Results Round-Up: 2 – 8 October 2017

Withins Skyline

We’ll start with the fells this week as there is plenty of tarmac bashing later on in the results. FRP was at Penistone Hill, Haworth as the only Nidd taking part in this mud fest. This muddy race was 11k with around 300m of muddy climbing, muddy streams, muddy paths, and mud. Phil finished in a time of 69:55, covered in mud.

Langdale Horseshoe Fell Race

This is the description of the race from the Ambleside AC website:

‘This race is over a rough, tough course with almost exclusively rocky and slippy ground. The weather in October is rarely ‘pleasant’ and the fells are often clagged in, making navigation difficult on a course with many pathless sections.  If you are at all unsure of your ability to complete the course safely, you should gain more experience and come back another year. Previous experience of similar races will be asked for as part of the entry system (2 medium or long category A races in previous 3 years, or similar relevant experience)’

It’s also 12km with 1450m of climbing involved, so there was only one man for the job. Andy Harris.

Andy finished in 3:46 and in 172nd place overall out of 345 finishers. Well done Andy!



Parkrun celebrated its 13th birthday at the weekend, and once again Nidd Valley Road Runners were traveling (not that) far and wide to run 5k. Fiona and Phil Robinson took a quick trip up the A1 to Darlington and had a go at parkrun there. Phil finished in 23:37, and Fiona crossed the line in 31:03. Rebecca Ventress and Aimi Blueman were a bit further up the A1 for their Saturday morning leg stretch – they participated in the parkrun in Newcastle. The route seems fairly flat and entirely on tarmac, but the course description states ‘Some sections of the course may accumulate mud, leaves and puddles after rain’!! There were a huge number of runners taking part in this, 617 in total, and Rebecca finished in 27:59, while Aimi finished in 31:25. Jamie and Debbie Dilasser stayed fairly local and went to Woodhouse Moor for their park running. Jamie finished in 19:56 and Debbie in 28:04. At Harrogate, Nadine Wilkinson continued her fine form and got herself a new PB of 24:48 – well done Nadine. At Fountains, Andy Todd and Sam Fugill were representing NVRR. Andy finished in 15th position overall in a time of 20:00, while Sam finished in 21:57 (hopefully he took it easy as recovering from injury!)

York marathon & 10 mile race

The Yorkshire marathon in York has become very popular over the last couple of years, especially for the local running fraternity who don’t want the hassle of travelling miles to compete in race. Nidd had six runners competing in the 10 mile event and eight runners in the marathon. In the ten mile race, Nick Smith was first back for the club in 1:29:32, with Ewa Scott next in 1:35:40. Jane Hill was next in 1:39:07 – a brilliant run from Jane as she took a massive 15 minutes of her previous course time! Kirsty O’Donnell was next in 1:39:13, Melissa Clare in 1:52:32, and Michelle Dinsdale stormed over the line in 1:52:41.

In the marathon, Alex Patrickson was the first Nidd to cross the line in 3:11:15, and getting himself a new PB in the process. Also achieving a PB was Emma Dooley who finished 2nd for the club in a very impressive time of 3:33:45 – and she raised a load of cash for charity! Emma David was next in 3:39:11, with James Cook scoring a PB finishing next in 3:42:33. Isobel Potter ran well and finished in 3:48:37, as did Paul Manning who crossed the line in 4:13:03. Jenny Manning was a second behind her brother in 4:14:38, with Marcos Montana finishing in 4:41:14.

A pretty impressive performance again by team Nidd, bring on Brid!!

FRP has asked me to mention the team from Nidd heading to the fell relays next weekend at Llanberis in North Wales – Edoardo Piano, Mark David, Simon Harris, Cath Barber, Alan Davidson, and Emma David. All the best to them, and try and spare a thought for them as they will no doubt encounter some mud while the rest of us encounter fish and chips, and maybe a Weatherspoon’s.

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