Week Ahead – Sunday 18th August 2019

Afternoon All,

I hope this finds you all well. We have another busy week ahead with 3 race options in the mix but just to lighten the training and racing focus I thought you might want to indulge in some self reflection and see how many you can relate to below.

Lies runners tell themselves and others
It always makes me feel good
It wasn’t the running that caused the injury it was ******
Weather doesn’t bother me
I’m never doing that again.
I’m used to the early mornings
I don’t really care about the numbers
I’m not really racing this one its just a training run
I haven’t done much training for *****
I’m going to take it easy as I’m saving myself for ******
I’m not bothered if ****** beats me today
I’m counting that as 10 miles as it was hilly even though my Garmin states 9.6

Now we all know what we’re like here are the details for the week ahead.

The Week Ahead 19/8/19.

Tuesday 20//8/19 Intervals.
The interval block of training continues on the school field behind the hockey club.
7pm start with a coach and assistants leading you through the session.

There is the usual club run too, if anyone would prefer that.

Wednesday 21/8/19 Sessay Swift.
Another club championship road race and only 6K. Please check out the race website for further information.

Thursday 22/8/19. Social Club Run. Valley Gardens.
I’m suggesting this one as its 5 miles, which isn’t too far for those who raced the night before and its a scenic route to enjoy. There are options to vary the route if desired.

Claro Road, Town Centre, Cornwall Road, Harlow Moor Road, Beckwith Road and Green Lane returning via Leeds Road or Hookstone Road. 5 miles.

Saturday 24/8/19. Burnsall 10 mile road race and Burnsall Classic Fell Race 2.4K
Again, please check the race website for further information. I understand there’s a few people planning to do the double, good for you and good luck!

Health and Safety Briefing.
Warm up and stretch off after running.
Buddy up with someone where possible
Report an injuries to Bec Carman our welfare member or any committee member.

Please accept my apologies for my absence of late but Im still keeping the injury bench nice and warm.

Enjoy your week and try not to tell too many lies!!.

Best Wishes, Christine.
NVRR Chair.

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