Weekly Update: Debbie Gibson, come on down!

Well hello there!


“So just what is it about Debbie Gibson?” I hear you cry. Well, not only did Debbie run the Loch Ness Marathon last weekend, but earlier this week an email arrived at Nidd Valley HQ from a mystery runner called Karen:
“I ran the Loch Ness marathon at the weekend and had the pleasure of running with Debbie for a bit, could you please pass on my thanks to her for keeping me chugging along at the end it was very much appreciated, it made my marathon experience much more bearable. I hope the ladies enjoyed the party afterward and made it home safely. Thank you.”
And that is why we are the friendliest running club in the country. Thanks Debbie.


What better way to start off the results round up this week with some absolutely cracking results from the Grewelthopre 13k: Tim Harvey (55:49 – 1st M40!), Andy Todd (57:42 – 1st M50!), Jamie Dilasser (58:57 – 3rd M40!), Jon Easton (1:02:32), Carol Morgan (1:03:20 – 1st W40), Mark David (1:04:50), Emma David (1:09:12), Paul Manning (1:10:15), Phil Robinson (1:10:59), Christine Holleran (1:13:09), Jim Cook (1:13:18), Dave Seaman (1:18:57), Jenny Manning (1:19:44) and Sarah Chalmers (1:30:21). Particular well done to Carol, Emma and Christine who took the 1st prize for the ladies team. I should also mention that the men took 2nd (Tim, Andy and Jamie), 4th (Jon, Mark and Paul) and 8th (Phil, Jim and Dave) team places, but it doesn’t do to boast. Well done to you all.

It was all inter-club love at the Coniston as Bob Sweeting and Damien Handslip joined with the Knaresborough Striders (yep, they’re the ones ‘borrowing’ our trophy) to compete in the Lakeland Trails Series. Bob completed the 15k challenge event in an impressive 1:57:40, while Damien nailed the 10k event in 59:24. Well done to you both.

And so we move onto the Parkrun results. At Harrogate, Edoardo Piano (19:54) is celebrating having broken the 20 minute barrier, and so will soon have Jamie Dilasser (19:17) in his sights. Fiona (22:04) and Mike (22:40) were the next over the line, followed by a trio of injured Nidd Valley veterans: Jim Cook (25:36), Steve Newton (25:56) and Sarah Hughan (26:02). They were soon joined by Natalia Lancosova (27:49), Debbie Dilasser (28:00), Hannah Peagram (28:02), Michelle Dinsdale (29:20) and Mandy Smith (36:03). Elsewhere, Fingers Harris (20:52) tackled the hills at the Temple Newsam Parkrun, whereas we had an excellent showing at Fountains Abbey: Andy Todd (18:52), Alex Crowton (23:12), Alex Robinson (23:43), Tony LC (27:59) and Fiona Robinson (31:25).

The Sutton 10k results are finally here. Better late than never, I suppose. Congratulations to Martin Lofthouse (39:07), Fiona Deacon (46:14) and Sarah ‘Sponsored by Prosecco’ Hughan (52:48).

Sitting typing this drivel wasn’t in the job description when Philippa put me up to this chairmanly malarkey. Still, you might as well keep me updated with your news and results now we’re into the swing of things: chair@niddvalleyroadrunners.co.uk.


The Week Ahead
• Tuesday: if, like me, you’ve been stuck in meetings all day, then you’ll be glad of a run out with the happiest running club in town. Meet at the Hockey Club for 7pm.
• Thursday: it’s a discipline to get yourself lycra-clad and off the sofa when the nights are drawing in, but you know the run out will do you good. See you at the Hockey Club for 7pm.
• Sunday: Richmond Castle 10k the curtain is coming down on the last in club championships, and so I know you’d hate to miss out on the last race of the season. Entries close tomorrow (Tues.), so get your entries in quick: http://www.swaledaleroadrunners.co.uk/richmond-castle-10k.


You Can Never Have Enough Onion Bhajis: 11 October 2015
Martin and I intend to eat our own bodyweight in curry at the Zolsha in Knaresborough on Sunday to celebrate completing York Marathon. I know that there are a few others interested in joining us, so why don’t you come along too? We’re meeting at the venue at about 7.30pm. Come on, it’s an all you can eat buffet. What’s not to love?


Halloween Run: 29 October 2015
You’d be surprised what goes bump in the night here at Nidd Valley House. For the particularly brave among you, there’ll be a special Halloween run at the end of October. Will the living dead reawaken to stalk the streets of Bilton? You’ll find out soon.


Guy Fawkes 10: Sunday 1 November 2015
The last time I saw Matt, he was disappearing behind a stack of maps, plans, spreadsheets, 17 boxes of t-shirts and three and half cubic tonnes of chocolate. It can only mean one thing: the Guy Fawkes 10 is nearly upon us. If you have not yet told Mike that you are available to marshal, then please do so as soon as possible: mjfjdeacon@ntlworld.com.

We will also be leading reccie runs on Sunday 18 October and Sunday 25 October, meeting outside the Castle in Ripley and ready to run for 09:30. Please make the effort to attend at least one of these so you are familiar with your role and position and for the general arrangements. It makes things so much more straightforward on the day and makes Matt and Mike’s job so much easier.


London Marathon Places
Sorry if you’re one of the disappointed thousands who were rejected in the ballot for the VML16. As a club we usually get a couple of places from the organisers to give to our members, and Sarah is busy applying for these as we speak. We normally have a draw so that those who were rejected in the main ballot get a chance in the club ballot. You must have a rejection slip/email from the main ballot to get into the club draw so don’t go throwing it away. As soon as we have confirmation of our places, we’ll let you know the arrangements for the club draw.

Alternatively, you can just give up this road running lark and release the inner fell runner within you. See Fell Running Phil for further details.


Message from Aimi
It’s emotional here at Nidd Valley House, I tell you. We’re just getting over saying goodbye to Aimi, and she asked me to pass the following message on to you:
“A massive emotional thank you to everyone for the amazing and generous gifts, for coming along to my leaving do and to everyone who I have run with and who has supported me during my time as a Nidd Valley Road Runner. I hope to see you at the Balmoral Races/ Braemar Half marathon or for walking in the future xx”

Thanks for all your runs and friendship, Aimi. You’ll be missed.


A Word to the Wise
I blame Matt, to be honest with you. If he hadn’t decided to do a sprint up Parliament Street hill at last week’s club run, then I wouldn’t have gone after him like a dog out of the traps. Still, sprint we did, before a frankly matronly rebuke from Jenny Manning echoed round the town, leading motorists to slow down and birds to fly startled from the trees:
“Sam! Calm down! You’re meant to be running a marathon!”
You can just imagine it can’t you?


Well, Mickey Mouse’s big hand is pointing up, which means it’s bedtime for me. See you all later.

Sam x

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