The week ahead and some news from our Captains :-)

Evening all and Happy Bank Holiday!

Please read all the way to the bottom of this email to see the news from our Captains in ‘Captains Corner’……

This coming week we have session 6 of the block of 6 interval sessions on Tuesday. Don’t forget to amend the spreadsheet if you can’t attend so that someone else can take your place. After next week I will treat you all to another set of 6 interval sessions. We’ll have some fun with some hills I think! I like the quote “It’s just a hill, get over it!”

There will also be people running from the club on Tuesday and Dave will be leading an off road run.

On Thursday it’s club run night in small groups again and the usual 7 pm kick off. Remember to gather on the right as you drive in just like last Thursday, and it would be amazing and really really helpful if some of you would volunteer to lead a group of 6. You don’t need any running qualifications to do this.

This Thursday Dave has an App for us to trial for the evening league race. It looks great – we’ll be able to run around Duchy ‘punching’ virtual controls with our phones! His explanation is much better and he will send details out tomorrow. Here is the Duchy route:

Right then, goodbye from me, and I’ll hand over to……….

……….Captain’s Corner:

Last week saw the first race of the new road championships season take place at Elvington Airfield. A number of Nidds were racing across multiple distances from 10k to the Marathon well done to all of you who took part and also anyone who achieved a PB.

It was nice being able to have a strong Nidd presence at the start and finish of the race and to be able to cheer people in. We look forward to seeing more of you at future races.
A special thanks to Sarah Staiano and Jane Evans who were volunteering at the race. Please consider doing this yourself if you’re not racing or injured, it’s a good way to be part of the event and support your teammates.

Well done to Matthew Wilkinson, Andrew Harris, Alex Patrickson, Jeremy Salmon, Emma Dooley, Andy Todd, Darren Townend, Martin Lofthouse, Kevin Clark, Simon Staiano, Nigel Scaife, John Mitton, Chris Morris, Chris Nelson, Rachel Capstick & Mollie Speciale Mitton.

Results & photos for all races can be found here and the club website for the 10 mile race results will be updated soon: Big Flat Runway Races — Even Splits

Date Changes
There have been changes to a few races over the last week or so in our club championship calendar so please remember to update your diary with the new dates.
Fountains 10k is now on Sunday 18th July.
We also had Harrogate parkrun scheduled on Saturday 17th July. We will move this event to a date TBC later in the year.
The York 5k race at Heslington on Friday 16th July will remain. Please remember to choose your races carefully and train wisely to avoid injury.

Burton Leonard 10k This race is open for entries and still part of our club road championships, do enter, it has something for everyone off road, on road, hills and fields all in one 10k. Burton Leonard 10K – RaceBest Please be aware it will not now be our mob match against Knaresborough Striders – they are wanting to hold this in September at a race and date to be confirmed. Since our calendar is already busy then we need to work out when this would be best placed and will let you know as soon as we do.

Melmerby 10k – virtual race. Remember to register for this race – you can run it anytime in May but you have to register at Melmerby 10K 2021 – RaceBest at least 48 hours before you choose to run and follow the approved route below and then submit your time. Emails have been sent out detailing this but you need to enter if you are planning on running. This is free of charge and will count towards one of your 5 road championship races. Send your race entries using this Web form or by email
The route is here –
The route starts slightly further down from previous years just near the junction of Maple Garth Route
Strava – Route
GPX – file

Please keep your eye on the events calendar on the club website for a full list of championship races. This will be kept up to date.
We will also keep you posted on this email and as we have been doing, on an ad hoc basis where needed.

Club Colours Just a gentle reminder – please ensure club vests are worn for club championship races otherwise your result may not be counted in the points. Also if you enter as an affiliated runner you should be wearing club colours to race. There are certain events that would disqualify you entirely for not wearing your club vest. Please remember to save your vest for racing until lockdown ends.

Run well, from Captains Kevin and Sarah

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