The Racing Post – 19th April 2021

Hi everyone

Captain Kevin and I have been looking ahead to the coming weeks and its looking brighter both literally and metaphorically with some fantastic upcoming races in our road champs! Here’s a round up to get you up to speed… (pun definitely intended!)

Elvington 10 mile.

This Sunday at Elvington, Even Splits are hosting a series of races of various distances, with the 10 mile race counting towards your Road championship badge. You can still enter now using this link – there are no entries on the day. Big Flat Runway Races — Even Splits

They are also looking for volunteers, so if you fancy giving something back to our sport and helping out, you can also register to do that here and you will be allocated a role.

Melmerby 10k – Virtual Race

We have the Virtual Melmerby 10k coming up. You can register for this event and take part and submit your time anytime throughout May. Register here or click to read all of the details and pre race registration instructions for this one. Melmerby 10K 2021 – RaceBest

Burton Leonard 10k  – MOB MATCH – 13 June.

This mixed terrain route always offers it’s own challenge for us all!!!  It is however once again going to be our Mob Match, versus our friendly rivals Knaresborough Striders! We won the mob match trophy last time, and to be fair I think Kevin and I would rather walk over hot coals than hand it back, so please, if you only run one race this year, make it this one and help Nidd Valley keep hold of that title!! You can enter here.

If you entered 2020’s race your entry is carried forward to this year. You don’t need to enter again.

Staveley Stampede – sad news

After emailing most of Staveley Village over the last week or so (or it felt a bit like that), I have found out that sadly this popular race wont be happening this year (Covid’s fault!). We will I am certain, be back to support Staveley and help raise more funds for the village hall next year, for now, we will be adding some different races to the road championship calendar to give you plenty of options to get your racing fix.

Also, don’t forget Phil Ventress is organising the Cleveland Way relays on the same date (20 June) which promises to be a great day out. Contact Phil directly if you want to take part in that.

Burn Valley half

Burn Valley Half has been cancelled this year too. Just a little too risky for the organisers to feel they could go ahead safely. Again one for next year.

Fountains 10k

This is on Sunday 18th July and already it looks like a great turnout from Team Nidd, please read all the pre race instructions as there are some Covid compliance health and safety instructions to note. It will be a bit different this year, but still a great challenge and will be good to have the black and gold out in force. Oh yes, and there are a few “unflat” bits, so a few hill reps might be useful in training!! Fountains 10K – RaceBest

Some good news from Sessay!

More positive though, I have heard from our friends at Thirsk and Sewerby Harriers that the Sessay Swift is expected to go ahead this year. It’s not open for entries quite yet, but they sell fast when they go live so keep your eyes open. It’s a fast flat 6k, great fun and a chance to test your speed and stamina on a lovely summer evening in August… that’s how I like to remember it anyway…

 Exciting new races to choose from!

Due to the cancellations, Kevin and I will add The Pontefract 10k, on the 27th June to the calendar, find out more about that here  –The Pontefract 10k – I know a few people mentioned including it to me before and I don’t forget these things!

We have also added something different – the Even Splits York 5k races at Heslington – July (16th), October (22nd) and November (19th) will be added to the calendar to give you plenty of options. Those with a number for the 5k race series from 2020 can use it this year. If you enter the series there are more 5k races – (they offer one per month) however only the July, October and November races will count as qualifiers for the road champs. Take a look and enter here  York 5K Series — Even Splits.

Quick reminder

To qualify for your Road Champs badge you only need to take part in 5 races of any distance.

Please be careful not to over-race, choose your races carefully, train properly and have plenty of rest between them. Some are close in terms of dates but we are trying to give as many of you as possible the chance to take part, feel a part of a great team and qualify for your badge. If you have any questions, please ask Kevin or I and we will gladly help.

Also – Fell Running Phil Robinson will soon be in touch with the Fell races / champs for this year so keep a look out for those.

Thanks for reading all that – now go, go, go and enter a few of these – we can all look forward to wearing our black and gold with pride again on race day.

Have a great week and I’ll see some of you at intervals tomorrow and hopefully lots of you at the club on Thursday,

Captain Sarah and Captain Kevin 😊

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