Weekly Update: Three Nidds get Parkrun PBs – can you guess who?

Hi all –


Hope you’re all doing well and have had a cracking weekend. Let’s get straight on to the business of the results.


And what interesting they make, too! First off the blocks this week was the fourth of the Evening League races, this time held in Sicklinghall and hosted by Wetherby Runners. Martin Lofthouse (29:53) was first over the line for Team Nidd, chased down by Andy Todd (30:10) and Carol Morgan (32:22). Having been beaten at Thirsk, the thrice-tattooed Paul Geary (32:38) exacted a cruel 4 second revenge on yours truly (32:42), and we were soon hunted down by Jon Easton (32:57). Lee Welsby (33:09) and Dan Eagling (33:09) had a sprint finish to the line, followed by Fiona Deacon (34:30), Emma Dooley (35:13), Paul Eagling (36:05) and Alison Isles (36:24). Ian McLeod (36:30) soon tore round to the finish line, with Alex Crowton (36:59), Phil Robinson (37:22), Dave Seaman (37:27), Sarah Hughan (39:51), Debbie Dilasser (40:31), Nick Smith (40:32) and 40:42) and Debbie Gibson (40:42). It wasn’t long before Helen Gregory (40:54) made an appearance, and was soon joined by Rebecca Ventress (41:40), Dave Rushton (41:57), Rachel Prince (43:46), Alison Little (43:57), Natalie Lancosova (44:38), Ewa Scott (46:04), Michelle Dinsdale (48:08), Aimi Blueman (48:26) and Jane Hill (48:43). Well done to you all.

The fell runners decided it was time for another little jaunt, this time deciding to throw themselves up and down Buckden Pike. A brutal and technically demanding race, Team Nidd were out in force and showing them how it’s done. Sarah clearly enjoyed herself, writing “it was a horrendous ascent and, as you came back the same way, horrendous descent.” Don’t you just wish you were there? The results: Simon Harris (49:01), Maurice Kelly (50:56), Alan Davidson (53:30) and Phil Robinson (55:36). Emma David (56:14) showed hubby Mark (57:31) who wears the fell running trousers, and they were soon joined by Brian Sherwood (58:21), Dave Seaman (1:05:01) and Sarah Chalmers (1:19:22). An incredible achievement all round.

Martin Lofthouse (18:22) bagged himself a new PB at the Harrogate Parkrun. Dan Eagling (20:15) and Fingers Harris (20:46) were next over the line, followed by Paul Eagling (21:40). Sarah “I don’t like hills” Hughan (24:23) was the next Nidd to get herself a new PB, followed by Nick Smith (24:28), Dave Rushton (24:44), Debbie Dilasser (25:34), Tony “Mr Bump” Chapman (26:08), Rebecca Ventress (26:59), Nicki Walton (28:01). Michelle Dinsdale (29:23) rounded off the performance with a new PB, too. Up at Fountains, Andy Todd was first home for the club in (18:44), Whinging about the hills, Paul Geary (20:07) was the next Nidd over the line, followed by Rachel Eastaff (24:35).

In Harrogate, Dave Rushton, Alex Crowton and Philippa Moorse took part in the Big Bike Bash, completing the 30m (that’s miles and not meters, by the way) course – well done to you three. Anyway, why weren’t you lot running? What do you think we are, Nidd Valley Cycle Club?

Carol Morgan is currently in Wales and probably eating an awful lot of pasta as she prepares to complete the Dragons Back Challenge: a 5 day race of nearly 300km taking in nearly 55,000 foot of climb Snowdonia down to the Brecon Beacons. An incredible feat – good luck, Carol!

Please keep me up to date with all of your latest news, results and achievements. You’re a remarkable lot, so let’s tell the world about it. Myemail: chair@niddvalleyroadrunners.co.uk.


The Week Ahead
You know the deal on Tuesday. See you at the Hockey Club, ready to run for 7pm.

It’s the annual club run up Almscliffe Crag on Thursday. It’d be great see as many people as possible for what has become a bit of a feature in the Nidd Valley calendar. Time wise, please meet at Weeton (Huby) station and be ready to run for 7.30pm. From there, it’s up to the top of the crag for the annual school photo (“Girls at the front, boys at the back. Stop that Matt! It’s not funny…”) and then back to the club house (8.5m), although you can peel off at Hornbeam Park (6.5m) or Pannal (4.7m). I’ll lead one group, and Sarah Chalmers will lead any slower or less confident runners. Nidd Valley runners being creatures of habit, there’ll be drinks in the bar afterwards.

In terms of getting to Weeton, there’ll be a group leaving the Hockey Club at 6.50pm (note the earlier time) to get the 7.15pm train from Harrogate, although some of this will be joining at Hornbeam Park at 7.18pm and Pannal at 7.23pm. Please join wherever suits you.

You’ve got the weekend off, folks. There’s nothing in the club championships. Go on, pour yourself another glass, you deserve it.


Bingley 10k
I’ve been asked by Sally Robinson from Bingley Harriers to publicise their 10k trail race on 25 July 2015. They describe it as “10k-ish, a little bit dirty and not quite flat” so you can forget all ideas you had about a PB. I’ll let you figure out the rest for yourself: http://www.bingleyharriers.co.uk/.


Committee Meeting
The Nidd Valley Politburo is having its next get together on 8 July 2015. I won’t be there, so Matt will be in charge for the night, possibly mounting a coup and power grab. If there’s anything you want changing, discussing or sorting before he takes over and the reign of athletic terror begins, just let us know.


A Word to the Wise
Martin Lofthouse: “Did you enjoy that?”
Jane Hill: “No I didn’t. Can’t you tell?”
Martin and Jane reviewing the undulating course at Wetherby, and Jane displaying the positive can-do attitude for which Nidd Valley is famous.


Hope to see you this week at club. Have a good week, whatever you get up to.


Sam x


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