Bed Race 2019

Evening all,

Thank you to everyone who has come forward to offer their services for bed race; either as runners, marshals or volunteers. It’s never easy to fit everyone in to well-balanced teams but in consultation with the prospective captains we have the following five fantastic teams:

Bec Carman (Capt)
Amanda Schofield
Liz Ahmed
Lianne Coiley
Sarah Chalmers
Katie Swannie

Men’s Team A
Matt Wilkinson (Capt)
Liam Marwood
Alex Patrickson
Matt Rochester
Andy Harris
Alex Robinson
Reserve: Adam Kirk

Men’s Team B
Sam Fugill (Capt)
Steve Flood
James Knapp
Matt Rickard
Phil Ventress
Brian Hainsworth

Mixed A
Sarah Hughan (Capt)
Michelle Howe
Helen Cook
Simon Staiano
Kev Dalton
Jon Beaumont
Reserve: Richard Taylor

Mixed B
Dave Prince (Capt)
Rachael Prince
Nigel Brereton
Yulia Brereton
Melissa Thomas-Peters
Jonathan Clipston
Reserve: Ari Greenberg

So next it will be a case of submitting entries before the deadline at the end of February, then if we are lucky enough to get all five teams in we will need to find some extra beds! If you expressed an interest but haven’t made one of the teams, please still come along to training – it would be good for your fitness and with bed race there’s ‘many a slip twixt cup and lip!’

Any questions please speak to the captains!

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