Steady Group

So, a steady grouop, yeah? A bit of explanation about what we’re trying to do is probably helpful.

This is going to be on a Tuesday as part of the usual club runs, except when winter intervals are on (people always enjoy doing that together). It will be a group making a conscious effort to go steady away and stick together so that the less speedy, more relaxed, less confident are able to come to the club knowing that there will be some fellow runners for them.

No one gets left behind and everyone is encouraged.

We’re hoping to introduce a group at the other end of spectrum for those that like pain, distance, silly speeds and the possibility of vomiting. Inclusivity works both ways, encompassaing the fast and the steady. More details on this one to follow.

There will still be the sizeable ‘middle ground’ who’ll do the run they’ve always done, breaking into ad hoc groups and varying their route as they go. We’re just pushing towards making sure there is something for those at both ends of the Nidd Valley Spectrum with a conscious effort to include them from the off.

All runs will start from the Hockey Club at the usual time. It’s good to keep that club feel, I think.

Thursdays will remain a more relaxed club run, with no specific groups but with beers afterwards.

This is NOT about segregating the club into regimented groups. It’s your club, run with who you like, as far as you like, as you like. We’re not telling you to do anything. Run with the steady lot one night, and step up another time, or vice versa if you need to take your foot from the gas. That’s fine.

This is NOT about turning the club into Harriers with stratified groups. We’re still Nidd Valley, and just as friendly and daft as e’re we once were. I’d just like everyone to feel that they are included, and I hope this goes someway to make that happen.

Comments / questions etc., always welcome.

Sam x

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