Results Round Up – Tuesday 17th July

It’s been a busy couple of weeks for the club so here is a roundup of all the recent results. On the last batch, I forgot to include Andy Harris in the Staveley Stampede results, he finished 6th overall and in a time of 39:07 – sorry Andy!

Please let me know if you raced and didn’t get a mention or if I’ve missed something like your new parkrun PB – with so many new members it’s difficult to keep tabs on everyone during the racing season. Well done to every one that’s raced over the last few weeks – this unusually prolonged spell of hot weather has made running more challenging than usual! It’s also great to see the Zip to Zoomers enjoying the races and evening league events – your hard work and positive attitude is really evident………

Eccup 10
This race is another popular 10 mile event that usually fills up quite quickly, and is very well attended by clubs from the Leeds/Harrogate area. It also features as one of our club champ races so there was extra points up for grabs. It was hot day so well done to all those who attended.

Here is the finishing list:
Adam Kirk 1:01:30
John Beaumont 1:10:34
Kevin Dalton 1:10:57
Emma Dooley 1:18:44
Sue Simpson 1:22:45
Yvonne Skelton 1:35:35
Michelle Smith 1:46:38
Sylvia Morten 1:56:40
Sarah Chalmers 1:59:48

Harrogate 10k
Harrogate Harriers once again organised this 10k, this time with a bit more of an interesting route which started and finished at their new base at the squash club. Conditions were not great for running as temperatures were up in to the high 20’s, and with no breeze to relieve some of the hot air, the last hundred or so metres up the ‘Crimple Killer ‘ proved to be a bit savage for some folk! Nidd had a good number of runners there to support the Harriers, and all managed to cross the line without any issues despite the conditions…..

Nigel Scaife 00:44:41
David Shores 00:48:49
James Forster 00:51:33
Natasha Harrison 00:54:05
Dave Seaman 00:55:44
Alison Iles 00:56:17
Nicholas Smith 00:58:51
Moira Mctague 00:59:33
Iain Scott 01:00:26
Debbie Dilasser 01:01:10
Russell Geraghty 01:01:19
Susana Shaw 01:02:01
Rosemary Thompson 01:02:18
Marcos Montana 01:02:13
Jane Wilkinson 01:06:30
Fiona Robinson 01:08:30
Martin Weeks 01:08:32

Hadrian’s Wall half
Phil Ventress ran the Hadrian’s Wall half marathon the other week but I forgot to include it the write up! Phil finished in 1:51:16, which was a PB for him at this one.

Burn Valley
This half marathon, which starts and finishes in Masham, was given the nick name of ‘Death Valley’ by one of our club members. This is in no doubt due to the many hills that runners have to ascend over the 13.1 mile route usually in very warm conditions. It’s a great one to enter and another club champs race. Here are the finishers:

Andy Todd 1:31:48.7
Martin Lofthouse 1:32:19.6
Nigel Scaife 1:42:57.6
Kevin Dalton 1:44:35.4
Emma Dooley 1:51:27.3
Christopher Beattie 1:53:13.6
Rebecca Maggs 1:57:19.5
Jane Evans 1:57:13.4
Jenny Manning 2:16:08.6
Debbie Gibson 2:16:21.3
Rachael Prince 2:18:14.7
Yvonne Skelton 2:18:41.7
Jane Hill 2:27:53.5
Michelle Smith 2:31:07.1
Fiona Robinson 2:35:20

Thirsk Evening league
This was the last race of the current batch that we actually got to run in before it’s our turn to host next week. After the two previous races involving lots of hills and not much food left at the post race buffets, the relative flatness (and very dusty) 5 mile route at Thirsk was welcomed by most runners (apart from FRP). Conditions were again not ideal for racing due to the high temperatures – a theme that seems to have been running since June – but we managed to push on and get round without incident. The post-race food at the athletics club was spot on as there was plenty of sarnies and cakes to go round. Although we didn’t have as many runners at this one as we have had at the previous races in the series, it was still a great turnout of 50+ on the night. Jeff Walker gets a special mention for sacrificing is own race time to make sure that others got round ok…….

Adam Kirk 28:57:00
Matt Wilkinson 30:17:00
Steff Quinn 31:36:00
Martin Lofthouse 31:37:00
Nigel Scaife 32:44:00
Brian Hainsworth 32:45:00
Alex Robinson 33:00:00
Jon Easton 33:45:00
Kevin Dalton 33:52:00
Daniel Eagling 34:08:00
Edoardo Piano 34:28:00
Steve Turner 34:36:00
Becky Barron 35:22:00
Mike Deacon 36:13:00
Sam Fugill 37:13:00
Phil Robinson 37:34:00
Emma Dooley 37:37:00
Jonny Forster 38:19:00
Debra Jenkins 38:48:00
Natasha Harrison 39:20:00
Dave Seaman 39:39:00
Damien Hanslip 39:50:00
Alex Leslie 39:59:00
Alison Iles 40:21:00
Sarah Hughan 40:22:00
Nigel Brereton 42:31:00
Moira Mctague 43:16:00
Ralph Mcmullan 43:34:00
Robert Hill 43:49:00
Ian Mcleod 43:51:00
Debbie Dilasser 45:00:00
Gayle Wise 46:00:00
Yvonne Skelton 46:22:00
Jane Hill 47:36:00
Ursula Holmes 47:42:00
Colleen Gruenwald 48:07:00
Michelle Smith 48:21:00
Jane Wilkinson 48:26:00
Bec Carman 49:52:00
Joanne Warins 50:11:00
Amanda Schofield 50:12:00
Fiona Robinson 51:06:00
Graham Hyde 54:12:00
Chris Parker 54:36:00
Sylvia Morten 55:30:00
Jill Hornsby 55:45:00
Katy Jarrett 56:55:00
Lianne Coiley 56:56:00
Clare Simpson 57:09:00
Chloe Brydon 59:41:00
Jeff Walker 59:42:00

Chocolate 10k
Running and chocolate will always be winning combination, and there’s no better way to celebrate these great things than having a 10k in York, a city rich in chocolate history. Only in its second year, this race incorporates a 2 lap route around York Knavesmire and all finishers get a medal, goody bag, and homemade cake!

NVRR had four runners at this one, with Jonathan Clipston first back for the club in 59:23. Clare Simpson was next in 1:17:30, then Lisa Clipston in 1:29:21, and Carol Coates 1:29:23. Well done everyone, the cake was well deserved!

Burton Leonard 10k
Annual mob match? Check. Lovely village setting? Check. Too hot to run? Check. Trophy retained? Check.

Here are the results:
Adam Kirk 0:38:43.2
Luke Wakelin 0:40:14.7
Andy Todd 0:41:24.9 (1st M50)
Steff Quinn 0:41:57.8
Martin Lofthouse 0:42:13.8
Alex Robinson 0:42:46.4
Sam Fugill 0:43:59.6
Brian Hainsworth 0:44:27.1
Andrew Harris 0:44:47.7
Nigel Scaife 0:44:50.8
John Beaumont 0:44:45.6
Dan Eagling 0:45:04.2
James Braddon 0:46:04.4
Kevin Dalton 0:46:18.3
Benjamin Baird 0:46:43.1
Matt Rickard 0:46:55.9
Kevin Nicholas 0:48:25.6
David Shores 0:48:54.2
Christopher Beattie 0:49:03.0
Michael Deacon 0:49:25.4
Phil Ventress 0:50:29.8
Rob Snow 0:50:44.9
Emma Dooley 0:51:30.5
Fiona Deacon 0:52:02.0
Mark Armstrong 0:52:34.2
Philip Robinson 0:52:42.5
Andrew Aird 0:53:44.9
Jane Evans 0:53:46.8
James Forster 0:54:29.3
Michael Benson 0:54:32.7
Dave Seaman 0:54:33.9 (1st M70)
Alex Leslie 0:54:43.5
Ian Mcleod 0:54:49.6
Andrew Peagram 0:55:06.9
Paul Manning 0:56:21.1
Ralph Mcmullan 0:56:57.1
Stephen Newton 0:57:13.6
Christina Taylor 0:57:33.9
Mark Brown 0:57:43.1
Jeremy Scott 0:57:26.4
Sarah Hughan 0:57:54.7
Jeff Walker 0:58:15.0
Nick Smith 0:58:38.2
Jenny Manning 0:59:57.8
Debbie Gibson 0:59:57.7
Robert Hill 1:00:49.6 (3rd M70)
Moira Mc Tague 1:00:59.2
Marcos Montana 1:01:33.7
Nigel Brereton 1:01:50.5
Sarah Lofthouse 1:01:54.7
Emma Kettlewell 1:01:55.2
Yvonne Skelton 1:03:15.0 (2nd W65)
Carolyn Easton 1:03:48.3
Gayle Wise 1:04:15.7
Jonathan Clipston 1:04:50.7
Rachael Prince 1:05:04.1
Michelle Smith 1:05:52.9
Penelope Tiffney 1:06:59.5
Martin Weeks 1:08:07.8
Jane Hill 1:09:19.6
Lynsey Barraclough 1:10:54.2
Amanda Schofield 1:11:24.8
Lorna Eley 1:11:52.5
Fiona Robinson 1:11:30.1
Graham Hyde 1:16:00.2
Sylvia Morten 1:17:56.1
Sarah Chalmers 1:20:26.8
Yulia Brereton 1:20:59.5
Clare Simpson 1:25:13.2
Jill Hornsby 1:26:03.1
Lianne Coiley 1:26:04.1

Other stuff/parkrun
At the Leeds 10k– Debbie Handslip finished in 1:00:45 while at The Spire 10 miles in Chesterfield Alex Leslie crossed the line in 1:26:21.
In the off road/fell world, there have been several events over the last few weeks.
The Buttermere Horseshoe race over in the Lake District was 22.1 miles with 2515m of climb (category AL) – Eduardo Piano finished this one in 7:07:22.
Fozzy Forster was also in the Lakes recently to take part in the Ultimate Trails 55k, and put in a great effort to finish in 11:19:43.
NVRR had a team at the Danefield Relays consisting of Mark David, FRP Robinson, and Edoardo Piano. They called themselves The Knights who say Nidd and finished in1:15:53
At the recent Golden Acre Relays there were two teams from the club. Nidd Men’s consisting of Steff Quinn, Martin Lofthouse, and Nigel Scaife finished 15th overall in a time of 52:12. Nidd Valley Black and Gold represented by Alex Robinson, Debbie Gibson, Phil Robinson finished in 59:37 and 51st overall.
At the Washburn Valley Relays last Friday evening, NVRR was well represented by 3 teams. Brian Hainsworth, Martin Lofthouse, Andy Harris made up Nidd Valley men’s B team and crossed the line in 1:05:32, while David Shores, Steff Quinn, and Nigel Scaife pushed the other men’s team to finish in 1:09:17.
The Nidd Valley Lady’s team made up of Fiona Deacon, Sarah Chalmers, Bec Carmen put in a great effort to finish in 1:36:27.
Recent parkrun achievements include Michelle Beaumont recording a new PB at Fountains with a time of 36:25, and Coleen Gruenwald getting a PB of 26:31 at Montrose parkrun.

I think that will do for now, see you all later for our evening league race.



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