Weekly Update: The longest Park Run write-up in living memory

Hi all –


Jostling for position and scrapping around for points in the club championships, 24 Nidds (yeah, I know, 24, this is going to take me all day) tackled the two laps of the Fountains Abbey Park Run. An unnamed runner took first place, but Matt Wilkinson (17:59) was the first identified runner over the line, finishing in second place overall. He was soon followed by Martin Lofthouse (18:30), Andy Todd (19:06), Dan Eagling (20:11 – I’m still waiting, Dan. In your own time.), Carol Morgan (20:36), Mark David (20:52 – PB), Paul Eagling (21:08), Mike Deacon (21:56), Fiona Deacon (22:12), Steve Newton (22:20 – PB), Jim Cook (22:34), Rick Dallaston (22:41), Paul Manning (22:56) and Rob Snow (23:37). I’m off to make a cup of tea to break the monotony of this. Back in a few minutes…

… Sarah Hughan (23:56 – PB) got her act together and smashed the 24 minute barrier, and was soon joined by Christine Jones (23:58), Nick Smith (24:43), Jenny Manning (25:02) and Debbie Gibson (25:02). Consultant Ophthalmologist, Lollipop Man and Tribal Elder (ask him about it one day) Tony Ledwaba-Chapman (26:06) was next over the line, with Jane Hill (28:16), Bill Hitchcock (28:46), Michelle Dinsdale (29:23) and Fiona Robinson (32:29) completing the line up.

Four Nidds broke rank from the team (I know, can you believe it?) and raced at Harrogate Park Run: Jamie Dilasser (20:50), Ben Baird (21:10 – PB), Debbie Dilasser (26:31) and Mandy Smith (35:48). See me at the end of class, please.

Rebecca Ventress (25:24) and Aimi Blueman (28:57) still made time to park run when up in Cumbria, racing the costal course at Workington. Well done, ladies!

Earlier today, Sarah Chalmers, Carol Morgan, Simon Franklin, Simon Harris and Mark David took part in the Round Hill Fell Race: a lovely 9 mile stretch out round Beamsley Moor from the village of Timble. Last time I did it, I was up to my balls in mud and I got lost (standard), so I’m pleased to say that all five got back alive and in one piece. As this is fell running, results will be with us in a few years. Seriously, people, I’ve seen continents move faster.

It’s hearty congratulations for Jane Hill, who raced in the Darlington 10k today. Jane completed the hilly 10k course in 1:00:25. Good work, Jane.

Philippa Moorse continued her foray into the world of competitive cycling (what part of the phrase Nidd Valley Road Runners don’t you understand, Philippa?) with a sterling performance in the Yorkshire Tour Sportive yesterday. She finished the 39 mile challenging course in 2:04, taking third lady and 11th place overall. Not too bad, I suppose…

Due to the financial downturn and austerity, the admin team at Nidd Valley HQ are really anxious about their jobs and the pending restructure. Help take their mind off things by sending in your results: chair@niddvalleyroadrunners.co.uk.


The Week Ahead
• Tuesday: You know the deal, kids. See you at the Hockey Club for 7pm. And if that doesn’t take your fancy…
• Tuesday: The lovely Emma David will be hosting some fell funning training for the club over the summer. This is open to the whole club, regardless of ability or experience. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve never set foot off-road before or if you have more mud on your shoes than Fell Running Phil, you’re very welcome. Meet outside the Black Swan in Burn Bridge for 7pm.
• Thursday: Wowza! It’s the second instalment in that gripping series of pub runs. This time, Sarah Chalmers has a beautiful run lined up for us at round Plompton. Meet in the carpark at Sainsburys on Wetherby Road, ready to run for 7pm. Afterwards we’ll be decamping to the Travellers Rest in Crimple. As we won’t start at the pub, the hungry among you will have to be über-organised beforehand, or just order food when you get there (they are serving until 9pm). As ever, you’re welcome just to join us for a drink and the chance to soak up some evening rays in the beer garden.
• Sunday: The Road Championships just keeps on rolling. This time we’re heading towards Selby (now there’s a sentence you don’t want to say too often if you can possibly help it). We’ll be competing in the Escrick 10k and, with only a handful of races left in this year’s series, it’s an ideal opportunity for you to grab some valuable points. The race has reached its 500 limit for online entries, with only 100 places available on the day so, if you haven’t got your number yet, you’ll want to be up at sparrows fart to get there in good time. More details here: http://www.escrick10k.co.uk/.


Wedding Bells!
I publish the banns of running marriage between Carol Morgan of the Parish of Nidd Valley and Simon Franklin of the Parish of Horsforth Fellandale. This is the first time of asking. If any of ye know cause or just impediment why these two fell runners should not be joined together in Athletic Matrimony, ye are to declare it…

Good luck, Carol and Simon! I hope tomorrow goes well. Have a wonderful day!


Harrogate Park Run: Saturday 19 September
We’re adopting park run, again. This is a fantastic chance to showcase the friendliest running club in town. We’ll need all hands on deck, to do things as varied as marshalling, pacing, timing, and standing in the corner of a field clapping until your hands are raw and bleeding. Bring your other half! Bring the kids! Bring the pets! All welcome. Most importantly, it’s about having fun, making lots of encouraging noise, and telling people about what makes Team Nidd so special. So if you are able to smile and have a nice chat with someone (that rules me out, I suppose), then I’d love to hear from you. Either nab me at club or drop me an email: chair@niddvalleyroadrunners.co.uk.


Summer Pub Runs
The remaining pub run dates for your diary:
• 13th August – Plumpton, led by Sarah
• 27th August – Norwood, led by Sam
• 10th September – Hampsthwaite, led by Dave
More details to follow closer to the time.


Benidorm Half Marathon: 28 November – 1 December
Steve and I are hoping to get Benidorm Half Marathon booked by the end of August (and for the avoidance of any doubt, Steve, I’m not going to that show). If you want to come, can you please let us know so we can start sorting numbers for flights and rooms (if you’re very lucky, you might even get to share a room with Fingers!). My email: chair@niddvalleyroadrunners.co.uk.


York Marathon: Places Available
St Michael’s Hospice has some places left over for the York Marathon on 11 October. They’re waiving the £200 minimum sponsorship, requesting instead that you just raise what you can. Places are £40 and you can have one for yourself if you contact Emily Isherwood on eisherwood@saintmichaelshospice.org.

I’m trying to shoe-horn in training runs into a cluttered and disordered life. As I’m going away this weekend, I’m going to have to squeeze in my long run before work on Friday. So if anyone else fancies running 17 miles at 5am, you’d be more than welcome.


A Word to the Wise
In the absence of any accidental sexual innuendo, I’m afraid you’ll have to settle for a classic running quote this week.

“Tough runs don’t last. Runners do.” – Saucony


Have a great week, people. See you soon.

Sam x


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