This week brings winter intervals! Read on…..

I hope you all had fun helping out at the race today! Good work Sam, Debbie and team Nidd.

I know you’re going to be excited about the week ahead because winter intervals are starting! So let me tell you what’s going to happen.

Tuesday 9th November

Intervals will kick off on Tuesdays with 6 sessions of hills! They are good for you. Honest! Link to Intervals page on the web site

We’ll be using the same locations as we were using pre covid, starting with Montpellier hills this week. The difference this year is that we are offering two sessions each Tuesday, as mentioned last week.

I can confirm that I will be leading the 6 pm session and Bec will be taking over from me for the 7 pm session. Bec and I will be at the bottom of Montpellier from 6 pm and 7pm respectively. You can meet us at Montpellier or you can run over from the club as part of your warm up. If you are meeting at Montpellier, Bec and I will be supervising a warm up jog around the stray there.

The main session with dynamic warm up and run specific drills will start at 6:15 and 7:15pm.

Come along and give it a go if you’ve not been before. It doesn’t matter what speed you run at as everyone just gets to run at their own pace.

I’m not 100% sure if there will be a club run as an alternative, so it will be worth a shout out on facebook or email if you’d rather not do intervals.

Thursday 11th November

Back to club run as usual on Thursday evening starting at 7 pm. If you’d like a suggested route I’ll put this one out there:

The weekend

On Sunday it’s Litton Birks fell race for the fellies, and the PECO cross country races start. The first one is at Middleton Park in Leeds. Please car share where possible. Here is the website:

Have a great week everyone and don’t forget to get your trophies to Chris Morris if you haven’t already.


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