Message from the Chair – 14th March 2021

Happy Sunday to the Nidd Valley Runners Team,

Hope everyone is well and looking forward to a Spring and Summer of good healthy running at whatever speed.

Over the last 3 weeks I have spoken to over 10 people that are either on the committee or members that I had not really got to know very well.  From my 2 hour walk with Emma David, whereby I found out that she had moved to Kenya at the age of 8,  to Sam Fugill and Mike Deacon that I had no knowledge of the fact Sam had been Chair and Mike Captain.   I could go on,  however it is a lesson for us all that although we all gravitate to our friends, or a type of person, we should work hard to get to know as many people as we can by inviting them on our runs or even a walk as Emma suggested.

Following our Committee meeting last Wednesday whereby we got through quite a full agenda, I thought I would update on a few points before we receive the minutes.

Firstly I would like to thank Kevin and Sarah for their work on the planning of races this year.  Their idea of 5 races to qualify and 2 goal races of which we can choose or do both has been very very well received.  All of the races are now on the website and although some may have to be changed due to Government Guidelines in the future  I am sure they both will keep us updated.


We discussed that on club nights any Newbies should be allocated a buddy that runs with them in the group they would be most comfortable to run.  And then stay in touch with them for the first few weeks in order they felt welcomed and were introduced to other members of the club.  This certainly didn’t happen with me and it was Sarah Staiano that made a point of inviting me and my son Kris for a coffee following the Fountains Abbey Park run making us  feel most welcome and truly underscored that we are the friendly club we communicate we are.  It was following this, that Christine Jones and Martin Lofthouse introduced themselves and made me feel very welcome. Often, officials have much to do, therefore a buddy volunteer can remove that pressure and confirm our statement of a friendly club.

Superstar Awards

Which brings me on to my next point,  which is an apology. I was not aware that the club ran a monthly SUPERSTAR award and I should have taken the trouble to pick that up, or find out.  People are nominated by club members for going above and beyond the line of duty.   Once nominations are received the committee will then announce each month who the winner is.  There is a cash thank you to the winner of £20.  It is so so important that we recognise a Superstar each month.  Recognition and Appreciation are 2 of the most rewarding qualities that we have at our disposal.  Therefore could we all work on considering who we know, that should be considered for this award each month.  I am going to kick off  March by nominating the dynamic duo of Sarah and Kevin.  In the first instance this month, please forward your nominations to  who has kindly offered to work on this, before I ask if Sylvia or anyone would like to run with this permanently.


We have all now received the e.mail from Graham Hyde advising us of our subscriptions for the year.  The decision to reduce them is correct in light of the pandemic, however still much has to be done and planned for and the committee felt the reduction was a fair one.   We hope you agree. Graham Hyde and Sylvia Morten put in a lot of work for the club and we all thank them  for that.  Therefore could I please ask members to pay their subscriptions as early as they possibly can as I know much of Graham, and Sylvia’s time can be  spent chasing subscriptions.  Which can be avoided,  and not fair to them. Do let the club know your intentions for the forthcoming year and complete the quick form here.

Roadmap out of Lockdown

Emma David has kindly volunteered to communicate our roadmap out of lockdown.  We currently all know the Government Guidelines however these may change (hopefully not) and we will need to know what the procedure will be when turning  up on club nights.  Emma will let us know these facts as we get closer to each date.

Social Media

Social Media is undoubtedly a very important part of communication life.  Many enjoy it, learn from it,  and a wonderful way to communicate that was so difficult only a few years ago.   However it  can be a controversial subject,  and I understand that.  Often when people are offensive or break the guidelines clubs like ours remind  everyone that they should adhere to the guidelines putting us all under the same umbrella. To that end we discussed adding to the guidelines,  that rather than from time to time  reminding  everyone of the guidelines, we would speak on a one to one the individuals that the committee feel should be spoken.  We are not talking policing, stopping fun, and even pushing the boundaries.  Just offensive comments.  We will  courteously explain the reasons why the committee felt a comment was unacceptable.  Any additions to the guidelines will be decided at next committee and re issued.

Finally can I say,  like everyone I am looking forward to coming out of lockdown, meeting our friends at the club,  or races if that is our thing,   And enjoying the friendships we have built,  or are about to build.  I commit to continue my work on getting to know as many people in the club as I can.  Let us all make the effort to get to know people outside of our current relationships.

Have a great week everyone

Onwards and Upwards


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