Week Ahead – Sunday 17th March 2019

Afternoon All

Hope this finds you all fit and well.
Well done to everyone racing this week, to everyone following training plans and to everyone not letting the foul weather put you off running at all.
Thought for the week. – Tough Runs Don’t last. Tough Runners Do. 

There’s a few issues to mention this week so keep reading!

Bed Race Draw.
Commiserations to the unlucky teams that didn’t make it and congratulations to the lucky teams.Mens A, with Captain Matt Wilkinson, Mens B, Captain Sam Fugill and Mixed B, Captain Dave Prince.

Membership Renewal Reminder.
A gentle reminder that the subs are due for the 2019 / 2020 season. The deadline is 31/3/19.
Please check your inbox or junk email for full instructions or contact Graham Hyde for further information.If for some reason you’re not renewing your membership let Graham know and he won’t chase you for money! grahamhyde75@gmail.com

The week ahead.

Tuesday. 19/3/19 Speed Session. 400 metre loops. Victoria Avenue.

Meet at the club for 6.45pm ready to jog to the start or meet at Victoria Avenue outside the job centre for 7.15pm.

There will be a coach and assistants to take the session.

Thursday 14/3/19 Social Club Run

Route. Supermarket Run. 7 miles.

Railway path to Asda, through town to Waitrose, Stray Rein or Oatlands Drive, Showground, Wetherby Road, Freemans Corner, Forest Moor Lane,Morrisons, Kingsley Drive.

There are options to peel off at various points and run a shorter route.

Run Leaders.   Please make a note of the route and step forward to lead one of the groups.

Pacing Groups.

Group 1. – 5K around 23 mins. Approx 7.30 minute mile

Group 2. – 5K around 25mins. Approx 8.10 minute mile

Group 3. – 5K around 27 mins. Approx 8.50 minute mile

Group 4 – 5K around 30 mins. Approx 0940 minute mile

Group 5 – 5K around 33 mins. Approx 10.40 minute mile.

Health and Safety Briefing.

Warm up and cool down correctly.

Hi Viz vests and head torches in dark or poor weather conditions.

Maintaining an awareness of other runners. Buddy up where possible.

In the event an injury does occur please remember to inform the welfare officer using the on line form on our club web site.

Looking forward to seeing you all out there having fun on your run.

Best Wishes, Christine.

2019 Great Knaresborough Bed Race Success

The draw for the 2019 Great Knaresborough Bed Race took place on Tuesday 12th March and of the 5 teams we entered from the club we were successful with 3. They are:

Men’s Team A
Matt Wilkinson (Capt)
Liam Marwood
Alex Patrickson
Matt Rochester
Andy Harris
Alex Robinson

Reserve: Adam Kirk

Kathryn Shores (Passenger)
Jane Evans & Martin Lofthouse (Marshals)

Men’s Team B Sam Fugill (Capt)
Steve Flood
James Knapp
Matt Rickard
Phil Ventress
Brian Hainsworth

Orla Townend (Passenger)
Nadene Wilkinson & Hannah Peagram(Marshals)

Mixed B
Dave Prince (Capt)
Rachael Prince
Nigel Brereton
Yulia Brereton
Melissa Thomas-Peters
Jonathan Clipston
Reserve: Ari Greenberg

Alex prince (Passenger)
Colleen Gruendwald & Liz Nixon (Marshals)

Thirsk 10 Mile Race Day Details

Hello Niddsters, 

Just as the mud has dried on your cross country shoes after this years championships, it’s time for the first race of our club road champs. 

This coming Sunday, 17 March will see the gold and black swarm descent on the Thirsk 10 Mile race. On-line entries have now closed, but fear ye not, there will be entries on the day for £18. It’s a flat and fast course with every chance of a PB given favourable conditions on the day. 

Remember to wear your club vest and car share as much as possible. Championship points will be up for grabs – see the club website for details of how this works or ask me or Sarah C. 

Hope to see loads of you there and perhaps we’ll try for a team photo outside the registration area at around 9:45, you know, that time when you really need to go to the toilet. 

Time flies by in the yellow and blackStick around and you’ll see what I mean
There’s a mountaintop that I’m dreaming of
If you need me you know were I’ll be

(Rare in-date cultural reference for the kids) 

Captain Jean-Luc Picard

Nidd Timed Mile is Back

Ben Baird is considering running another timed mile on the 28th March and would like to gauge interest!

For those not familiar, this is run as 2.5 laps of the oval.

We set off from club at 19:00 (ish) and start around 19:20 – 19:30 and lasts about 15 mins. People can then run back to club or extend their run afterwards if they wish to do so!

As always I need a little bit of help recording names at the finish. If you’re happy to help please let me know.

If you are interested in participating, then let me know by signing up to the event! If you will be there but can’t reply to the FB event let me know and I’ll pass the details on to Ben  On behalf of Ben Baird

The Nidd Valley 100 Challenge – Fountains parkrun

A message from Martin L

Evening Nidders,

Inspired by the 300 challenge last year when four of our club septuagenarians (that’s over 70’s by the way) did a parkrun in a combined time of less than 2 hours, I have set up another challenge.

On Saturday 23 March, five of us mature male Nidders who are all in our fifties, will attempt to complete Fountains Parkrun in a combined time of 100 minutes. So Andy Todd, Mike Deacon, Steff Quinn, Jim Cook and I will have to run an average time of sub 20 minutes each. It won’t be easy!

So we need your help. It would be great to have lots of our team mates there running, volunteering see Fountains Volunteer Roster or cheering on the day. If you’re free it would be great to see you there and a trip to Fountains is never wasted with the lovely cafe afterwards. It will be good practice for when we have the club champs race there the following Saturday (more of that in a later communication)

If anyone fancies being our official time-keeper on the day that would be great too.

When I was young, I never needed anyone
And making love was just for fun, those days are gone
Livin’ alone, I think of all the friends I’ve known
But when I dial the telephone, nobody’s home
All by myself, don’t wanna be
All by myself, anymore

Martin Lofthouse