NVRR Fell Championship

Last reviewed 28/3/16

The Rewards

  • Ladies Champion
  • Mens Champion
  • Ladies Handicap
  • Mens Handicap


  • At the beginning of the race season the Fell Championship co-ordinator will select 10 fell races from the calendar of the Fell Runners Association (who administer fell running for UK Athletics) or British Open Fell Runners Association (BOFRA)
  • The Fell championship races range in distance from short (~6k)  to long (~24k) run in areas from the North Yorkshire Moors, Lake District, Yorkshire Dales and the Pennines.
  • The events selected will vary year to year, aiming for a balance of familiarity and exploration. Generally there will 2 x Long, 5 x Medium and 3 x Short (FRA gradings). 3 will be local, 2 in the North York Moors, 1 in the Lakes, 2 in the Pennines and 2 in the Yorkshire Dales.


  • The fastest male member shall score 50 points, second 49, third 48 and so on, likewise the fastest female member shall score 50 points etc.
  • In the Handicap trophy each runner will be awarded points from 50 downwards on performance, calculated as previously by reference to Runners’ World Age Grading Calculator, for a distance nearest to that of the race).
  • For each trophy the person’s highest scoring 5 races will be totalled to decide the overall winners.

Gold, Silver, Bronze and Participation Awards

Gold, Silver, Bronze and participation awards will be given to members who have completed a minimum of 5 events and placed in the Fell Championship results table as follows:-

  • The maximum total possible score will be deemed to be 250 points from your best scoring 5 races.
  • Gold award will be presented to those scoring 95% or more of the maximum points (237-250).
  • Silver award will be presented to those scoring between 90% and 94% or more of the maximum points (225-236).
  • Bronze award will be presented to those scoring between 85% and 89% or more of the maximum points (212-224).
  • A participation award will be presented to any member scoring less than 212 points.


Dual Distance Events

  • Where a Fell Championship event has multiple distances the Fell Championship co-ordinator will nominate one of the distances as the championship event. Entrants results from other distances will be normalsied. Points will be allocated taking the finishing time of the entrant as a percentage of the individual race winner (lowest one gets the 50 etc).
  • An example of this is the Yorkshireman. The half distance was in the Fell Championships, club members completing the full distance had their times normalised.