Weekly Update: It’s coming home, it’s coming home! The Mob Match Trophy is coming home!!

Evening team,


WE DID IT! The Mob Match Trophy has been returned to Nidd Valley House! Thanks to all of you who got involved and helped Team Nidd deliver a solid thrashing to the Knaresborough Striders with a clear victory of 210 points! Well done to each and every one of you. Thanks to all who also came out to the pub yesterday to see us reclaim our trophy. It was a cracking afternoon, as far as I can remember. I couldn’t stop grinning, was drinking beer like it was going out of fashion, and circulated like I was at a cocktail party, talking to anyone and everyone! Sorry if it was you. But I had a jolly nice time and that, of course, is the main thing.

Well on my way to getting totally arseholed...

Well on my way to getting totally arseholed, surrounded by a load of Striders as they tuck into a double portion of humble pie with chips and beans…


Let’s get started with the results from the Mob Match at the Burton Leonard 10k. Warren Lowcock (38:38) and Matt Wilkinson (39:11) were the first to cross the line for Team Nidd, soon to be joined by Martin Lofthouse (40:40), Andy Todd (41:37), Alan Davidson (41:51) and Fingers Harris (42:03). Dan Eagling (45:04) was chased down by Chris – only just got a late place because the Chairman sent a begging letter – Crabtree (45:03), Adam Kirk (45:27), Ben Baird (45:44) and Sam Fugill (45:57). Mike Deacon (47:13) just held wife Fiona (47:27) at bay, with Mark David (47:27), Steve Newton (49:11) and Ron Snow (49:14) hot on their heels. Ian McLeod (49:45) was the next to finish, and it was great to see some strong runs from Paul Geary (50:26), Jim Cook (50:33) and Sue Simpson (51:13 – 1st FV55!). You’ve got to love Paul Manning (51:32) for his sterling performance, and we can’t not celebrate the fantastic times from Mark Armstrong (51:39), Emma David (52:06), Dave Seaman (52:23), Sarah Hughan (53:43) and Jenny Manning (54:27). Christine Holleran (54:47) was kept thoroughly entertained by Little Miss Chatterbox Debbie Gibson (54:54). Moira McTague (55:44), Hannah Peagram (55:48), Dave Prince (55:55) and Rachel Hebblewhite (58:09) were the next to appear, with Catherine Barber (58:52), Neil Wright (59:28), Rachael Prince (59:34) and Carolyn Easton (1:00:29) soon following. Nick Smith (1:00:54), Debbie Dilasser (1:02:04), Rosemary Thompson (1:02:26), Tony LC (1:02:57 – 1st MV70!), Helen Gregory (1:02:55), Jane Hill (1:03:25) a somewhat jaded Rebecca Ventress (1:04:02), Michelle Smith (1:04:19) and Sarah Chalmers (1:05:01) brought things to a thrilling conclusion. Well done to you all. You’ve won your Chairman his trophy back. Edoardo Piano has asked if this makes me “officially happy now”. I’m always happy, Edoardo. Kind word and a warm smile for all who cross my path, you know me.

A quick team photo in front of my magnificent erection...

A quick team photo in front of my magnificent erection…

It has been a quiet week up on the fells. Unless anyone has heard from Carol and Simon, I’ve got nothing to report, other than a tasty little result from Mark David. Mark (45:01) completed the Eshton Moor fell race on Thursday night, coming 25th out of the 60 runners to tackle the 5 mile course near Gargrave. Great work, Mark.


I’ve also got a great, but belated, result from Debbie Gibson who took part in one of those ridiculous muddy obstacle courses at Ripley Castle with some friends from her yoga class. She describes herself as “crazy” (remarkable self awareness, if you ask me) for taking part, but she got herself round in one piece. I haven’t got finish time, but if she’s prepared to put herself through such a ridiculous ordeal, the very least I could do is share a photo.

Still smiling, still chatting...

Still smiling, still chatting…

The crowds were out in force as Martin Lofthouse celebrated his 49th birthday – I know, he’s looking good on it isn’t he? – at Harrogate parkrun. Fingers Harris (18:38) led the team home with dog Jack, followed by Matt Rickard (20:11), Ben Baird (20:58) and Sue Simpson (22:57). Steve Newton (23:52) was the next to check in at the finish, with junior Ben Rosie (24:53) and Martin (26:25) and Sarah Lofthouse (26:25) never far behind. Catherine Barber (26:53) found herself with an unexpected PB, so it’s an extra well done there, with Rosemary Thompson (26:55), Tony LC (27:11) and Rebecca Ventress (27:13) joining in the celebrations. Rebecca just held Dave Rushton (27:14) at bay before Sarah Hughan (27:55), Sue Reast (28:08), Jane Hill (28:41) and Nick Smith (29:12) thundered over the line.  Natalia Lancosova (31:48), Mandy Smith (37:15) were swept up by Moira McTague (42:48) in a tidy end to the team performance. Well done to you all. I’m told that the celebratory birthday breakfast for Martin was – as is becoming an alarming tradition – supplemented by yet another balloon dance and poetry recital from un-embarrass-able Mrs Harris. I can’t wait to see the video.


In other parkrun news, we’ve got a great result from Andy Todd (22:58) who was a lone operative up at Fountains Abbey, whereas it was a suitably continental affair as Phil (28:22) and Fiona Robinson (35:06) hit the parkrun at Krakow. Whether or not Phil graced his Polish compatriots with some Tyson Fury-like comments, I can’t say, but we’ve had the Polish Ambassador’s Office on the phone for most of the afternoon here at Nidd Valley House. I’ll get back to you when I have more details.


As a quick note from the Juniors, we’re all very excited to celebrate Jacob Kavanagh’s victory at both the 800m and 1500m at the King James School Sports Day. Well done, Jacob, winning two different events in one day is a cracking achievement.


Shadows are falling and I been here all day / It’s too hot to sleep and time is running away / Feel like my soul has turned into steel / I’ve still got the scars that the sun didn’t let me heal: chair@niddvalleyroadrunners.co.uk.


The Week Ahead

We’ve got quite an exciting week planned here at Nidd Valley House, so why not have a peak at the menu and see what selections you’d like to make from this exciting athletic smörgåsbord.


On Tuesday, we’ve got a couple of different options. Dave S quite fancies a trip up the gorge, so will be leading a little run down there for those that fancy something a bit off road and scenic. Sarah H is keen to get her preparation in for the Harrogate 10k at the weekend, and so will be leading a recce of the course round the Duchy Estate. Whichever option tickles your fancy, meet at the Hockey Club and be ready to run for 7pm. It’d be great to see you.


On Thursday, we’ve got another pub run lined up for you, this time led by yours truly. This week, we’re running from Kirkby Overblow, and will be getting food and/or drinks in the Shoulder of Mutton afterwards (http://www.shoulderofmuttonharrogate.co.uk). You know the usual plan, get there early so you can place your order and be ready to run for 7pm. There’s a couple of routes in mind, so there are plenty of options and something for everyone. You might want to pop your trail shoes on, though. Look forward to seeing you there.


Saturday has just got a lot more exciting with a fell race at Bingley Show. It’s only £3 in, and quite accessible at a little under 1,000ft packed nicely into just over 10k. These shows are always quite a good laugh, anyway, and often involve good wholesome Yorkshire pursuits like drinking beer from willies, wife-tossing and competitive dry stone walling, that kind of thing. Go on, treat yourself: http://www.fellrunner.org.uk/races.php?id=4336.


I won’t lie to you, the Harrogate 10k isn’t the most exciting course in the world, but it is good to support the Harriers as their signature race is elevated to the heady heights of the Great Run series. If you don’t mind paying £19 to run round two laps of the Duchy Estate on Sunday – the things people will do for the club championship points, I suppose – then this is where you need to be: http://www.greatrun.org/great-yorkshire-run. Good luck to all competing.



The latest addition to the Nidd Valley fold…

I’m pleased to announce that Paul and Rachel are now proud parents to a rather lush-looking Joseph Michael Geary, born at 6Ib 9oz and with ten fingers and ten toes, all of that kind of thing. So it’s a very relieved mummy and daddy, and great excitement here at Nidd Valley House. Congratulations!

Mini G....

Mini G….


Word to the Wise

I got a cracking word to the wise in the pub yesterday, but unfortunately I am not allowed to print it. Shame, because it was an absolute corker. No matter, because this week we get our very first Twitter-based wisdom with the following banter between the Striders and the Valley…


Nidd: so this mob match thing, you fancy pints in town and trophy presentation afterwards / evening? U can drown ur sorrows!!

Striders: Sounds like a plan although we will be buying the champagne as we celebrate our win for the 2nd year in a row…!!

Nidd: And why would you be buying it? TO DROWN YOUR SORROWS!

Striders: Today is your last chance to enter the Burton Leonard 10k. Help us beat Nidd Valley and retain the Mob Match Trophy…

Nidd: Look, just polish the bloody thing, but it back in its box and prepare to give it back! Weep and despair!! X

Striders: No chance! #retainthetrophy


And on the subject of the Mob Match, we have one little question from Eric Morley at the Striders:


Bring it on, Eric. Bring. It. On.


Sorry for the late email this week but, by the time Fingers Harris poured me back in the front door last night, I’d have struggled to find the computer and switch it on, much less dispatch a weekly missive. Anyway, hopefully see you sometime this week. Have a good one.


Sam x

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