Weekly Update: A terrorist on car parking duties…

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Once again – you did it! Another Guy Fawkes 10 is in the bag and whether you marshalled, packed, drove vans, put signs up, took signs down, clapped, cheered, directed, dressed up, handed out, picked up, watered, tidied up or just stood around trying to look busy, we couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you very much indeed. You’ve shown why Nidd Valley is indeed the friendliest club around (if not a little bit odd, but there we go) and today we showed a thousand lycra-clad visitors the very best of Team Nidd. Twitter and the email are full of positive comments from the runners. Thanks for being part of making it happen. #hurrahfornidd #bossedit #winning

A terrorist on car parking duties...

A terrorist on car parking duties…

No doubt Race Director Matt will do his roll call of beer-fuelled thanks over pizza later, so I’ll record my thanks to him here. He’s done nearly all the work behind the scenes, with neither a grumble nor a penny’s pay. He got his moment’s glory stood on a wall brandishing a megaphone today, though, but that isn’t really recognition enough for the work he’s been quietly getting on with it over the past 12 months, graciously responding to stupid questions from an interfering Chairman along the way. The club owes him a tremendous debt. Thanks, mate.



Results are mercifully thin on the ground this week as you’ve all been helping marshal the GF10, so I’ve only got a handful of parkrun results from this weekend. But before I go to them, I need to set the record straight on a few that were omitted when I didn’t get an update to you last week.


The girls were first off the blocks last week with the North Tyneside to Newcastle Half Marathon. And they were led home by Little Miss Chatterbox herself, Debbie Gibson (1:56:28). Katie Cowie (1:56:36), Michelle Smith (2:13:21) followed next, with Brenda Loades (2:28:51) and Anne-Marie MacPhearson (also 2:28:51) rounding things off. Well done to you all ladies.


It was also an all-female affair up at the Yorkshire Coast 10k where Jane Hill (58:28) just sneaked in under the one hour barrier last weekend, with the tireless Michelle Dinsdale (1:01:15) never too far behind. Nice work!


We’ve got more silly antics from the Franklin-Morgan household, this time in the shape of the Dusk till Dawn Ultramarathon in the Peak District, with runners chased by the ominously Halloween-esque Grim Sweeper. Equipped with her headtorch and plenty of spare batteries, Carol Morgan (10:08) was first lady and third overall on the 50 mile nocturnal challenge, with hubby Simon (13:46) also putting down an outstanding time. Congratulations to you both.


Matt Wilkinson (19:14) kick started proceedings for us at Harrogate parkrun yesterday, with Martin Lofthouse (19:22) slotting tidily into his slip steam. Sue Simpson (23:13) was first Mrs Nidd to acquaint herself with the finish line, before she was joined by Mark Armstrong (24:03), Paul Manning (24:22) and Mike Benson (25:33). Moira McTague (25:45), Sarah Hughan (26:19) and NV Junior Thomas Gillett (26:42) led Hannah Peagram (27:05) to the finish, before we caught up with Jeff Walker (27:38), Rebecca Ventress (28:26), Tony LC (28:27) and Ewa Scott (28:54). It’s hard to believe that NV Junior Eddie Ventress (32:02) was spotted trying to snaffle some chocolate for himself at the bag packing yesterday morning, but with a time like that I can only assume the poor thing must have been starving. You have to feel for the little love, don’t you? I sometimes wonder if his mummy can rouse herself from her prosecco soaked stupor to feed him. He’s like Nidd Valley’s very own Oliver Twist.


Anyway, let’s leave such Dickensian tragedy behind us and look at the other parkrun results. Up at Fountains, Any Todd (19:55) just sneaked under the 20 minute barrier, and we had two cracking little results from Marcos Montana (24:22) and Nick Smith (27:58). Over in Skipton, Fiona Robinson (32:15) continued her quest to complete all the parkruns in Yorkshire. Some people collect stamps, other people collect shoes. Fiona, well, she collects parkrun results. Takes all sorts I suppose. Adam Kirk (20:14) set off with the big boys at front of the pack at Dewsbury and managed to hold on long enough to bag himself an impressive fourth place. Well done to you all.

Spot the Nidd!!

Spot the Nidd!!

I’m told that Matt Wilkinson’s mum reads the weekly update to find out what her son has been up to. If you too would like to share your news with Mrs Wilkinson, then you only have to let me know: chair@niddvalleyroadrunners.co.uk.


The Week Ahead

Moira M has chosen this Tuesday’s run and she thinks that you just can’t beat Bilton. I’m not so sure, but I’m not one to argue with her so on Tuesday let’s run Knox. As per usual, meet up at the Hockey Club for 7pm and we’ll head out over the railway bridge and down Woodfield Road and Tennyson Avenue. God willing, we’ll come up for air somewhere on Skipton Road from where you can head back to club if you have had enough, or head down to Little Wonder Roundabout and back up Ripon Road. Chase a few Strava Segments while you plough on up to the town centre, along West Park and then turn for the club. Catherine B will be taking charge of a slower and steadier group, so please don’t turn up thinking there is nothing for you. There’s something for everyone here at Nidd Valley House.


On Thursday, I fancy a little bit of Cold Bath Road action. Get a wriggle on and get yourself to the Hockey Club for 7pm, from where we will run out onto Skipton Road, down Kings Road, past the Crown Hotel and up Cold Bath Road. You can hang a left from the club there if that’s your lot, or you can head down the seemingly endless Pannal Ash Road and then onto Green Lane and Leadhall Lane. Yadda yadda, you know where to go from there. All roads lead back to the Hockey Club where the old grumps will be having a couple of pints and a bag of crisps in the club house bar. Why don’t you join them?


Sunday marks the end of the Fell Championships with the Wadsworth Trog. It’s really the last thing we need, to be honest with you, as Fell Running Phil is an emotional wreck. I haven’t seen him like this for years, and we don’t know what to do with him. Just when you think he’s holding it together, something sets him off and he’s crying his heart out into his hankie, shoulders shuddering as he sobs. It’s a terribly sorry sight. If you can face the emotional car crash that he’ll be come Sunday, then you can find out more about the race here: http://fellrunner.org.uk/races.php?id=4285. It’s just over nine miles in length, and just under 1,400ft in climbing, so you’ve got your work cut out. Good luck to all competing.


Winter Intervals

We’ll be starting this season’s Tuesday intervals next week, and will be unveiling Nidd Valley’s finest new coaching team: Sarah Hughan, Jon Easton and Dan Eagling. I’m really quite anxious about unleashing the King of Bantz, Dan, on you all so we’ll have to see how this one goes. I can still remember the time he spanked me on the arse as I ran past him when he was doing his coaching training. I never knew he felt that way if I’m being honest, and can only say I am sorry that his playful affections went unrequited. More details to follow next week (of intervals, that is, not Dan’s cheeky hands).


Deacon Towers: 20 November 2016

Yeah, so Fiona and Mike have got themselves a new country pad. You know how it is – wood burners, agas and chicken shit, that kind of thing. All sounds lovely. Anyway, they’re opening their doors to Nidders for a breakfast run on 20 November. If you would like to go for a run with these lovely people and then stop by for a brew to marvel at their new rural idyll, pop the date in your diary. Full details to follow next week.


Guy Fawkes 10: 5 November 2017

Only joking.


Word to the Wise

At last week’s Guy Fawkes’ reccie run, the conversation turned to lookalikes and the Nidders, perhaps ambitiously, were bragging about which celebrities and famous faces they have been likened to. And, in a moment of alarmingly intimate self-revelation, Jeff Walker made his word to the wise debut:

“I once pulled off Ian Botham…” – Jeff Walker, whose private life is thankfully no business of mine.


You’ve got Jenny Manning to thank for grassing Jeff up and bringing you that piece of filth.


See you for pizzas at the Hockey Club. 7pm. Be there or be hungry.


Sam x

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