Weekly Update: A chat with Rebecca is like spending half an hour in a dockyard…

Hi all –


First off the Nidd Valley blocks this week are the seven runners who took to Newcastle – the finest city in the world and home to the ancestral seat of the Fugill Dynasty – and competed in the Great North Run, joining 57,000 other athletes, fun runners, men in tutus, pantomime horses and Elvis impersonators. Congratulations to Jamie Dilasser (1:33:26), Emma Dooley (1:43:39), Jim Cook (1:55:46), Alison Isles (1:55:51), Natalia Lancosova (2:20:31), Sally Morgan (2:23:15) and Brenda Loades (2:25:55). Incredible performances all round.

Earlier today, four runners tackled the Yorkshireman – an ever popular event with Nidders who are of the off-road persuasion. Mark David and Sarah Chalmers completed the half marathon (which I’m told was more like 14 miles, but that’s off-road running for you), whereas Simon Franklin and Christine Holleran took things up an athletic notch or two and nailed the marathon course. As ever, this being fell running, there’s no results yet available but we’ll certainly let you know them as soon as we have them.

Parkrun-wise, Martin Lofthouse (19:59) was first over the line for team at Harrogate, and Dan Eagling (20:11) came within spitting distance of the evasive 20 minute barrier. Matt Wilkinson (22:17) took Philippa’s dog Macy for a run, and almost took a few runners out the game as they tripped over the dog’s lead. Nothing like endearing yourself to your fellow runners is there, Matt? Tony Ledwaba-Chapman (27:08), Hannah Peagram (27:21), Rebecca Ventress (27:33), Michelle Dinsdale (30:47), Andrea Bowen (31:28) and Mandy Smith (35:50) completed the line up. Elsewhere, Fiona Robinson (34:03) was showing ‘em how it’s done at Wetherby. Congratulations to you all.

Better late than never, but the results for the Tholthorpe 10k have now arrived at Nidd Valley HQ. You won’t be surprised when I tell you that Martin Lofthouse (38:56) was first home for the club, followed by Jon Easton (42:29), Fiona Deacon (45:23), Mike Deacon (48:12), Jim Cook (48:13), Jenny Manning (50:43), Sarah Hughan (51:25) and an injured Dave Seaman (60:46).

Over in cycling-corner, Philippa Moorse was back in York and racing on Thursday. I don’t know how far she raced this time, but everyone at Nidd Valley House is proud to report that Philippa came a cracking first place. She clearly wasn’t satisfied with her second place last week and proved that, lycra-clad and in the saddle, she is a force to be reckoned with.

I’ve just done a count up, and this is the 26th weekly round-up I’ve sent. It’s like an insight into Stockholm Syndrome. Keep tormenting me with your news: chair@niddvalleyroadrunners.co.uk.


The Week Ahead
• Tuesday: It’s a club run from the Hockey Club, ready to run at 7pm. See you there.
• Tuesday: There’ll be the fell training led by Emma for those that want something a bit different. Meet outside the Black Swan pub in Burn Bridge, ready to run at 7pm. As Fell Running Phil has often reminded me, life is more interesting when you’ve got some mud on your shoes (he tends to remind me of this in numerous states of undress in the changing rooms. Much as I would love to stand and chat, I do wish he’d just put his underpants on).
• Thursday: It’s back to the Hockey Club for another club run, again ready to run at 7pm, then upstairs to the bar for a couple of pints of lager and a packet of crisps. Come and join us, why don’t you?

The more observant of you will notice that it’s beginning to get a bit dark by 8pm these days (I know, I could burst into tears at the prospect of the nights drawing in), so you’ll want to think about getting the old hi-viz vest from the back of the drawers.


Harrogate Parkrun: Saturday 19 September 2015
As Ben has been an utter pillock and injured himself in a Frisbee tournament, I’ve had to rejig the plan for Parkrun adoption on Saturday. This is the final list.

Run Director:
Sam Fugill

Funnel Manager:
Philippa Moorse

Christine Jones
Ben Baird

Michelle Dinsdale
Judy Greenwood

Barcode Scanning:
Jane Hill
Nick Smith
Hannah Peagram

Number Checker:
Matt Rickard

Joe Rickard
Any other children you can muster – please bring your kids!

Richard Kavanagh (Empress Roundabout)
Dave Seaman (Cedar Court Hotel)
Rachael Prince (St Aidan’s School)
Alan Harby (top of Slingsby Walk)
Paul Eagling (turn from Slingsby Walk to the finish line)

Martin Lofthouse (20)**
Jamie Dilasser (21)**
Tim Harvey (22)
Dan Eagling (23)
Phil Ventress (24)
Dave Prince (25)
Jim Cook (26)
Sarah Hughan (27)
Rebecca Ventress (28)
Debbie Dilasser (29)
Tony LC (30)
Nicki Walton (32)
Andrea Bowen (34)

** Martin and Jamie to join the last runners on the final lap and act as sweepers. Marshals can stand down when the sweepers pass.

Please get to the Parkrun between 08:15 and 08:30 and check-in with me to collect a marshal bib or get a pacer number pinned to your back. If you can, please wear your club vest, club hoody or top so that everyone is in no doubt that it’s Team Nidd who are putting on this cracking show.


End of Summer BBQ: 27 September 2015
We’re teaming up with the Knaresborough Striders (yep, those sh*ts who stole our trophy) for a joint end of summer BBQ on 27 September. As in previous years, we’re holding this at Knaresborough Cricket Club. We’re still working out the logistics, but there’ll be loads of BBQ food, salads, puddings and an open bar. If I can persuade our treasurer, I’m hoping to get a bouncy castle too (the kids get about 5 minutes on it before we all pile on).

It’ll be held in the mid-afternoon, allowing those of you who are racing the road championship race at Sutton to get home, showered and back in action.

We envisage this costing just a few quid per person. If you’re interested in coming, can you please let Jane Hill know? Her email: janeyahill@hotmail.co.uk.


Goodbye Aimi!: Wednesday 30 September 2015
Aimi Blueman – veteran of the Nidd Valley Campaign for many years – is leaving us for pastures new in Scotland. Everyone here at Nidd Valley House is devastated. We’re heading out for an Italian meal in Harrogate on Wednesday 30 September to say goodbye. If you want to come, you’d be most welcome. Just let Rebecca Ventress know and she’ll get you booked in.


Guy Fawkes 10: Sunday 1 November 2015
It’s hard to believe that a club member (who will remain nameless) actually managed to be on a Eurostar train between London and Brussels one year, and in a plane above Karachi the year after. The lengths people will go to get out of being a marshal. Still, even international travel isn’t a good enough excuse, so get the date in your diary. Mike Deacon has produced the first draft of the marshal plan and it’s going to be all hands on deck. Stand by for further instructions.

We’ll be advertising the next two reccie-runs when we have got the dates set.


A Word to the Wise
Those of you who did the Pub Run at Spofforth will be aware that Dave’s group got, well, you know, a little bit lost. Rebecca Ventress walked into the pub and made her feelings quite clear. I just can’t repeat them in print. She’s got a mouth on her like a docker, that woman. Her more restrained comments a few days after the event are, however, worth repeating in full:
“We all set off together, then decided to split into two groups… Dave, forever now to be referred as “Dave if only I’d looked at the map which I had in my hand Seamen”, decided to come with us as he had a bit of an injury. All was well to start with, being the dutiful Nidder he is he’d reccied the route only the day before. But somehow unbeknown to me the paths seemed to have moved and it we soon realised “Dave if only I’d looked at the map which I had in my hand Seamen” had got us lost. Anyway we stopped a farmer to ask the way and said farmer said route we were taken was not the “usual” way….undeterred by this we carry on, we are now losing light, and we get to the brow of a hill and not a path or even a sign of trodden grass anywhere to be seen. At this point I suggest diplomatically that we should turn back, especially as at this point Alan is thinking about catching a sheep so at least we’ve something warm to cuddle up to all night, we set off back in the direction we came, running really fast because we don’t want to see farmer again and for him to say told you so…. we get to end of land and, what a result!, we see the path we should’ve taken if only “Dave if only I’d looked at the map which I had in my hand Seamen” had actually looked at the map. All was not lost 6.4 miles later we arrived back at pub so Michelle could eat the lamb she’d ordered rather than spend the night using one to keep warm. Result…Dave bought the drinks. Another great memorable NVRR night out!!!”

The man is a menace. Something must be done.


Have a great week, people. Hope to see you down at the club soon.

Sam x

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