Sarah Hughan

Tell us your name Sarah Hughan
How and when did you first start running? I started running properly in 2013 to help me mentally as much as physically after my Mum died, it gave me thinking space and time doing something that needed my focus. I’d done a few races before then but nothing that made me want to stick at it. I could see and feel the benefits quickly so I stuck at it and trained myself to run a 5k in 30 mins and then made myself go to parkrun… that made me run faster and gave me motivation- I was hooked!
What brought you to Nidd Valley? After I did the Great North Run in 2014 to raise money for Saint Michael’s Hospice I met Martin and he mentioned Nidd Valley, Debbie D was going to join and I went along too I was really worried I would hold people up or wouldn’t be fast enough to join a runnjng club, but was really pleased to have a lovely welcome and was supported from the first time I rocked up!
When did you join Nidd Valley? October 2014
What is your favourite running music? Genre or specific tracks? I don’t really listen to it, but need to start as I am training for a marathon so will need some motivation for the long runs.
What is your favourite food before and after running? Before I race I always have weetabix with hot milk and brown sugar on it. I don’t know why – I just like it!!
What is your best running tip that you would like to share with us? It’s not actually even running- but you need to stretch more than you think. Oh and if you are like me do core work and glute training!
What is your proudest moment in your running career? When I passed my coaching exam- I didn’t think I would and had been stressing about it for ages! It’s pretty good to be able to give back to others with the sessions I can take.
What are your running goals? This year I am going to try and do a marathon, then I want to get a 22 minute and something 5k and a sub 50 10k…. just a few to keep me motivated!
What event are you training for at the moment? York marathon in October
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