Week Ahead – Monday 18th February 2019

Evening Nidders,

So this is the last time you’ll be receiving one of these emails from me as Chair. So before I launch into the Tuesday/Thursday bit, I just wanted to take this opportunity to say thanks to everyone who has worked with me over the last two years to help make my time as Chair enjoyable. I’ve become far too diplomatic over these last two years so I won’t name names, but I’m pretty sure you know who you are!

I’d like to think it’s been a successful two years, I definitely feel like the club has grown in that time. I can honestly look back and say that we’ve always tried to do the right thing by everyone, and I hope that has come across in the decisions we’ve made. If I’m honest I’m most happy about the fact that I didn’t make a complete pig’s ear of it, and apart from a few minor disagreements, I think we’re all still friends aren’t we? Okay, just three days to go, even I can’t mess it up now can I…

I’m not going quietly though, in fact you’ve got a double dose of me this week! I’m coaching on Tuesday and overseeing the AGM on Thursday. I hope you can all make it to both!

Tuesday’s session see us return to Montpellier, I really like this route. I know it can feel a little bit busy at times, but it was my first ever interval session with the club, so I’ve got a soft spot for it! I’m joined by Bec and Hannah tomorrow, so we’ll hopefully see you at the bottom of Montpellier from 7.15pm, just in time for a warm up. If you’d rather run from the club, then we’ll be setting off at 7pm prompt.

Onto Thursday, and as we need to be back at the club ready for the AGM to start at 8.30pm, I thought I’d try and keep this week’s route quite close by. That’s why I’ve chosen the Mallinson Route. Leaving the club via Claro Road we head towards the Hospital, before crossing Wetherby Road and then following Sligsby Walk to the top and then onto Stray Rein. We take a left turn onto St James Drive, before joining Tewitt Well Road and then out onto Leeds Road, where we pass M&S. We’ll need to cross Leeds Road and then turn on to Firs Crescent, then it’s Mallinson Oval and finally left onto Leadhall Lane. We cross over here and then run up to the top of Rossett Drive and onto Pannal Ash Road, before heading back to the club via Otley Road, across the Stray to Victoria Avenue, it’s then North Park Road, Park Parade and back to the club. Normal times apply, leaving the club at 7pm.

The break point for this run is where Oatlands Drive joins Slingsby Walk.

Here’s a reminder of the paces we run:

Group 1 – if you run 5k in 23 minutes or quicker
Group 2 – if you run 5k in 26 minutes or quicker
Group 3 – if you run 5k in 29 minutes or quicker 29
Group 4 – if you run 5k in 33 minutes

Don’t forget to wear your hi-viz vests and head torches if you have one!

Hope to see you all at some point this week, thanks again for your support.


P.S Please do come along on Thursday, there’s free pizza, lots of voting and a chance to see where all the money has gone! 😳

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