This week in running


Tomorrow is the last endurance interval session and it’s back to West Park. Next week we move on to SPEED!!
Meet near the Prince of Wales roundabout, across the road from the shops on that nice big pavement where those green shelters are….
At 6 pm you have Brain and Denise coaching you, and at 7 pm you have Lynsey and Martin. It’s those 0.75 (ish) mile reps again, with minimum 90 seconds walk recovery. About 10km race pace for the reps, or 8/10 effort.

For your Thursday social run at 7 pm from the club, the suggested route is this:
There’s a short cut down waterside if needed, or you can choose your own route in your paced groups if you prefer.

On Sunday, Jeremy has been advertising a trail run for everyone. Here are his words:

“New trail route 8 miles give or take .Ripley Sunday 13 the Feb Ripley car park 10.30 am Trail boots essential everyone welcome steady pace there is quite a long haul hill in the first 2 miles but again it will be steady ,nice views from up at High rails by passing mean farm and dropping down to Clint and Hampsthwaite and some nice sections next to the river some field and lane sections and back to Ripley .Come along what could go wrong .”

Jeremy’s runs are always great fun and really inclusive so do go and join him if you’ve nothing else planned!

Have a great week everyone and see you all soon


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