Message From The Chair – Sunday 28th March 2021

Good Morning to the Nidd Valley Runners Team,

Well for many, the last year has been a very challenging time.  There are times we must have asked ourselves when will these challenges ever end.  Well there now is light at the end of the tunnel.  For the Nidd Valley Runners Community it begins on Tuesday when we can start to run or participate in intervals in Covid safe groups of 6, each group having a group leader. Emma David,   after volunteering to be our Covid Safe Ambassador has done a wonderful job in not only organising our club to be Covid safe, but more importantly effectively communicating the guidelines to us all.  If for some reason you have not received them they can be found on the Nidd Valley Runners website.

We all look forward to following the guidelines and enjoying running with our colleagues.

Please encourage another person that you do not know very well to join you and your friends as they may not have anyone to run with outside of club evenings.  That was me at one time before Sarah Staiano, Dave Seaman and Nick Smith got me out and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Harrogate Hospital Charity.

Many would know the great work Nick Smith does constantly at Harrogate Hospital giving his time selfishly as a volunteer especially in these difficult times.  We have many others within the Nidd Valley Runners Community that also volunteer or work at Harrogate Hospital and we thank them all.

Nick approached me on behalf of  Yvonne Campbell Head of Charity and Business Development Project Manager. I have spoken twice at length with Yvonne  who has asked whether the club would support a charity event they are holding over the next year starting on April 1st.  There’s no rush as the events will be split into 4 quarters and if we agree can start in any quarter.  I have committed to Yvonne to take this to committee at our next meeting on the 14th April.  However many of you would know  Yvonne, or the charity and certainly the hospital and most certainly would have ben treated there. So I am just giving the heads up here if you wish to check it out.

Litter Collection

One of the things that surprised me one evening when turning up for a Thursday club run was the fact that we didn’t go on our normal run,  but instead went on litter collection around the town.  Initially I was surprised mainly because I wasn’t expecting it.  However having done it I looked back with much satisfaction and thought what a great thing to do. With this in mind I would like us to consider more of this in the future . How many, when, where can all be discussed at committee when we know that members would not mind doing more of this great work around Harrogate.  Let us just discuss this amongst ourselves over the next few weeks before we gather some feedback.

Jamie Dilasser

Most will now be aware that Jamie had to spend 6 days in hospital due to a collapsed lung that at one point was looking like surgery would be needed to correct the problem. We are pleased to tell you that Jamie is now home recovering,  and at this stage we wish him a comfortable and full recovery.

Committee Meeting

Our next scheduled committee meeting is scheduled for the 14th April.  If you have any points that you would wish on that agenda please forward them to

SuperStar Award

Please take time to spot someone going above and beyond.  It is happening all the time.  All we have to do is spot it and take the time to forward the name and reason for your nomination to

Finally, we now have the opportunity to enjoy the Spring and Summer weather running with our family and friends whether it be at the club, organised events, or just casually around the town or countryside.  Please enjoy the lifting of restrictions, however always bearing in mind that if we are running with a Nidd Valley Runners vest on we are a representative of the club

Onwards and Upwards


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