The Week Ahead – Sunday 28th March 2021

Hello everyone!

Thanks to Rob for the email from the Chair earlier. This one is to clarify (I hope!!) what is happening this week. So here goes:


Intervals start for those wanting to do them. As mentioned last week, we will keep in the groups of 6 we were in last year and start from the beginning of the 6 sessions again. Group leaders know what to do and will be in touch with their group members. There are some spaces available which you can sign up for here:

Please also remove your names from the spreadsheet if you are no longer able to take part in intervals.

If you don’t want to do intervals there will be a few people running in groups of 6 from the club.


Prior to the current lockdown staggered starts were used on club nights. We’ll try these again. So just get yourselves down to the club and find a group of 6 to join in with at your pace! Committee members and volunteers will be around to welcome everyone back and lead groups. Thank you to everyone who has volunteered.

The suggested route to follow is route 1, Valley Gardens, 7.25 miles Might as well start with number 1!

Pacing Groups. Social Run.

  1. – Approx. 8 to 8.30 minute mile pace.         Leave the club at 6:50
  2. – Approx. 8:30 to 9.30 minute mile pace.         Leave the club at 6:55
  3. – Approx. 9:30 to 10.30 minute mile pace.    Leave the club at 7 pm
  4. – Approx. 10.30 to 11:30 minute mile pace.      Leave the club at 7:05pm

5 –  Back to running with Jeff. This one is likely to be a large group, so Jeff will be making sure it is split into groups of 6. Thank you Jeff. Leaving the running club at 7:10 pm. 

6 – Off road groups if it’s light enough! 

Covid 19 and Health and Safety: 

COVID19 Risk Assessment please take the time to read it.

The COVID19 Briefing Note

Don’t attend club if you have any symptoms or have been in contact with anyone with symptoms.

Keep to your groups of 6, and try to keep at least 1 m apart from each other at all times.


Know the route you’re running.

Run within your capabilities.

Warm up and stretch off after running.

Wear head torch and high viz clothing if it’s dark.


Looking forward to seeing everyone this week. I’ll be leading an interval group on Tuesday and I’ll be at the club on Thursday night 🙂

Take care for now


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