Training at Nidd Valley Juniors

Over 12s Training

The older group’s training differs from the younger, we trail away from sports hall athletics to different training techniques. Primarily conducting running, we split the group into two abilities doing the same training just at their own comfortable thresholds.

Over 12’s sessions start off with a warm-up of the key muscle groups followed by a 30-minute intense training session. Then finally a cool down and discussion about goals and races which are coming up at the weekend.

Half TermTraining
1Endurance and Body Conditioning
Hill Interval and Fartlek
3Speed Intervals and ABC's
4Trail and Body Conditioning
5Outdoor Athletics
6Outdoor Athletics

Under 12s Training

With the Under 12s, we follow the Athletics 365 and Sportshall athletics programs to give them a wide experience of Athletics. By doing this they are able to try all disciplines of the sport.

Half of the session will be conducted doing, Fartlek, Intervals, Endurance, Trail or Fell training. These are conducted within the grounds of the school. The second half will be sports hall athletics based where they can aim to achieve the Steps on the Ladders of success.

Half TermTraining
1Jumps and Endurance
Throws and Hill Intervals
3Speed and ABC's
4Sportshall and Fartlek
5Sportshall Athletics
6Outdoor Athletics