Weekly Update: Debbie’s Diets…

Evening all, Hope you’re all okay. Sorry for the late email this week. I headed up to snowy Northumberland to spend the weekend up at Fugill Towers with my folks (and you know it’s cold up there when even the natives are wearing coats). Still, better late than ever, I suppose.   Results Okay, I […]

AGM 2016

I’m writing to give you notice of, and invite you to, our Annual General Meeting. This will be held on Thursday, 18 February 2016 at 8.30pm at Harrogate Hockey Club. All members of the Club are invited to attend and to participate.   You can find the most recent (and final!) copy of the agenda […]

Weekly Update: Why we all love Dan Eagling so very much…

Evening all, Well this is all very awkward, but was bound to happen. I left Dan out of the Awards Night speech. I know, can you believe it? To think that such a paragon of athleticism and banter who also celebrated his 100th parkrun this past year could be left out is unbelievable. I’ve no […]

Weekly Update: Scousers, speeches and swingometers…

Bonjour! What an amazing time last night! I had a brilliant time at the Awards Night, and hope you did too. Nidd Valley House looked resplendent, and everyone looked fab (you’re actually quite a sexy bunch when you’re not lycra clad and half way through an intervals session). Congratulations to all of you who took […]

Weekly Update: Making mountains out of molehills…

Hello! And welcome aboard the HMS Nidd Valley as we prepare to hoist the anchor, and set sail for the many a distant athletic shore. But we before we reach such balmy havens, the treacherous and unchartered seas of the weekly results await us. Hold tight, everybody!   Results We couldn’t start anywhere other than […]

AGM 2016

THIS LINKS IN THIS POST ARE NOW NO LONGER UP TO DATE DUE TO MORE RECENT CHANGES. PLEASE REFER TO THE MORE UP TO DATE AGM NOTICE (DATED 11 FEBRUARY 2016)   I’m writing to give you notice of, and invite you to, our Annual General Meeting. This will be held on Thursday, 18 February […]

Weekly Update: The Nidd Valley Nativity

Evening all! That past two weeks have gone quickly, haven’t they? It seems like only yesterday that I was signing off the last email, finishing off the eggnog and sending festive platitudes to one and all. And here we are, peering cautiously into the work diary, not quite able to believe that it has come […]

Weekly Update: Christmas, cross-country, and a comeback Chairman

Afternoon troops, I must say that this is very awkward. We had our Committee Christmas drinks last night and it all got a little out of hand. Martin and Matt were mixing cocktails, and Jon brought some of his homebrew. I’ve only just regained my sight but we haven’t seen Dave since shortly after 10pm. […]

Weekly Update: Four men and a little lady

Bonjour! Sorry to moan, but this injury really is very frustrating. I’ve had to resort to swimming, for crying out loud. I haven’t got the body for swimming, put it that way, and having to try and do your lengths between irritating children, old ladies swimming like swans, and Olympic athletes in budgie smugglers is […]

Weekly Update: The smallest people really do achieve the most remarkable things

Evening people! So let me get this straight. From the photos, you appeared to spend Tuesday’s interval session doing the can-can on the Stray? Someone please tell me that the Harriers or Striders saw you. Please. You looked like the athletic equivalent of a burlesque cabaret act. I have never laughed as loud as I […]

Weekly Update: The Chairman who stole Christmas

Evening kids,   Are you sitting comfortably? Then I shall begin.   Results Within minutes of last week’s missive being dispatched, I was inundated with a flurry of emails pointing out errors in the times for Leeds Abbey Dash 10k. Some of the results I received were gun times rather than chip times, and so […]

Weekly Update: So who wants to be Lady Mary?

Evening kids, It was fab to see so many of you at Bob & Annie’s leaving run and breakfast yesterday. Special congratulations to all of you who braved the weather to go for a run. Thanks so much for turning out to give them a good send off. I think Bob’s words and Annie’s tears […]

Weekly Update: Guy Fawkes Run, Guy Fawkes Ran

Evening all!   Well, you did it. Yet again, you pulled out all of the stops and showed why the Guy Fawkes 10 is rightly regarded as one of the highlights of the running calendar. Particular thanks to Matt R and Mike D who masterminded the whole operation, but you were all a part of […]

Guy Fawkes 10 Results

It was great to have you with us today to run the Guy Fawkes 10. We hope you really enjoyed your run, and that you tamed the hills. Congratulations to the 807 finishers. Results here: http://www.ukresults.net/2015/fawkes.html.   See you next year… Chairman Sam x

Weekly Update: Was it something I said?

Evening all!   Results The big congratulations of the week goes to Jon Easton who travelled up to Scotland to compete in the Jedbrugh Ultra Marathon. If the thought of running 38 off-road and very hilly miles makes you go weak at the knees, then you’ll be all the more impressed to hear that Jon […]

Weekly Update: Umpa Lumpas, free pizza, and Martin’s baubles…

Evening all! Firstly, it’s a quick thanks to Sarah H for stepping into the chairmanly flip flops last week while I slinked off for a post-marathon curry. Unfortunately, Operation Boss-York-Marathon didn’t go quite as planned and, a couple of trips to the hospital later, I’m now the less-than proud owner of a set of crutches. […]