Junior Park Run Handicap Championship

A New Championship for the Juniors to compete for the 2019/2020 season. This will run from October to February and including all Park Runs. To qualify for the championship you must enter at least 8 of the 20 Park Runs in the Championship.

We will be ranking the Juniors for each race they enter against the other juniors. This will be based on the Age Handicap Grade making it fair for all of our athletes. We will be giving out 3 prices. Most Improved, Best Girl and Best Boy.

All athletes must be registered with Nidd Valley Road Runners in Park Run making it easier for us to find results at the races. For any issues please contact one of the team.

See the table below for the Park Runs included and the result’s page for current rankings.

DatePark Run Location
5th OctoberHarrogate 5k
6th OctoberValley Gardens 2k
19th OctoberKnaresborough 5k
20th OctoberValley Gardens 2k
2nd November
Fountians Abbey 5k
16th NovemberHarrogate 5k
17th NovemberValley Gardens 2k
23rd NovemberKnaresborough
7th DecemberHarrogate 5k
8th DecemberValley Gardens 2k
14th DecemberHarrogate 5k
15th DecemberValley Gardens 2k
11th January Knaresborough 5k
25th JanuaryFountians Abbey 5k
8th FebruaryHarrogate 5k
9th FebruaryValley Gardens 2k
15th FebruaryHarrogate 5k
16th FebruaryValley Gardens 2k
29th FebruaryFountians Abbey 5k