One week to go…..!

It’s all looking positive for returning to our running in groups of 6 from the 29th March.

However, to make sure we can do this safely we need volunteers to lead groups of 6 on club runs, and for the intervals please! You don’t have to have any qualifications to lead club runs. Please reply to me (not the whole club) if you can help with this. Thank you!

The first day back with NVRR on Tues 30th March will be intervals in our groups of 6. Same groups and leaders as before. We will be starting from the beginning of the set of 6 and you will meet at the location of the intervals. If you’re not already in a group, have a look at the sign in sheet as there are some spaces:

I don’t know yet whether there will be anyone running from the club on that Tuesday – any volunteers? [edit Dave S is running from the club at 7pm]

Then on Thursday the 1st we will be running from the club in groups of 6 based on pace. More detailed info about groups to follow.

The Covid 19 risk assessment has been updated on the club website. PLEASE READ it at your leisure next week 🙂

I think that’s all you need to know for now. phew……..but shall we have one final lockdown interval session in the meantime?

Yeah, OK then…..but I’ll send you that in a separate email as this one is getting really long!!!


Coach / Covid Police

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