Abridged Minutes 15/6/2022

Nidd Valley Road Runners committee meeting
Wednesday 15th June 2022
Harrogate Hockey Club, Ainsty Road, Harrogate

● Junior report –John Beaumont has been appointed new chair. The existing committee have
invited more people to join the committee including junior representatives. Juniors have
their sports evening on 18 th July at King James which may include awards
● Welfare report – Jane has attended her Time to Listen course – focussed mainly on child
safeguarding. The email asking for members to let us know of their First Aid qualifications
did receive some responses so these will be collated and published.
● Membership report – 5 new members taking us to 199
New agenda items:
● Superstar awards – Voted against continuing with Superstar Awards. Committee decision to give small gifts on as and when the committee feel additional recognition is necessary..
● Sports day – Organising another sports day on the stray. Will extend the invite to the juniors. Date agreed as 14 th August 2-4pm.
● Social media – Discussed creation of Instagram account. Decided against as public platform that might lead to issues where people do not give permission for photos to be shared
(Facebook different as is a closed group).
● Interval sessions – 6 weeks of fell sessions and 6 weeks of sessions on the field behind the school to be arranged.
● Guy Fawkes – update from Sam on arrangements for race. Agreement to open for bookings.
● Pacing Groups – Decision not to reinstate strict pacing groups as the more structure we put in the more the runners will look to us to lead/organise which puts pressure on a small
number of the club who step up each week. Club runs should be social not arranged training sessions.
● Club Championship races – An Club member raised the issue that there are too many races in the Championship calendars. With so few needed to qualify this means that the races are less well attended and less competitive as they are diluted. Trade off – more races = more
participation, less races = more competition. Poss cut champs down – still promote other
races. Decision to leave as is for remainder of 2021. Captains will reduce the number of
races for next year. Discussed bringing back the need for a long race.

● Position on 2nd claim members participating in Championships – Clarity sought on whether 2nd claim members can compete in Club Championships. England Athletics says it is down to the runners, unless both the 1st and 2nd claim Clubs are competing in interclub competitions such as PECOs / Evening League. In this case the member has to race for their 1st claim club. Outside of this if a 2nd claim member wants to claim points for Club Championships they must enter under the Club name and run in the club colours.

● AOB:
o Bridlington Half 2nd Oct – Organise coach and to charge members £5.
o Almscliffe run – rescheduled due to train strike days to 28 th June
o Bed race beds – discussed the need to evaluate the condition of the beds and
arrange repairs before storing.

Next committee meeting date – Wednesday 27th July 7.30pm

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