Week Ahead – Sunday 14th April 2019

Afternoon All

Hope this finds you fit and healthy.
India was incredible and even more incredible was the fact that I wasn’t ill. No running to the loo but sadly no running at all so its back to it for me this week.
Thank you to Kevin for writing the weekly emails and producing the first of our monthly newsletters. Were keen to give this newsletter a name or a title so please email Kevin with your suggestions and we will have a club vote to decide.

Training Shoe Trial. Up&Running.
This Thursday 18th there will be a representative from Up&Running offering a trial run in Saucony trainers. Its a great opportunity to run in the trainers that night with no obligation to buy.If you do decide to buy there will be 15% off  vouchers too. 
Jane Hill has kindly offered to open up the club 6.20pm so be early if you’re thinking of trying some trainers.

A busy week ahead!

Tuesday  16/4/19. Speed Intervals.

Meet at the club for 6.45pm ready to jog to the start or meet at Derwent Road.

There will be a coach and assistants to take the session.

Thursday  18/4/19 Social Club Run

Three Options!

Option 1.

Route. Knaresborough. 6 to 8 miles.

Over the railway bridge turning right onto the Greenway, Bilton Lane turning right towards The Gardeners Arms and into Knaresborough.

There are several options from this point including:-

a) Retracing your steps but maintaining the pace or increasing your pace. Also known as a negative split and great race training.

b) Waterside to Calcutt, Forest Moor Road, Morrisons and Kingsley Drive.

c) Knaresborough Road to Kingsley Drive.
Option 2.
Set off in the same direction but peel off the Greenway and run through the beautiful Nidderdale Gorge. Approximately 5 miles.Dave Seaman will be running this route.

Option 3.
Its Easter weekend soon so how about an Easter Egg Hunt?Sarah Chalmers  is leading this almost traffic free on and off road social run with the added fun of finding Easter eggs.If you’re doing this please let her know by Tuesday 16th April so she can calculate the number of eggs to buy.

Run Leaders.   Your club needs you!!

Pacing Groups.

Group 1. – 5K around 23 mins.    Approx 7.30 minute mile

Group 2. – 5K around 25mins.     Approx 8.10 minute mile

Group 3. – 5K around 27 mins.    Approx 8.50 minute mile

Group 4 – 5K around 30 mins.     Approx 0940 minute mile

Group 5 – 5K around 33 mins.      Approx 10.40 minute mile.
Of course there’s also social running at whatever pace suits you on the night.

Health and Safety Briefing.

Warm up and cool down correctly.

Buddy up where possible.

In the event an injury does occur please remember to inform the welfare officer using the on line form on our club web site.

Thought for the week.     
No matter how slow you go, you are still lapping everyone on the couch.

Best Wishes, Christine.

Chair. NVRR.

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