Weekly Update: The Pandas of East Yorkshire

Hi team.


Well it has been all change here at Nidd Valley House. New manager Mike Benson has opted for a traditional defensive 4-4-2 line up for the new committee. Club captains Townend and Staiano are up front, and Townend will be keen to move on from the embarrassing tabloid stories that have cast a shadow over an otherwise strong start to the season. Treasurer Morton and secretary Wilkinson are on the wings, with Morton very much the player in form. Back after his three-match ban, deputy treasurer Seaman joins membership secretary Kicks in the midfield. General members Fugill, Deacon, Lofthouse and Chalmers will surely prove to be a formidable defence for welfare officer Evans as she makes her debut in goal for the squad.


Hang on, got to go. Got the Saudis on the phone. Something about a takeover. Not bloody likely. Back in a two secs…


… Right, where was I? Ah yes, the results.



And they make very interesting reading indeed. We kick off with the Snake Lane 10 mile road race in Pocklington, where Phil Ventress (1:13:45) led the Nidd Valley squad home, followed by Jamie Dilasser (1:20:10) and Helen Gregory (1:27:13). It’s always a pleasure to see Sue Rogers out running, but especially when she (1:50:27) puts down incredible times like this. Michelle Dinsdale (2:00:01) brought the curtain down on a strong performance for the team on the streets of East Yorkshire. Well done all.

Why the panda?

On to parkrun, where Iain Scott (27:04) visited Woodhouse Moor, Jim Goddard popped down to Cheltenham (34:43), and Brother Andy Todd (18:59) said his prayers at Fountains Abbey. John (26:48) and Susie Mallett (33:29) were parkrunning at Jersey Farms (sounds like a place where they make organic yoghurt, that kind of thing). I’ve absolutely no idea where Cassiobury is, but if you want to know more then you will have to ask Liz Ahmad (31:49) who joined 462 other runners on the parkrun course there. Ian Foy (23:13) was down in the Rother Valley (not something you want to say too often, if you can help it), James Forster (22:12) went to Heslington, Sam Heathcoate (30:07) went to Letchworth, and the ever-chatty Debbie Gibson (29:29) got a pleasingly symmetrical time at Belton House. I hadn’t heard of Belton House either but, if you’re taking notes, it is a country house built near Grantham between 1685 and 1688 by Sir John Brownlow (who you will no doubt instantly recognise as the MP and Third Baronet of Belton) and is considered a fine example of Carolean architecture. Can’t hold a candle to the stately and opulent expanse that we enjoy here at Nidd Valley House, obviously.


The club cross-country championship is hotting up with some impressive results from the Chevin Forest parkrun yesterday. Adam Kirk (19:00), Billy Fox (19:49), Fingers Harris (20:19) made easy work of the hills, and were soon joined Martin Lofthouse (20:25), Kevin Dalton (22:21) and Nigel Scaife (22:37). Steve Turner (23:00) just snaffled the win from Andrew Iddon (23:02), with Darren Townend (23:14) never far behind. Laura Francis (23:49) led the ladies home, with Babs (23:53) hunting her down on the uphill finish. It’s always lovely to see Nick Crebbin (24:27), Fiona Deacon (25:04) and Sarah Staiano (25:21) out running, but even more so when they’re accompanied by Richard Evans (25:23), Emma Kicks (26:18), Jim Cook (26:45) and Jane Evans (27:11). Yours cross-dressed truly (27:16) was closely followed by Rob Northfield (27:24), Rachel Mills (28:21), and Dave Seaman (28:57). Victoria Thomas (29:00) hit 29 minutes on the nose, and we enjoyed incredible performances from Helen Cook (29:33), Roger Duckworth (29:34), and Emily Wighton (29:35). Marcos Montana (29:42) took the coveted prize of first Spaniard, and I can think of no more worthy a recipient. Moira McTague (30:04), Nick Smith (30:07), Alex Leslie (30:41) all made easy work of the muddy course. I don’t think ever seen Rosemary Thompson (30:58) without a smile on her face, so it was lovely to see her join Sarah Chalmers (34:00), Mike Kaye (34:40) and Sylvia Morton (35:33). Graham Hyde (35:58) rounded off the senior performance, with juniors Amelia Dalton (42:10) and Lilly Scaife (42:23) showing the grown-ups how it’s done.

Helen getting pushed hard to the line.

Not wanting to come out and play with their friends, a handful of anti-social buggers decided to stay at Harrogate. Still, they’ll only get upset if we don’t give them a mention, so it is a quick well done to Andy Peagram (23:36), Phil Ventress (24:53), James Braddon (26:00), Alison Isles (26:15), and Chandra Shekar (26:37). Everyone’s favourite athletic jihadi Brian Hainsworth (27:11) was next up, with Sue Simpson (28:35), Martin Weeks (34:29), Hannah Peagram (35:07), and Tony LC (36:41). The 5k Your Way Crew were joined by Rebecca Ventress (48:56) and Debbie Handslip (48:57), with birthday girl Lynsey Barraclough (48:57) and tail walker Sarah Cook (59:24) rounding things off.


I think that’s it for the results this week. Sorry if I missed you. If you are missing from the parkrun write up and would like to be included, then you’ll need to make sure you are registered as a Nidder on your parkrun profile. Do remember that, although often mistaken for Mystic Meg, I am not a mind reader. If you have got any results you’d like to share, then please do let me know. I would be only too pleased to give your trumpet a toot: samfugill@gmail.com.


The Week Ahead

It’s intervals again on Tuesday. Thrilled. Couldn’t be happier. If you fancy running round in circles, then get yourself down to the Job Centre on Victoria Avenue. Brian and Martin will be coaching at 6pm, and Bec will be your host at 7pm.


Thursday is back to the Hockey Club for a club run at 7pm. In the absence of any other plan, I suggest we have a run round Knox. You know the one, over the iron bridge, through Bilton, down to Ripon Road and then up through town. It’s about 10k-ish (unless of course you decide to follow Brian, then who knows where you’ll end up. All bets are off). Afterwards, it’s beer and chat in the bar. Why don’t you join us for a sneaky half and a bag of salt and vinegar? It would be lovely to see you.


On Sunday, the fell championship rolls on with the Ilkley Moor Fell Race. They may say that fortune favours the brave, but it goes into witness protection when it comes to this beauty. It might only be 8km, but you’ve got about 1,200ft of climb and some buttock-clenchingly tricky descents. Orthopaedic trauma surgery is an occupational hazard. All the details are here: http://www.ilkleyharriers.co.uk/index.php?page=imr. If you, like the rest of the fell running contingent, aren’t quite right in the head, then please do join us. The very same fell running contingent will be more than happy to answer your questions about exciting topics about mud, hills, and coats with internally taped seams.


Try & Buy

Sarah Staiano has asked me to let you know that Up & Running will be organising some runs in the next couple of months, and I’m certainly not going to refuse. Basically, the lovely staff at the shop will let you try on some shoes and go for a few miles in them. If you like them (the shoes that is, not the staff, but they are lovely too), then you’ll be able to buy them and enjoy your exclusive club discount. More details to follow.


Run Nidderdale: 8 May 2022

Graham Hyde has asked us to share this event by the Rotary Club. Up in Pateley Bridge, you have the option of tackling a variety of distances between 4 and 26 miles, and get to raise money for a charity of your choice. They do the organising, marshalling and so on, and you do the running. Sounds marvellous. Details here: https://www.nidderdalewalk.com/.


Word to the Wise

Some of you might know that our esteemed chairman Mike works as the manager of a drug and alcohol charity. I had to ring him about something or other earlier this week, the connection was not great, and the beginning of the call went something like this.

Sam: hey, how are you doing?

Mike: I’m okay. I’m just taking some methadone.

*phone line crackles*

Sam: What?

Mike: I’m taking methadone.

Sam: You’re taking methadone?

*more crackling*

Mike: Yeah, I’m taking methadone to the pharmacy


I best leave it there. So from his Lordship, from me, and from everyone else here on the set of Trainspotting, have a great week. I’m sure you will.


Sam x

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