What have you been up to! Monday 13th April 2020

Hello everyone and Happy Easter too.

I hope you’re all keeping well and adapting to your new routines, whatever they may be.

I’ve put this email together with a few photos showing just what you’ve been up to. I know that some members are not on Facebook and I wanted to make sure they’re weren’t missing out.

It’s also a great way to remind ourselves what fun we have and what a great club we are.

Alan celebrated a birthday at the beginning of this month.
This is him a year or so ago with Nidders. What a superstar he is and a inspiration to all of us.

This was a challenge someone set but it was definitely beyond me. A bit like the actual fells to be fair!

Name the UK Fell Clubs

Bec, brightening up everyone’s day with a suggestion to post photos of your happy races.

Bec’s Happy Running

Moira, sharing her run and showcasing Nidd Valley at its best. The challenge was to name the hill in the top left.

Martin, with his what to with race numbers post on Facebook. I suggested wallpapering a wall but I’m still waiting to see if he did it.

A Strava art challenge or running to avoid people? Is it a dragon?

The youngest and cutest member of NVRR posing in her vest.

Well done Fozzy, that’s tough going in your own garden.  If you are on Facebook check out the video https://www.facebook.com/d56f0914-fb49-43ab-bca5-69c02eda00ca

Well why not! Great chance to wash all your kit in one go!

Guess who took to her bike and the quiet lanes as a change from running? She’s very fast!

Jeremy at his best, a budding film maker running with a kitchen sink on his back and filming at the same time. This generated a few laughs with numerous ‘sink’ related comments. I couldn’t decide if it was a comedy or a sinister horror movie.  https://www.facebook.com/saw48/videos/2977672095655451/ 

Cath, offering map reading skills on line after the disappointment of not being able to do this for real.

Phil V, a screen shot of a short video clip of him taking the proverbial out of a fellow Nidder. Who would have thought!

John Beaumont AKA The Easter Bunny dropping off eggs for children at a safe distance. What a fab thing to do!

Emma Kicks, has been doing several Kick The Core classes on line which have been well received. There’s still plenty of room if you’re interested.

Finally, last but not least.Sam Fugill has been doing Lockdown quizzes again using the zoom app. Great fun, although the questions are tough! Well done and thank you Sam.

So, there you have it, an idea of what you’ve been up to.
I’ve got to say I’m delighted with the ideas and efforts you’re all making to keep us connected. I had no idea you were so creative!

On another note, I’m looking to host a Zoom on line question and answer session open to all members sometime either this week or next.
A chance to chat and ask questions of the committee but I’ll send out the details once I have a firm idea of how this might work.

Best wishes from me to each and every one of you.

NVRR Chair.

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