Week Ahead – Sunday 21st February 2021

Afternoon All,

I can’t believe I’ve been writing these emails for two years now! Doesn’t time fly when you’re having fun.
I hope you’re all reading this one, as it is my last. I’m sure you’re aware I will be standing down as the club chair after our AGM this Wednesday.

I’ve spent 3 years as a committee member and decided to call time on the responsibility and enjoy the club for the simple pleasure of running. Hopefully with other members soon!

This last year has been a challenge, balancing the needs of members to run, train and race alongside the restrictions of a pandemic were not something I envisaged.
Nevertheless, with the support of other committee members and the patience, enthusiasm and friendships of all club members we have achieved a great deal and continued to run.

So, with a happy heart, some fond memories and a sense of achievement I will be handing over to my successor on Wednesday.

In the meantime business as usual.

Cross Country and Mini Series.
Don’t forget to submit your cross country virtual race number 4 and or mini series 10K time to Sarah or Kevin by 7pm today.

The 5th and final cross country race starts tomorrow. Dave Seaman has emailed the route details and they’re also on our Facebook page.

Well done everyone and thank you again to all those involved in organising these routes and preparing the results.

Wednesday 24th February 2021. 7.30pm. Via Zoom

You will receive short reports from the Committee Officers, there are several items on the agenda which will your vote.  All Club Members are encouraged to attend….it will be great to see you there!

Christina Taylor has sent the agenda and reports this afternoon. Please take the time to read through them.

So, a farewell from me on here, hope to see you on Wednesday and out and about running around the local area.

Best wishes,


NVRR Chair.

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