From The Chair – Sunday 25th April 2021

Good Morning to a Super Team of Nidd Valley Road Runners,

You may be asking, “ why are we receiving a From The Chair for a second week running”. Well it is because it has been a week of events that we believe you should be kept up to date with. And ………….

Oh What a Week !
We have that Nidd Valley Runners buzz, back in the club following easing of lockdown. Thursday was buzzing, just like the old days before covid. Captain Sarah Staiano stood proud in front of the best club in town, and communicated all we needed to know to run safely, whilst welcoming the newcomers, and getting us quickly on the road to doing what we all love. Which leads me to newcomers.

The committee have agreed, and I know you will also agree, that it is so important to give a wonderful welcome to anyone new who join the club, or rejoins after a period of absence. If someone has chosen to join our fabulous family, we should ensure that within no time at all they know that their decision has been a good one. And guess what ? The numbers are great. As a new kid on the block myself I am not sure if we are setting records for newcomers, however we certainly are going to be up there with the best of previous years.
To all you newbies, and re-joiners, welcome and have a fabulous time this year with your new club. And never ever hesitate to ask any questions that may be in your mind, especially in your early weeks.

Nidd Valley Runners Juniors
We have agreed as a club that it is important to give our full support to the Juniors in times of need. At the moment they have requested our support for challenges they have in developing qualified coaches that are vital to their continuance. Tomorrow Martin Lofthouse and I are attending a zoom meeting with the Junior committee to see how we can help.
We need your support !!!!! If anyone within the Senior club is interested in becoming qualified this year to coach the Juniors, please, please, contact anyone one of our committee to register your interest. You are not committing, you are just registering your interest to maybe find out some facts.

This week like any family we have had a challenge. Although the challenge was both important and concerning, in my opinion it was a storm in a tea cup. Storms in tea cups still need to be dealt with in a professional way, dealt with quickly and taken seriously. That is exactly what the club did. As a result of a complaint regarding covid rules, both Emma, David and I dealt with the complaint within minutes. Within minutes, not even an hour, and on a Sunday.
Also we once again saw the damage social media can do to relationships, reputations and images. And very quickly! As a result an emergency committee meeting was called of all 12 members to ensure that our challenge this week remained a storm in a tea cup.

Can I thank every member of the committee for their valuable time given at short notice and every member of the club that remained positive and supported the club. Also every member of the club that had a concern and wanted this to be dealt with so we could move on quickly. As we have. Thank you everyone.

As result we now have an updated Social Media, E.mail, and Communication policy. The link is here Social Media Policy v 2021

Please, please, please take time to read it and please ensure you keep to the guidelines, which will enable us to remain not only the best club in town but also the friendliest, and one that is concerned deeply about your health and welfare.


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