Weekly Update: Dating Muggles…

Evening team,


Bloody hell. The Striders really do read this. More of them came up to me at Staveley this morning and pretty much acknowledged that they have little else to do with their time than gather round the computer and await for the latest dispatch. Well, just for them, there’s a little treat in this week’s email. I wonder if they’ll scroll down to find out what it is. But before we go there, we need to go and see what all the noise and excitement is about here at Nidd Valley House.



And of course it is all about Emma David. It won’t have escaped your notice that Emma and her entourage of pacers, bag carriers, van drivers, shoe changers, jelly-baby-hander-outers (that was me, thank you), route finders, encouragers, navigators and such like headed up to the Lake District for Emma’s attempt at the Bob Graham Round. For the uninitiated tarmac lovers among you, this is seen as the principle challenge in English fell running in which you complete a clockwise circuit from Keswick taking in the 42 highest Lakeland peaks, touring 66 miles over 28,000ft of ascent, with four stops to change support crew. It’s some serious undertaking, brutalises your legs and requires a great well of mental stamina. And jelly babies, obviously. And she did it! Emma completed the gruelling chase in just under 26 hours, returning to the Moot Hall in Keswick to cheers from her friends, sweaty hugs from her fellow runners, a big tray of chips with curry sauce and mayonnaise (yeah, I know, absolute filth) before sparking out in the back of the van. So it is a huge well done to all who took part in the challenge – whatever you did – but biggest congratulations to Emma for turning out, keeping going, not giving up, and showing that you can achieve anything when you put your mind to it.

66 long miles and 24 long hours beckon, but at least she is smiling...

66 long miles and 24 long hours beckon, but at least she is smiling…

Let’s stay in the Lake District to congratulate Carol Morgan who took part in the Lakeland 10 Peaks. You know the kind of thing she does, don’t you, so it won’t be any surprise if I tell you this was a race which takes in the highest ten fells in the Lake District. You’ll be even less surprised if I tell you that Carol was the first lady to cross the finish line, although I can’t find the time for this feat of endurance running (73km and 5,600ft of ascent, if you’re taking notes). Hubby Simon Franklin was also out there tackling the same brutal course, and I’ll gladly set the record straight and share their results when I can find them.


Now then, we’ve got a lovely little result from Mike and Fi Deacon who took time from their jollies over in the USA to fly the NVRR colours on Cape Cod. They both took part in the Chatham 10k and I’m reliably informed that the temperature was hotter than a glassblower’s backside. Still, Fi (46:44) managed to claim the 1st FV50 prize, showing our transatlantic cousins a thing or two, while Mike (46:58) was hot on her heels (see what I did there?) in an equally as impressive time. Well done to you both, and we’ll see you and your suntans back in a very rainy UK soon.

Team Nidd taking the USA by storm baby!!

Team Nidd taking the USA by storm baby!!

Equally as exotic (okay, not really), Simon Franklin and Phil Robinson took part in the Pudsey Pelt on Wednesday. Simon Franklin (42:58) was first home for the team, although he appeared to be running for Horsforth Fellndale, while FRP (54:21) felt quite at home and relaxed as he tackled the 5 mile off-road course, enjoying the balmy summer evening. This race was part of the Country Trail Race Series, only a few quid entry and Simon and Phil both got themselves a drinks voucher for taking part (all the races start and finish at a pub, which strikes me as a capital idea). Why not have a look and get involved at the next one: http://www.countrytrailraces.co.uk/.


You’re probably all champing at the bit to see how you got on at the Staveley Stampede (which was, for the competitive among you, the chance to get yourself some more points for the club championships). Alex Patrickson (38:32) didn’t drink any beer before the race this time and so managed to get himself first place, denying Martin Lofthouse (38:42) the win in a tight race for the finish. Adam Kirk (41:54) is celebrating a new 10k PB, while Jim Cook (46:59) was on fine racing form. Steve “not at all running as Edoardo Piano” Newton (47:20), Sue Simpson (47:41), Dave Seaman (48:55), Christine Holleran (49:21) and Jenny Manning (51:35) all looked really strong as they crossed the line. Fell running convert Debbie Gibson (52:37) put in a sterling performance as she made a return to road running, while Moira McTague (52:38) battled a host of injuries and niggles in her chase to the finish. Michelle Smith (59:29), Michelle Dinsdale (1:02:16 – PB!!) and Sarah Chalmers (1:02:17) brought things to a great conclusion.

Adam on his way to a new PB. He's a marvel, that man.

Adam on his way to a new PB. He’s a marvel, that man.

Here we go, it’s parkrun time, my lovelies. It was a biggie at Harrogate as Martin Lofthouse (18:27) tore round the Stray at quite a pace, chased by Ben Baird (20:49), John Mitton (21:21) and Steve Newton (22:08). Jim Cook (22:28) got himself a new PB, and was joined in his celebrations by Alison Iles (22:36), Sue Simpson (23:05), Junior Harrison Iles (23:16) and Dave Prince (24:30). It was another PB for the unstoppable Ewa Scott (25:43), which is bloody amazing to be honest with you, but I’m just as impressed with the results from Hannah Peagram (26:44), Debbie Dilasser (28:08), Tony LC (29:01), Moira McTague (29:45), Natalia Lancosova (32:35) and Mandy Smith (37:14).


Andy Harris (19:04) denied Andy Todd (19:23) the usual first place at Fountains this week, and so gets to wear the biggest angel wings and shiniest halo on the hallowed course. Matt Rickard (19:42) sneaked in comfortably under the 20 minute barrier – it’ll be a while until I do that again, I tell you – while we also had some cracking results from Rob Snow (22:50), Junior Ben Rosie (24:29), Nick Smith (25:16), Neil Wright (28:45) and Michelle Dinsdale (30:33). Bless her, Fiona Robinson is so very often alone when it comes to flying the flag at Wetherby parkrun, but she (32:06) did it admirably once again with a brilliant time on the West Yorkshire course.


From the happy world of the Juniors, we’ve got some brilliant results from the little peoples at tghe junior parkrun. Thea Stewart (09:28) was first over the line with a new PB to boot, followed by Rowan De Boer (11:07) and Eddie Ventress (12:57). Again, brilliant results from you all and a very big well done.


Bong! Nidd Valley Stores will be closing in ten minutes. Please complete your final selections and take your purchases to the checkouts where a member of our team will be happy to assist you. Thank you for shopping with Nidd Valley, and we hope to see you again soon: chair@niddvalleyroadrunners.co.uk.


The Week Ahead

It’s emotional, I know, but the Evening League has to come to an end at some point, and it will do so with the Ripon Handicap on Tuesday. Club Captains Michelle and Martin are utterly distraught; it is very difficult to get anything done with them moping around the place. Still, I hope they can pull themselves together and that they’ll see you there for the last waltz. Being a handicap, the start times are all over the place with the more steady runners going off first, so please check your start times and all other details on the website: http://www.harrogate-league.org.uk.


If you don’t want to do the Evening League on Tuesday, then Alan will open up the club house and will, I’m sure, appreciate your company if you fancy something a little more relaxed and uncompetitive. Be at the Hockey Club and ready to run for 7pm.


Thursday’s choice club run has come from Moira McTague, who has asked that we do the Hookie Woods route as it is the first run she ever did with the club. She’s a sentimental thing, clearly. You probably know the route by know, if we’re being honest, so it’s out round the Stray from the Hockey at 7pm. From there we head down by the Saints, into the woods, over the railway bridge by the hospice, and out onto Leeds Road. From there, you can turn and head for home, or push on through Stone Rings or down into Pannal if you want the full hill on your return. You get the idea: plenty of options so you can make it very much your own. Drinks in the bar afterwards, and it’d be nice to see you for a pint or two.


As ever there will be usual flurry of parkrunning on Saturday morning, but I’d encourage you to head up to Fountains Abbey where Fiona Robinson will complete her hundredth parkrun and join the illustrious alumni of the Saturday Centurions of Nidd Valley. This being Fountains, I’m sure there’ll be bacon sandwiches and mugs of hot coffee in the cafe afterwards. I hope to be there, and it’d be lovely to see you there too.


Burton Leonard Mob Match: 17 July 2016

We’ve got three weeks until the Mob Match at Burton Leonard 10k. We cannot fail. We must not fail. We shall not fail. The Mob Match Trophy will come back to Nidd Valley House, make no mistake. I need every single one of you – young and old, male and female, new members and veterans, the speedy and the steady – to get out there, run your best, give it your all, and then dig that little bit deeper. You’ve never been a team to give up or to back off, and I know you’ll rise to the challenge admirably. Let’s leave the Striders in absolutely no doubt: the Mob Match trophy is coming home.


The Striders will rue the day they ever messed with us.


More details here: http://www.burtonleonard10k.co.uk/enter-2016.html. There are no entries on the day but remember that Treasurer Dave will refund your entry fee if you race. You can’t say fairer than that.


Junior Committee

Lee D has sent out an email asking for some help with NV Juniors, specifically looking for people who are willing to take on the roles on Chair, Secretary and Membership Secretary. If this is something that tickles your fancy, floats your boat, turns you on etc., then please let Lee know by tomorrow. He’d be delighted to hear from you: juniors@niddvalleyroadrunners.co.uk.


Striders Corner

At the Staveley Stampede this morning, Guy Close (40:11) led our rivals home in a sparkling time – though not as fast as our Alex and Martin, obviously! – soon to be joined by Ian Mitchell (42:42) and Sima Lowery (44:37). Nicola Carter (44:52), Andrew Roberts (45:20), Julian Carr (46:09) and Derek Calvert (46:45) soon tore over the finish line. Liam Kennedy (55:42), just held Mark Shelton (56:29), Claire Killingworth (56:45) and Tracy Allison (56:58) at bay, while their team performance was rounded off with some cracking runs from Tony Everitt (59:14), Susan Randall (1:05:03), Alison Jackson (1:06:42) and Emma Wood (1:08:27). Well done, Striders!


You might be interested to note that our very own Alex Patrickson is dating Claire (she of 56:45) from the Striders. One of the Striders asked me how it felt that one of our members was dating a Muggle, which struck me as a tad harsh, but if that isn’t a sign of inter club love, then I don’t know what is. We do love the Striders, even though we will crush them mercilessly in the Mob Match.


Word to the Wise

While waiting at Honister Pass in the Lake District for Emma yesterday, there was no end of fell running heroes passing through. First there was Jasmine Paris (female record holder for the Bob Graham, in an incredible 15:24:15), then shortly after we were all excited to glimpse Joss Naylor (octogenarian, sheep farmer and beloved fell running legend) on his 80th birthday run. It was an exciting day, made all the more exciting when someone thought they saw Emma starting the descent from the nearest peak, prompting general panic as everyone ran around throwing random kit on and cramming things in bags, grabbing food and prompting Mark David glance up the hill before running to the toilet to have – what was in his own words – the “fastest number two in history”. Anyway, it was both a false alarm and another runner, and we returned to our contemplative, anxious and watchful wait. Phil broke the silence, first by farting rather indiscreetly and causing some slate to tumble down a fell in a neighbouring valley, and then with the following offering:

Phil: “It’s a shame that not even you of all people could recognise your own wife, Mark”

Mark: “Hmmm”

Phil: “Never mind”

Mark: “Still, at least I’ve seen a few fell running legends today.”

Phil: “What? Jasmine and Joss?”

Mark: “No. Emma and Carol.”

Phil: “That’s true. Still, shame you can’t even recognise your wife.”


When it comes to fell running, every day is a school day.



Enjoy your week, and I’ll see you at Ripon on Tuesday.


Sam x

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