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Happy Halloween everyone!

Here is what is occurring in the first week of November:

Tuesday is club run as usual with a 7 pm kick off. If you’d like a route suggestion then how about going on a Supermarket sweep?

Then on Thursday’s club run you could all do the Jennyfields route?

If you want.

This Thursday it really is new runners night. I lied last week. oops!! So, if we have newbies along, look after them as we always do and make sure they don’t get lost in Jennyfields!

At the weekend of course is Guy Fawkes 10. Thanks to Sam and Debbie and everyone else invloved for all their hard work so far. Enjoy whatever you’re doing to help out. We’re well known for our friendly and encouraging marshals for good reason!

Coming soon…..

INTERVALS! Or wintervals as they are also known. These will start next Tuesday the 9th November and we are going to trial having a 6 pm session followed by a 7 pm session. This is to give people more flexibility about what time they run, and also to keep the sizes of the interval groups more manageable for the coaches. There may be a sign in sheet to give us an idea of numbers, so watch this space next week. The intervals will be in blocks of 6, starting with hills given that it’s cross country season!

Also watch this space for some more structured sessions on a Thursday (optional – there will still always be a social run). These will probably be in the form of some kind of tempo running or longer intervals. More details to follow.

I’ll leave you once again with a note from our Captains. Have a great week.


Captains’ Corner

Snake Lane 10 – 27/02/2022 – We spoke too soon last week as this race sold out just before we announced the race as a result this race will not be in next years road championship. We are keeping a regular eye on Dewsbury 10k and will let you know ASAP when this opens.

PECO venue change – 14/11/2021 – The venue for the 1st PECO race has changed from Harrogate to Middleton park due to a permission change.

Races – Please note all races can be found on the website and any changes are reflected here too. Some of them are selling out fast don’t miss out –

Cross Country 2021/2022

Road 2021 –

Fell 2021 –

Thanks to Graham Hyde for keeping up with all the changes needed to keep these up to date.


Kevin and Sarah

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