Abridged Minites – 11/05/2022

Nidd Valley Road Runners committee meeting

Wednesday 11th May 2022

Harrogate Hockey Club, Ainsty Road, Harrogate


  • Junior report – trying to arrange a committee meeting for future/succession planning. Bed race training is going well. Nothing else to report
  • Membership report – 6 new members since the last meeting (one second claim) and we currently have 194 active members. 29 people haven’t (yet?) renewed this year. 
  • Evening league –  race permit now received. AED medical – confirmed. There will be a medical tent, car & cyclist, also SC is a first aider and will be in the Gorge. Race adjudicator – confirmed. Evensplits – MD met last night & discussed. Website updated with course map & info. SS will email club reps re race number collection & invite club gazebos & tell them where to set them up.
  • First Aiders – Club Health & Safety policy states that members should familiarise themselves with who First Aiders are, at present there is no way of doing this. Suggested that it is added to the membership form that people indicate if they are first aid trained so this information can be gathered. In order to gather this information / list before next membership renewal JE will email the membership & ask First Aiders will come forward, and also ask if they agree to have their name,type of qualification & end date of qualification be published in a list on the website. 
  • Club specific email addresses – To set up specific email addresses on the website for Chair, Welfare, Treasurer & Secretary which are set to divert to the current committee member. This way when committee members change the email address remains the same but the divert can be changed.
  • Trophy award rules for road champs – carried over from last meeting. Discussion continued over MD’s proposal that Age Adjusted trophy should be awarded as priority over Age Group trophy. Cases stated for both sides with committee members holding differing views. Put to vote. Majority vote that Age Group trophy remains priority – so no changes will be made.
  • Weekly email review – it was raised that some people said they missed the Evening League discount information. It was pointed out that this was included in 3 or 4 of the weekly round up emails. Discussed & agreed that current weekly email format will continue as it contains all relevant information in one email & is also published on Facebook so reaches both audiences. Current weekly email reduces the number of individual emails being sent. Agreed that if other information needs to be communicated (eg. First Aid email above) then these can be separate.
  • Mob match – It was proposed & agreed that Beckbusters in Sept will be this years Mob Match with Knaresborough Striders
  • Parkrun adoption 9th July – Jeff Walker will coordinate this. 
  • DEC Ukraine appeal donation – discussed & agreed direct bank transfer of £596 from club account to the DEC Ukraine appeal. Match funding opportunities were considered but on the whole these appeared to require transfer from an individual person’s bank account so  the committee decided not to pursue this.
  • Club run on Jubilee Thursday – Decided to leave it as normal club run & SF will publish in weekly email.
  • Coach led interval sessions on school field in Summer – member asked if there would be coach led (? external coach as last year) sessions on the school field as last year. It was agreed that summer interval sessions had previously been suggested by EK – to carry over to next meeting for EK to respond. Suggestion made that perhaps these sessions could lead up to the Beckbusters mob match.

Next committee meeting date – Wednesday 15th June

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