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Results can be found here: Well done to all finishers – you were incredible. See you next year! Chairman Sam x

Weekly Update: Sarah’s doggy fashion…

Evening all…   So we went for fish and chips after the Bridlington Half Marathon, like you do. When in Rome and all of that. Only it wasn’t Rome, because it wasn’t sunny and we couldn’t find the Spanish Steps. It was hoying it down with rain. Anyway, while Martin… Read more »

Steady Group

So, a steady grouop, yeah? A bit of explanation about what we’re trying to do is probably helpful. This is going to be on a Tuesday as part of the usual club runs, except when winter intervals are on (people always enjoy doing that together). It will be a group… Read more »

Weekly Update: I’m not blowing it for you…

Hello.   So has anyone heard from the London Marathon organisers yet? I’m desperately hoping for good news and could barely wait to get home today, only to find my doormat bereft of any news. Sorry if you haven’t received good news and instead received the magazine of doom. We’ll… Read more »

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