Weekly Update: There’s something about Carol

Hi all –


Carol Morgan has just completed the gruelling Lakeland 100. The more astute among you will have worked out that this is a 100 mile (yeah, I know, that’s 33 Park Runs) run through the Lake District. If running through the Lake District through the middle of the night wasn’t impressive enough, Carol was first lady over the line in 25:47:32, finishing 12th out of 302 competitors. It puts an hour long run down the gorge into perspective, doesn’t it? Well done, Carol.

The James Herriot Race up in Wensleydale earlier today was a chance for the Fellies to show the Roadies what proper running is. This being off-road running, the results aren’t yet in and probably won’t arrive at Nidd Valley House until the back half of October. Without the results, you’ll have to be content with me congratulating you all, both sincerely and alphabetically: Sarah Chalmers, Jim Cook, Emma David, Rachel Eastaff, Jon Easton, Tony Ledwaba-Chapman, Jenny Manning, Paul Manning, Steve Newton, Dave Seaman and Andy Todd.

On Wednesday, Carol Morgan hearded a flock of Nidds down to Leeds to compete in the Golden Acre Park Relays, in which each team member takes tackles one lap of the undulating 2.75m course. Phil Robinson, Paul Geary and Sarah Hughan made the first Nidd team, finishing in 1:01:55. Dave Rushton, Debbie Dilasser and Steve Newton pulled together a strong second team, finishing in 1:06:55. Having rallied the Nidd Valley faithful, Carol went off and joined some other fell running friends (I know, can you believe it?), finishing in a cracking 52:46. Well done to you all.

Martin Lofthouse (19:05) led the team home at Harrogate Park Run, closely followed by Matt Rickard (20:13). Nidd Valley’s very own Chuckle Brothers, Dan (21:05) and Paul (21:12) Eagling were next over the line, followed by Maurice Kelley (21:15), and then it was an anxious wait to see if Steve Newton (23:49) had tied his shoelaces. Dave Rushton (24:21) was next in, and was soon joined by Sarah Hughan (24:34), Natalia Lancosova (27:53), Rebecca Ventress (28:03), Bob Sweating (29:35 – PB!) and Michelle Dinsdale (31:03). Andy Todd (20:56) showed ‘em how it’s done at Fountains Park Run, and Tony Ledwaba-Chapman (25:58) continued his return to form. Congratulations to you all. You’re all marvels.

The lovely admin team here at Nidd Valley House are beside themselves with excitement when the postman brings the weekly results. Keep them updated with all your achievements: chair@niddvalleyroadrunners.co.uk.


The Week Ahead
• Tuesday: if it’s a Tuesday, it’ll be a club run. And there is nowhere else you would rather be than at the Hockey Club for 7pm.
• Thursday: oh my, oh my, it’s the first of the summer pub runs. This time we’re heading to Staveley. Please arrive at the Royal Oak Pub to order food by about 6:45pm, and be ready to run for 7pm. There run is, I think, about 7.5 miles although there will be shorter options for those that want to get back to the pub for their tea. Culinary inspiration can be found here: http://www.theroyaloakstaveley.co.uk/. Even if you’re not planning on eating, do stop by for a drink afterwards as the sun is over the yard arm somewhere in the Empire…
• There’s nothing in the championship so you’ve got the weekend off, folks. Put your feet up, and have another biscuit with your brew. Go on, you deserve it.


Dave Rushton’s Centenary
Dave Rushton will be running his 100th Park Run at Harrogate on Saturday. This Nidd Valley stalwart is an inspiration to us all, he really is. If you want to run with him to celebrate his achievement (and I certainly will), followed by bacon butties at chez-Rushton, then Dave would be thrilled to see you. In the interests of catering, can you please let Dave know if you’re planning on swinging by for your breakfast?


Summer Pub Runs
We’ve had a few people ask about what the plan is for the summer pub runs. As Dave outlined in his email, the formula is both simple and winning. We roll up somewhere, find the pub, order our food, go for a run, come back, eat and drink and make merry. And here is the plan for those of you that want it:
• 30th July – Staveley, led by Dave
• 13th August – Plumpton, led by Sarah
• 27th August – Norwood, led by Sam
• 10th September – Hampsthwaite, led by Dave
Most runs will start at 7pm or thereabouts, but this is subject to change, so stay tuned for further updates.


Benidorm Baby!!
Every November in recent years, the Nidd Valley Boys have popped over to Alicante to compete in the Benidorm Half Marathon. Essentially, it’s a running race bookended by the chance to drink like a sailor on shore leave (well, it is important to rehydrate after a race). As it’s out of season in the Costa Blanca, it Costa Not-a-lot-a and you’re looking at something to the tune of £250 for flights and 3 nights in an all-inclusive hotel. I see absolutely no way that this could go wrong. Want to join in? Get in touch: chair@niddvalleyroadrunners.co.uk.


A Word to the Wise
“No one ever drowned in sweat” – anon.


Wherever your running takes you, have a beautiful week people.

Sam x

Weekly Update: The flag is flying at half mast over Nidd Valley House

Hi all –




Right, ahem, the Burton Leonard 10k. I’m afraid to announce that we lost the Mob Match to the Knaresborough Striders, 1239 to 1071. The club colours are flying at half mast over Nidd Valley House, and our sports statisticians and number crunchers are pouring over the results, trying to work out where we went wrong. Full results aren’t yet available, and I’ll send them to you when I have them. But for now: well done to all who took part, whether you were first over the line or bringing up the rear. There were some excellent runs, people, with some cracking sprint finishes. Nidd Valley remains a running club to be reckoned with, and we will be back next year.


I was told by one of the Striders today that this online newsletter on the website has a bit of a following among our Knaresborough rivals. So Striders, if you are reading this, enjoy your moment of glory while you can. We are coming for you, and we will bring you down next year. Mark my words.


Up near the ancestral seat of Fugill Towers in Northumberland, six brave Nidds tackled the unbelievably scenic Northumbrian Costal Run earlier today. So it’s a congratulations all round to Fiona Deacon (1:52:51), Mike Deacon (1:53:11), Paul Manning (1:56:06), Jenny Manning (2:06:01), Dave Prince (2:15:55) and Rachel Prince (2:17:56).


Yesterday, four Nidds took to the Yorkshire Dales to try their luck at the Ingleborough Fell Race. Carol Morgan (1:01:29) led the team up and down the unforgiving and windy course (Fell Running Phil described it as “blowy”), followed Emma David (1:17:53) Phil Robinson (1:18:35) and Sarah Chalmers (1:41:40). Very well done to you all.


Philippa Moorse has clearly been led astray by that new boyfriend of hers as she headed up to Scotland yesterday to complete in a nine mile Spartan race in the village of Nine Mile Burn in Midlothian (yeah, I know, what are the chances of that?). I can’t find the results online, but if you have a look on Facebook, Philippa has posted a photo of her post-race legs. It’s enough to put you off your tea.


Matt Rickard (20:17) led from the front at the Harrogate Park Run, followed by Dan Eagling (20:41), Sarah Hughan (24:34), Rebecca Ventress (26:25), Nicki Walton (28:42), Michelle Dinsdale (29:57) and Amanda Smith (35:37). Up at Fountains, Jamie Dilasser (22:19) and Tony Chapman (26:14) soon tamed the two scenic laps of the Abbey.


The gorgeous admin team at Nidd Valley HQ love hearing your news, it’s the highlight of their week, it really is. Let them know what you’ve been up to: chair@niddvalleyroadrunners.co.uk.



The Week Ahead

  • Tuesday: Oh good. It’s a club run. We’re meeting at 7pm at the Hockey Club. Come along, why don’t you?
  • Wednesday: Carol Morgan is organising a Nidd Valley contingent to compete in the Golden Acre trail run relays. The races start at 7pm and at only £10 per team, its cracking value for something that little bit different. More info here: http://www.abbeyrunners.co.uk/golden-acre-relay/, or you can badger Carol at carolmorgan73@hotmail.com.
  • Thursday: Another club run, meeting at 7pm at the Hockey Club. After that, it’ll be up to the bar for pints of lager, packets of crisps and the chance to talk about how things just ain’t what they used to be (it’s like athletics’ answers to a folk singers convention, you’ve no idea…)
  • Sunday: it’s the James Herriot trail race. Most excitingly, it’s the next notch in the bedpost of both the road and the fell championships, so we always get a good turn-out (and the chance for the fell runners and road runners to eye each other in mutual bemusement and suspicion). To be fair, calling it a road race really is stretching it a bit, and there’s a climb at the start which would be enough to make Sarah Hughan faint, but it’s a lovely run out with some cracking views and a brilliant sprint finish. Last year, half the club rocked up at the tea rooms near Jervaulx Abbey (actually, I think the cake is the only reason some people did the race), which made it all worthwhile. Get it booked, chaps: http://www.rotary-ribi.org/clubs/page.php?PgID=248055&ClubID=254.



Pub Run

Further ahead, there’s the next instalment in the exciting series of pub runs on 30 July. Ably led by Dave Seaman, I think we’re running round Staveley before decamping to the Royal Oak Pub for drinks and food. More details to follow soon, so save that date.



Committee Meeting: 22 July 2015

Spare a thought for me, people, it’s like trying to herd cats. If there’s anything you want discussed, changed or discussed, get in touch: chair@niddvalleyroadrunners.co.uk.



A Word to the Wise

“I think you’ll win this one” – Andy Robinson from Knaresborough Striders, (incorrectly) predicting the result of the Burton Leonard 10k Mob Match.


Sam x



Weekly Update: Have you ever wondered why you don’t see me in swimwear?

Hi all –


Thanks to Philippa for stepping up to the plate last week and filling the chairmanly flip flops to dispatch the weekly missive. It made a lovely change to be reading it rather than writing it, so thanks Philippa. I’m going to hang fire on the results for just a few seconds, as there is a matter of grave importance that I must share with you…


Burton Leonard 10k: 19 July 2015

Knaresborough Striders are laying down the challenge for a rematch of the Burton Leonard 10k Race, and they want to claim the annual Mob Match Trophy.


We won the glorious Trophy at the inaugural challenge in 2014, and it is rightfully ours. We are not going to give it back.


If they want war, we’ll give them war.


We shall go on to the end. We shall fight in the fells, we shall fight on the roads and on the trails, we shall run with growing confidence and growing strength as a team. We shall defend our club, whatever the cost may be. We shall fight on the start line, we shall fight through the gruelling climbs, we shall fight through the breathtaking descents, and on the home straight. We shall fight in each and every sprint finish. We shall never surrender!


Further details on how to enlist: http://burtonleonardrun.org.uk/.



Let’s get straight to the impressive matter of the Evening League at Otley. This being a handicap race with a staggered start, the results are all over the place. Michelle Dinsdale (54:59), Nick Smith (46:14) and Paul Eagling (40:14) were the first three over the line for Team Nidd, followed by Ian McLeod (41:20), Matt Wilkinson (33:01), Debbie Gibson (46:39), Carol Morgan (37:56), Dave Rushton (48:27), Steve Newton (41:32) and Alison Little (50:36). Dave Seaman (43:39) wasn’t far behind, chased down by Sarah Hughan (46:21), Aimi Blueman (53:34), Jon Easton (38:35), Dan Eagling (38:06), Martin Lofthouse (35:09), Jim Cook (44:39), Andy Todd (35:41) and Paul Geary (38:34). Five excellent finishes rounded off a strong Team Nidd performance: Natalie Lancosova (54:11), Debbie Dilasser (47:46), Jane Hill (54:24), Simon Franklin (41:00) and Michelle Smith (54:56).


Special congratulations to Matt Wilkinson who was the top scoring Nidd in the final league rankings, coming 14th out of 572 runners. That said, well done to all of you who’ve turned out and run for the club in the league, especially the Evening League virgins among you. Every run has counted in what has been an excellent team performance.


Emma David took herself up to the Lake District to compete in the Wasdale Fell Race yesterday. Results aren’t out yet and, this being fell running, they won’t be out any time soon. Still, whatever the time, completing the 21 mile race and 1000ft of climb is one profound achievement. Well done, Emma. Keeping it in the fells (Phil Robinson will be wiping tears of pride from his eyes), the lesser-spotted Damien Handslip ran the Dales Trails 31k Race near Muker in 3:57:00 yesterday. Again, another cracking result.


There’s no stopping some people, there really isn’t. It was a new park run PB for Michelle Dinsdale (29:14) and Bob Sweeting (29:37)at Harrogate, and a PB for Maurice Kelly (20:49) up at Fountains. Well done to all three of you. It’s also a special mention for Sarah Hughan who bagged herself the monthly sweatshop prize for a new pair of trainers. Sarah describes herself as “so pleased I am nearly crying”. You might want to go out a little more, Sarah.


A late result is better than no result at all, so you’ll be pleased to know that at the end of June Martin took 3rd place at the Stavely Stampede. Martin completed the 10k chase in an impressive 38:18. What took you so long, Martin?


News hot off the press! Three Nidds completed the Leeds 10k Race earlier today. Well done to Matt Wilkinson (36:45), Martin Lofthouse (38:52) and Nick Smith (53:51).


Congratulations to Matt Rickard for completing the Ripon Triathlon yesterday in 2:42:13. That’s an amazing achievement, and explains why Matt is the Club Captain and I’m not. I’ve decided that triathlons aren’t my kind of thing, simply because I’m one of those people who should never be seen in public in swimwear. It isn’t a good look, kids. And with that image fresh in your mind…


The admin team here at Nidd Valley HQ are busy in their open plan office, chatting round the water cooler and eager to get their hands on the hottest athletic gossip. Give them something to talk about: chair@niddvalleyroadrunners.co.uk.


The Week Ahead

  • Tuesday & Thursday: if you fancy joining the nicest running club on the face of the planet for some lovely summer evening running, then make sure you’re at the Hockey Club for 7pm.


  • Saturday: to the hills! It’s the next in the fell champs, and this time we’re going to tackle to infamous Ingleton Fell Race. I did this a couple of years back, with a hangover I could have sold to medical research, came near-last in my age category, tripped up right at the end and somersaulted across the finish line in full view of my then-manager (who for some inexplicable reason had come with her partner to the village gala). Awkward doesn’t even begin to cut it. Nonetheless, it’s a cracking race with lovely views, and a steal at only £4. More details here: http://www.fellrunner.org.uk/races.php?id=3555.


  • Sunday: it’s the Burton Leonard Race. But you already know what. You’ve already booked your place, haven’t you?


A Word to the Wise

“I became a great runner because if you’re a kid in Leeds and your name is Sebastian you’ve got to become a great runner” – Sebastian Coe on the perils of athletics in Yorkshire. I wonder if he ever ran the Leeds 10k, then…


Sam x

Weekly Update: On yer bike… (thanks Philippa! – Sam x)

Well well well, if you were a betting person you had backed a sure fire winner when you thought I’d be the one to fill Mr Sam Fugill’s flipflops and write his weekly email when he went away.

I thought I’d open with a bike related heading just to set his pulse racing in panic that I may try and tempt you all over to the dark side. No fear Sam – they’re safe with you (though I can advocate the benefits of cross-training you know…. ).

So story of the week has to be Harrogate 10km. No excuses for not attending today’s race with it being on your doorstep, though Rebecca “I’M TURNING 40” Ventress seemed hell bent on corrupting the Nidd Valley ladies by having them join her in drinking Prosecco and eating cake the night before.

Rebecca, Aimi, Michelle – your absence from the run was noted, stay behind after class for your detention, one hundred lines – “Running comes before drinking, running comes before drinking…” And no, cheering on your team mates is not penance enough.

So who did what? Jamie Dilasser found his form and brought the men home in style, Carol Morgan leading the ladies home, both followed by a plethora of black and yellow vests. Special mention to Sarah Hughan who obviously runs well on copious amounts of Prosecco and smashed her previous 10k pb by over 3 minutes coming in at 52.17. Maybe it was because she was in a rush to get to Boots for some paracetamol for her head-ache? Top job Sarah. I’m sure you’ve all been hitting refresh on the Harrogate 10k results page so i’ll not list them all.

Elsewhere Matt “OCR” Wilkinson took part in two Spartan races in Manchester yesterday to further cement his place in the World Obstacle Course Racing Championships later in the year. So if anyone noticed the bumps and bruises today – it wasn’t me….

I got tapped on the shoulder by the Chairman this week, not one to hide his light under a bushel he let me know that he ran the Tynedale 10K during the week. He came in 40 seconds shy of his pb with 43.25 which was no mean feat considering the sweltering temperatures. Then he tapped me on the shoulder again this morning. I’m sure he was just making sure I didn’t forget to mention his awesomeness.

Parkrun was obviously ‘on hold’ for most Nidders this weekend though Terry Massey secured a 6th place finish, Tony L-C and Dave Rushton appeared to run hand-in-hand judging by their times. Sarah Hughan and Debbie Dilasser decided a pre-party, pre-10k Parkrun was in order with Nick Smith also ‘doing the double’. Michelle Dinsdale, Andrew Williams and Amanda Smith rounded up the field, along with Dave Prince running with his son.

Ex-chairman may throw his toys out of the pram if mention isn’t made to his 8hrs20 in the saddle on the 127 (and a bit) mile Etape Du Yorkshire bike ride yesterday. And in case I didn’t mention it, or you didn’t notice me walking funny this morning, I opted for the short (!) 98 (and a bit) route of the same ride, finishing in 6hrs50 and being quite happy to stand up for the rest of the weekend.

If you’ve got a burning desire to see your name in the weekly email and have an achievement you’d like to share with the club, then get in touch:chair@niddvalleyroadrunners.co.uk. Unfortunately you have to put up again with me next week – but Sam is forwarding any emails he deems worthy!!

The Week Ahead
Tuesday – Otley is the venue for the HDSRL finale. Let’s polish off the season in style. Dan – are you placing bets on the number of attendees at this one (he thrashed me in the guessing stakes at the last race)??

PLEASE NOTE: As the key-holders for the Hockey Club are either away, or attending the Evening league run, the clubhouse will NOT be open on Tuesday, but if anyone is still wishing to run they may meet outside.

Thursday: meet at the Hockey Club, ready to run at 7pm, anyone for the Gorge? Dave?

Burton Leonard 10k
It’s our annual ‘mob match’ with the Striders at the Burton Leonard 10k on 19 July 2015. We took the trophy in the inaugural race in 2014 and it fits well with Sam’s decor so he doesn’t want to give it back. Get your place booked: http://burtonleonardrun.org.uk/. A bit of road, a bit of trail, some flat bits, some hills, and a river crossing (if you opt for that route). A little something to suit everyone, and a little something for everyone to moan at too!!

Ingleborough Fell Race
The next race in the fell champs looms large (quite literally) on the horizon. 18th July. Phil Robinson will no doubt try and entice us all to tackle the hills in his reminder email…..

A Word to the Wise
“ATTACK, ATTACK, ATTACK!!!” – Jenny Manning (2012) whilst on a training run going up a nasty hill in Follifoot.

“I’m not running up that f**king thing” – The very same Jenny Manning (2014) on realising we had to run up Ingleborough 14 miles into a 28 mile LDWA run.

It has been nice being back. Please do me a favour and make my job easier next week by finding some obscure race to take part in and shout about – otherwise it will be a quiet weekend on the news front.

Over and out ….. just going to find one of those rubber rings to sit on……

Weekly Update: Revenge is a dish best served in running shoes

Hi all –


It was lovely to see so many of you join us for the Almscliffe Crag Run on Thursday. The sun shone, no-one got lost, and we were back in time for last orders. Perfect.




Carol Morgan and Simon Franklin have successfully completed the gruelling Dragon’s Back Challenge in Wales. For those of you who know better than to enter such things, it’s a gruelling (although over-used in running write-ups, ‘gruelling’ really is the right word), 5-day, 300k challenge from Conwy to the Brecon Beacons, taking in 16,000m of ascent. Of the 121 people who started, only 64 finished, so the results are even more remarkable. Carol finished 30th in a jaw-droppingly impressive 61:19:10, followed by Simon in 60th in 71:55:36. Yorkshire folk would probably describe people who do that kind of thing as a few sandwiches short of a picnic, but it certainly doesn’t detract from the achievement. Well done to you both.

At Harrogate Parkrun this week, it was a new PB for Jon Easton (20:12), so the training in chasing criminals down the streets of West Yorkshire is clearly paying dividends. No news on Dan Eagling’s attempt at the 20 minute barrier this week, I’m afraid. I’ll let you know when I have any news (come on, Dan, pick your feet up!).

Up at Fountains Parkrun, Jamie Dilasser (18:25) and Andy Todd (19:06) put in two spectacularly speedy performances. No sign of any of us mere mortals there, though.

Sarah Chalmers completed the 13.7m Wharfedale Two Peaks Challenge on Satruday, taking in Great Whernside and Buckden Pike (she must really have enjoyed Buckden that much last week). Sarah finished the course in 5:20, coming 40th of 130. Sarah did, however, walk the course. Yes, ladies and gentleman: walk. And to think she’s on the committee, too! Still, they still gave her a technical t-shirt and a pork pie at the end, so they must have been impressed with her achievement. Well done, Sarah.

A team of Nidds have been out this morning tackling the Staveley Stampede. Results aren’t yet out for this 10k course, but well done to all who took part. We’ll try and get your results out next week.

Last week it was Philippa’s bike ride, and this week it’s been Sarah’s big walk. Maybe you’ve made your breakfast, cut the grass or tied your own shoelaces? If you’ve got a non-running related achievement you’d like to share with the club, then get in touch: chair@niddvalleyroadrunners.co.uk.


The Week Ahead

• Tuesday & Thursday: meet at the Hockey Club, ready to run at 7pm. Will it be the gorge? Will it be Knaresborough, or maybe even Hookie Woods? You’ll have to be there to find out.
• Sunday: it’s the next one in the road championships counter: the Harrogate 10k. This is hosted by our local (friendly) rivals, Harrogate Harriers, and is a town centre race taking in two laps of the Duchy Estate. Entry is available on the day (places pending), but you’d do better to get your entry in quick: http://www.harrogate-harriers.co.uk/harrogate10k/harrogate-town-centre-10k-2015/. It might not be the most interesting race on the face of the planet, but you won’t get any points if you don’t turn up, and it’s good to try and support the Harriers as they always make a consistently good show at the Guy Fawkes 10. So go on, pop your trainers on and get down there.


Burton Leonard 10k

Not that I’m bitter about losing out to the Knaresborough Striders in the Evening League, but revenge is a dish best served in running shoes. It’s our annual ‘mob match’ with the Striders at the Burton Leonard 10k on 19 July 2015. We took the trophy in the inaugural race in 2014 and we’re not going to give it back. You know what you need to do, people: http://burtonleonardrun.org.uk/.

The more eagle-eyed among you will realise that our website states the race is on 12 July. I’ve checked and it’s on the 19 July. So with nearly three week’s notice, you’ve got no excuses for not taking part. See you there.


Which Nidd has lost their bottle?

Someone left their water bottle in the bar after the Almscliffe Crag run on Thursday night. It’s currently making a nice ornamental centrepiece on my kitchen table. If it’s yours and you’d like it back, then let me know.


A Word to the Wise

“The strength of the team is in each individual member. The strength of each individual member is in the team” – courtesy of Sarah Hughan (though she didn’t write it, so don’t start thinking she’s cleverer than she looks).


I’m now going away for a couple of weeks, and so next week’s missive will be dispatched to you by a guest editor. They’ve been polishing their typewriter and honing their wittiest one-liners. To find out who it could be, you’ll have to tune back in next week. If the boredom isn’t killing you, maybe the suspense will.

Wherever your running takes you, have a good week folks.

Sam x