Bar that […]

Weekly Update: Tyson Fury and the Tranny Granny

Hi peeps, So who enjoyed Sarah Hughan’s unique approach to a coaching session warm-up on Tuesday? It was a couple of leg warmers short of a Mr Motivator video as Team Nidd grapevined their way back and forth across Maplins carpark. Tyson Fury had some interesting comments, one of which is daringly reprinted in Word […]

The minutes from the AGM 2016…

…can be found here. Thanks for all who came and took part. It was lovely to see you and thank you for all your input. And so the next year begins…

Weekly Update: Oink oink!

Hi folks On time this week! Ha! How about that, kids? Still, even a broken clock keeps time twice a day….   Results Gold star of the week goes to Catherine Barber (2:13:24) who completed her very first half marathon at Harewood earlier today. She’s only been in the club a few weeks and she’s […]

Weekly Update: So what have Sarah and Jane unexpectedly picked up?

Evening (late, again) team! Sorry it’s a delayed missive this week, folks. You just can’t get the staff these days can you? Anyway, get yourself firmly in the saddle because the Nidd Valley racehorse is champing at the bit and ready to tackle the unpredictable steeple chase that is the results… (Actually that just reminds […]