Road Championship Rules

NVRR Road Championship

At the start of the year, the Club Captains publish a list of a minimum of 15 open and accessible championship events at which members can score points.  The minimum number of scores required to be placed in the league is one and the maximum five. Qualification is automatic, participants do not have to enter all championship events!

Should a race be cancelled that in the opinion of the Club Captains would distort the results of the Championship, then a substitute race shall be added and given the same category irrespective of actual length.

Club members are reminded that they must wear club colours whilst competing in a Championship event.

Please note that members are free to run with a dog where race rules allow, however to avoid any perceived advantage they will be award the lowest score attained for their gender in the race (minimum 20 points) for both the main league and age-adjusted.

Road Scoring System

In the event of possible interpretations of the rules, the interpretation that gives the highest score shall be used.

Scores shall be awarded as follows:

    • The fastest male member shall score 50 points, second 49, third 48 and so on, likewise the fastest female member shall score 50 points etc.
    • Times will be based on gun times (not chip times) in line with UK Athletics guidelines
    • The maximum score possible over 7 races is 250 points
  • The minimum score for a member completing a race shall be 20 points, irrespective of the number of competitors

New for 2021 – the Marathon Challenge
• Members can run any marathon between the dates of the first and last road championship races and submit their best time
• It must be an officially recognised and measured marathon and can be anywhere in the world (must be a measured 26.2 miles)
• We will use the chip time (rather than gun time which is normally used for champs races)
• We will relax the normal club vest rule to allow members to run in a charity colours if they so wish
• Members will be responsible for emailing the captains with a link to their result by the date of the final road race of the year
Points will be awarded as follows: times will be ranked from fastest to slowest, with 50 points each for the fastest female and fastest male, down to a minimum of 20 points.
• This can count as one of your qualifying road races (assuming its one of your 7 best scoring events)

Road Prizes

Prizes will be awarded in the following categories: –

Senior Male Champion (male < 45) Senior Female Champion (female < 40)
Vet Male Champion (male 45-54) Vet Female Champion (female 40-49)
Super Vet Male Champion (male 55-64) Super Vet Female Champion (female 50 -59)
Ultra-Vet Male Champion (male 65+) Ultra-Vet Female Champion (female 60+)
Men’s Age-adjusted Handicap Champion* [Female Age-adjusted Handicap Champion*

Age-related categories- Age at 1st January will be used to determine which age category competitors fall into. i.e. for 2018 champs age as at 1st January 2018 will determine which age category competitors fall into. Also, age as at 1st January will determine the age-adjusted factors used in calculating age-adjusted handicap times and scores.
In the event of a tie for an award then the head to head results of the tied members for all Road Championship Events shall be considered and the member who beat the other most times shall be given the award. Should the head to head results be equal then the award shall be shared
The winners of all main prizes will also be eligible for a Gold, Silver or Bronze award dependant on achieving the required qualifying position.

Road Age-adjusted Handicap Awards*

Winners of any other road champs age category award are not eligible for the road age-adjusted award

In the age-adjusted trophy, each runner will be awarded points from 50 downwards on performance by reference to data derived from the World Athletics Veterans Association

The winner will be the qualifying runner with the highest age-adjusted score from their best 7 races.

Evening League Awards

From 2019, the club Evening League trophies will be awarded to the first eligible female and first eligible male finishers in the Evening League handicap race (i.e. first across the line).

Note: Winners of any other road champs age category or age-adjusted award are not eligible for these awards. In the event that no handicap race is held in any year, the awards will be given to the highest female and male finishers in the official final Evening League table.

Road Gold, Silver & Bronze Awards

Gold, Silver and Bronze awards will be given to members who have completed the required minimum seven championship races.  Awards will be made to members placed in the league table as follows: –

    • Gold award will be awarded to the top third of male and female qualifiers (rounded up)
    • Silver will be awarded to the middle third of male and female qualifiers (rounded up)
  • Bronze will be awarded to the bottom third of male and female qualifiers

So, for example, if 38 women qualified, the top 13 in the league would receive gold, the next 13 silver and the bottom 12 bronze awards.

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