Weekly Update: Have you heard the one about the three fell running virgins?

Hi all –


It’s a wonder you people have time to do anything else, it really is. It seems like all you’ve done is run.


First of the blocks we’re the Niddsters who headed off to tackle the Jack Bloor Fell Race on Ilkley Moor on Tuesday night. A gruelling climb, thrilling descents, and peat bogs up to your bum were the order of the day, and Matt Wilkinson took them all in his stride, leading the club home in 48:49, followed by Carol Morgan in 53:33 (Carol also taking the prize for the first Female V40). Nick Iles (58:01) beat yours truly (58:06) in a mad dash to the line, so the least we say about that the better. Mark David (61:09) was next over the line, followed by Dave Seaman (68:16), first time fell-runner Alison Iles (74:24), and Sarah Chalmers (83:53).


The fell runners were back in force on Saturday for the Charlesworth Chase – a 5 mile dash from Appletreewick up to the summit of Simon’s Seat before a hair-raising descent to the finish line. Unique among fell races, this race requires all competitors to down a pint of bitter before they cross the finish line and get their time. Lovely stuff. Once again, Carol (50:09) was showing the way, and took the prize for first lady. Simon Harris (52:19), Maurice Kelly (52:53), and Mark David (54:07) followed next, soon joined by me (54:55) and my hangover. Phil Robinson (57:49) wasn’t far behind, followed by our next fell virgin Alex Crowton (60:14). Brian ‘how long does it take to drink a pint?’ Sherwood (63:03) and Helen ‘I’ll take my glass back to the bar before finishing’ Gregory (64:05) were next over the line, followed by our third fell virgin Dave Rushton (66:12) and Ian ‘I’m going to sit down and enjoy my pint and not worry about my time’ McLeod (72:40). Sarah Chalmers was, unfortunately, unable to finish due to pulling her calf muscle. Get well soon, Sarah.


Andy Todd (1:06:50) led the team home at the ever-popular Ripon 10, followed by Pal Geary (1:13:01), Mike Deacon (1:14:49), Jon Easton (1:16:23), Fiona Deacon (1:19:59), Paul Manning (1:21:30), Jamie Dilasser (1:22:35), Christine Holleran (1:25:03), Sarah Hughan (1:30:37), Jenny Manning (1:31:09) and Janet Carling (1:36:37). Unfortunately, Jane Hill went over on her ankle, bringing her race to a premature end, but we hope she’s back to form soon.


Aimi Blueman bagged herself a new PB at the Harrogate Park Run, with an impressive 28:25, along with eight other Niddsters. If you want to have a look at how they faired, then this is where you need to be: http://www.parkrun.org.uk/harrogate/results/latestresults/.


I think that’s it for results. I do keep my crystal ball well buffed and polished, although I can only publish your results if you tell me about them, or if you enter as a Nidd Valley Road Runners member. Otherwise, I’ve got to spend hours trawling websites and results lists, looking for you all individually. Why not save me the trouble, and let me know your achievements: chair@niddvalleyroadrunners.co.uk.


The Week Ahead
• Tuesday: It’s the usual club run, meeting at the Hockey Club for 7pm.
• Thursday: It’s the second instalment of the ever-popular Evening League series, this time held in Yeadon and hosted by the ever lovely Dragons Running Club. The race starts at 7.45pm, although I’d advise getting there in good time as parking can be a bit of a bind. It’s a largely off-road course, too, so you might want to give some thought to your choice of running shoes (that said, I’ve run it in road shoes on all occasions, and have only come moderately close to breaking my neck). It’d be great to see a repeat of the fantastic turnout at Harrogate – let’s paint the race black and yellow, everyone! More details: http://www.harrogate-league.org.uk/.
• The weekend: Due to fantastic performances all round in recent weeks, the lovely team at Nidd Valley House are giving you the weekend off, and there’s no races planned in the road or fell championships. If you are heading out for a run – whether racing or just running for the sake of it – why not let other members of the club know and see if you can get a group together.


Bed Race: Help Needed
The bed race edges ever closer, and our two teams are out training hard. They train every Thursday night, and would love it if you went down to run with them, shout words of encouragement, and weep helplessly with laughter as they attempt the notorious river crossing.

The Lions are also on the lookout for any additional marshals. If you can help, please contact John Dickinson from the Lions on lionbedrace@hotmail.co.uk. He would love to hear from you.

Reminder to both teams racing: you need to still provide a marshal per bed, and let John know when you have done this as they’ll need to attend a safety briefing.


England Athletics
Some of you may have noticed Dave Seaman’s latest email to the club – and if not, why not? – highlighting an apparent decision of England Athletics to require any entrant to any running race to be affiliated with them (including large scale events like the London Marathon and Great North Run, all the way down to fun runs and Races for Life etc.). To reassure you, as members of NVRR, you are automatically registered with EA (they take a large chunk of your annual subs), and so it doesn’t affect you directly. However, there are major implications for us in terms of the Guy Fawkes Race, and so we’ll be seeking clarity from EA and, if necessary, making a lot of noise about it. I’ll get back to you on this one.


Committee Meeting
We’re having the next committee meeting on Wednesday 20 May 2015. By which I mean we’ll drink tea, eat all the biscuits in Dave’s house, and panic about how the Guy Fawkes Race is bearing down on us at an alarming rate. If there is anything you’d like discussed, started, changed, stopped, or considered, then please let me know. My email: chair@niddvalleyroadrunners.co.uk.


A Word to the Wise
“Running is a kind of investment in yourself.” – Kevin Nelson


Have a good week, everyone.

Sam x

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